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Famous Events For March 25

Famous Events For March 25 – Today In History

March 25: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – March 25  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 25th March 1306: Robert the Bruce was crowned king of Scotland.
2. 25th March 1409: The Council of Pisa opened.
3. 25th March 1634: Lord Baltimore founded the Catholic colony of Maryland.
4. 25th March 1655: Titan was today discovered by Christian Huygens. Titan is Saturn’s largest satellite.
5. 25th March 1655: Governor Stone was jailed by Puritans after a military victory over Catholic forces in the colony of Maryland.


6. 25th March 1668: The first horse race takes place in America.
7. 25th March 1669: Mount Etna in Sicily erupted today destroying Nicolosi and killing 20,000 people.

18th Century – What Happened on March 25 – The 1700s

8. 25th March 1700: England, France, and the Netherlands today ratified the 2nd Extermination Treaty.
9. 25th March 1774: The Boston Port Bill was today passed by the English Parliament.
10. 25th March 1776: A medal for General George Washington was today authorized by the Continental Congress.

19th Century – March 25 This Day That Year – The 1800s

11. 25th March 1802: The Peace of Amiens was today signed by France, Netherlands, Spain and England.
12. 25th March 1807: The British Parliament today abolished the slave trade.
13. 25th March 1807: George Canning, today became the British Foreign Secretary.


14. 25th March 1807: The first railway passenger service began in England today.
15. 25th March 1811: Percy Bysshe Shelley was today expelled from the University of Oxford for his publication of the pamphlet, The Necessity of Atheism.
16. 25th March 1813: The first US flag in battle in the Pacific was flown on the frigate USS Essex.
17. 25th March 1814: The Netherlands Bank was established today.
18. 25th March 1817: Tsar Alexander I recommended today the formation of the Society of Israeli Christians.
19. 25th March 1821: Greece gained independence from Turkey today.
20. 25th March 1847: Pope Pius IX encyclical “on the aid of Ireland”.
21. 25th March 1851: The Yosemite Valley was today discovered in California.
22. 25th March 1856: The Burnside carbine was today patented by A. E. Burnside.
23. 25th March 1857: The first photo of the solar eclipse was taken by Frederick Laggenheim today.
24. 25th March 1863: The first U. S. Army Medal of Honor was awarded today.


25. 25th March 1865: 400 people were killed when the SS General Lyon caught fire and sank at Cape Hatteras.
26. 25th March 1865: Fort Stedman in Virginia was captured by the Confederate forces during the American Civil War.
27. 25th March 1879: Japan today invaded the kingdom of Liuqiu Islands, formerly a vassal of China.
28. 25th March 1882: The first demonstration of pancake making was held today at a department store in New York City.
29. 25th March 1895: Italian troops today invaded Abyssinia (Ethiopia).
30. 25th March 1898: The Intercollegiate Trapshooting Association was formed today in New York City.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day March 25th – The 1900s

31. 25th March 1900: In Indianapolis, the US Socialist Party was formed today.
32. 25th March 1901: It was today reported in Washington DC that the Cubans were beginning to fear annexation.
33. 25th March 1901: Today Daimler introduced the Mercedes at the five-day “Week of Nice” in Nice, France.


34. 25th March 1901: A Rock Island train derailed near Marshalltown, killing 55 people.
35. 25th March 1902: 567 students in Russia were found guilty of “political disaffection”, 95 of them were exiled to Siberia.
36. 25th March 1902: The sheet glass drawing machine was today patented by Irving W. Colburn.
37. 25th March 1904: The Congo Reform Association was formed today in Liverpool by E. D. Morel and Roger Casement.
38. 25th March 1905: Russia today received Japan’s terms for peace.
39. 25th March 1907: Tegucigalpa, the Capital of Honduras was today taken by Nicaraguan troops.
40. 25th March 1908: William II, today, paid an official visit to Italy’s king in Venice.
41. 25th March 1909: Today, Popova, a revolutionary, was arrested in Russia on 300 murder charges.
42. 25th March 1911: A fire at Triangle Shirtwaist Company in New York City killed 156 women. The owners were charged with manslaughter because some of the employees were behind locked doors. They were however acquitted but were ordered to pay compensation to 23 families that had sued them.
43. 25th March 1915: Neth merchant ship Medea was torpedoed by a German U-boat.
44. 25th March 1915: The U.S. F-4 submarine sank off the coast of Hawaii killing 21 people.
45. 25th March 1916: Women were allowed to attend boxing matches.

