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Feminists: 4 Perceptions Which Are Not Entirely True

What Does True Feminism Mean?

Whether we like it or not, feminism has come to stay, and it will surprise you that some men have joined the moment. They have constantly made it clear that they compete with men but fighting for equal treatment, abortion rights, and the right to health, among several others.


Gone are when feminism was about burning bras and proving that females also have the right to vote and be educated. Modern-day feminism is more about economic independence and social and cultural qualities. However, their advocacy and posture towards their campaign put them in an unfavorable corner for a relationship.


There are several perceptions about feminists, which makes men run for cover when they meet them. Some of these perceptions are true, while others are not entirely true. So let’s look at some things you believed to be true about feminists but are not entirely true.


Myths About Feminists and Feminism

1. The Fact that Feminists Hate Men

This notion has been running in many people’s minds for many years but needs to be cleared out. Hating men is not part of the ideologies of any feminist group, not even the radial ones.

Some people naturally hate their opposite sexes, and that has nothing to do with whether the person is a feminist or not. So the fact that a particular feminist hates men does not mean all feminists hate men.


Since some feminists are happily married with children, that doesn’t make them any less a feminist. So let’s try to separate personal views from that of the group.

2. They Don’t Use Makeup or Care About Their Looks

This is another fallacy, which has been transmitted into the mind of many men. This is another thing subjected to choices. Never for a second think that feminists do not want to take care of their looks or look good. She has the right to choose whether to use makeup or not, and the fact that she chooses not to use it doesn’t mean she is against the use.

Also, about the way she dresses, what is wrong if she chooses to be in jeans, trousers and a t-shirt instead of a skirt and blouse? Feminism is an ideology and not about not using makeup or dressing like a normal woman.

3. The Idea That They Hate Sex

This is also not entirely true. Yes, feminists talk about sexual freedom, but that doesn’t mean they hate sex. They want to be able to explore their sexual desires without any stereotypes. They believe that sex must be consensual and not forced on them. The fact that they are married to you doesn’t make her a sex toy.

4. They are Naggers

Ok, wait, don’t have some beliefs you subscribe to and would defend such belief with the last drop of your blood. Let’s even go politics here. So everyone has a political ideology they relate to and can defend it anywhere. The same applies to being a feminist.


They are fighting for a cause and believe they have the right to do so. So whenever you try to downplay her opinions on some social norms, she will defend herself. So just as you want people to respect your views, try to respect theirs.

Just as you have the freedom to do whatever you want and believe in anything you want, the feminist also has the same right. So you don’t have to stereotype them because of their belief. But all you need is to be open-minded, and you will enjoy dating a feminist.

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