46. 25th March 1918: The Belarusian People’s Republic was established today.
47. 25th March 1919: A plan to protect nations from the influx of foreign labor was today adopted by the Paris Peace Commission.
48. 25th March 1923: The British government today granted Trans-Jordan autonomy.
49. 25th March 1924: Greek parliament today selected admiral Paul Koundouriotis as Premier.
50. 25th March 1931: The Scottsboro Boys were today arrested in Alabama.
51. 25th March 1931: In the riots which broke out in India fifty people were killed. Gandhi was one of the many people assaulted.
52. 25th March 1940: The U.S. today agreed to give Britain and France access to American warplanes.
53. 25th March 1941: Yugoslavia today joined the Axis powers.
54. 25th March 1941: The first paprika mill was today incorporated in Dillon South Carolina.
55. 25th March 1944: RAF Flight Sgt Nicholas Alkemade survived a jump from his Lancaster bomber from a height of 18,000 feet over Germany without a parachute. His fall was broken by pine trees and soft snow. He only suffered a sprained leg.
56. 25th March 1947: John D. Rockefeller III, today, presented a check for $8.5 million to the United Nations. This was made for the purchase of land for the site of the U.N. center.

57. 25th March 1947: There was an explosion in a coal mine in Centralia in Illinois. 111 people were killed in the explosion.
58. 25th March 1953: The USS Missouri fired on targets at Kojo in North Korea today.
59. 25th March 1954: The RCA today manufactured its first color TV set and began its mass production.
60. 25th March 1955: East Germany was granted full sovereignty by occupying power USSR today.
61. 25th March 1957: With the signing of the Treaty of Rome, the European Economic Community was established today.
62. 25th March 1960: For the first time today, a guided missile was launched from a nuclear-powered submarine.
63. 25th March 1965: Martin Luther King Jr. led a group of 25,000 people today, to the state capital in Montgomery.
64. 25th March 1966: The US Supreme Court today ruled the “poll tax” as unconstitutional.
65. 25th March 1970: Concord today made its first supersonic flight.
66. 25th March 1971: Boston Patriots today became New England Patriots.

67. 25th March 1975: King Faisal of Saudi Arabia was today shot dead by a nephew, who had a history of mental illness. The killer was beheaded the following June.
68. 25th March 1976: In Argentina, the military junta banned all leftist political parties.
69. 25th March 1981: Gunmen attacked the US Embassy in San Salvador using rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns. The Embassy was damaged in the attack.
70. 25th March 1983: The U.S. Congress today passed legislation to rescue the U.S. social security system from bankruptcy.
71. 25th March 1985: Edwin Meese III, today took office as the Attorney General of the United States.
72. 25th March 1985: It was reported today that a Soviet Border Guard shot and killed a U.S. Army Major stationed in East Germany.
73. 25th March 1986: The Supreme Court today ruled that the Air Force could ban the wearing of yarmulkes.
74. 25th March 1986: Emergency aid for the Honduran army was today ordered by U.S. President Ronald Regan. U.S. helicopters ferried Honduran troops to the Nicaraguan border.
75. 25th March 1987: The Supreme Court ruled that women/minorities may get jobs if less qualified.
76. 25th March 1988: NASA today launched space vehicle S-206.
77. 25th March 1989: The Louvre reopened in Paris with IM. Pei’s new courtyard pyramid.

78. 25th March 1990: Estonia today voted for independence from the Soviet Union.
79. 25th March 1990: There was a fire in “Happy Land”, an illegal New York City social club. 87 people died in the fire.
80. 25th March 1991: Today a major counter-offensive was launched by the Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, to recapture key towns for Kurds in northern Iraq.
81. 25th March 1991: Nigeria today cut crude prices resulting in Nigerian crude becoming competitive in the US Gulf Coast.
82. 25th March 1992: Soviet cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev returned to Earth after spending 10 months aboard orbiting space station Mir.
83. 25th March 1993: South African President de Klerk today admitted that his country had built six nuclear bombs, but said they have since been dismantled.
84. 25th March 1993: “Candida” opens at the Criterion Theater in New York City for 45 performances.
85. 25th March 1994: The withdrawal of U.S. troops from Somalia was completed today.
86. 25th March 1995: Boxer Mike Tyson was today released from jail after serving 3 years in jail.
87. 25th March 1996: The European Union’s Veterinarian Committee bans the export of British beef and its by-products owing to “mad cow disease” (BSE).
88. 25th March 1996: The United States today issued a newly designed $ 100 bill for circulation.
89. 25th March 1997: “Barrymore” today opened at the Music Box Theater, New York City for 240 performances.
90. 25th March 1998: The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) nets $578.6 million for auction for licenses for new wireless technology.
91. 25th March 1998: Quinn Pletcher, who had threatened to kill Bill Gates unless he paid $ 5 million, was today found guilty of charges of extortion.
92. 25th March 1998: In the first such case, a cancer patient is known to die under Oregon’s doctor-assisted suicide law.

21st Century – March 25 This Day In History – The 2000s

93. 25th March 2002: The Federal Communications Commission dismissed complaints against Walt Disney Company’s ABC network broadcast of a Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Nov 2001.
94. 25th March 2004: The U. S. Senate today voted 61 to 38 in favor of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act (H. R. 1997) to make it a separate crime to harm a fetus during the commission of a violent federal crime.
95. 25th March 2006: A gunman killed six people before killing himself at a party in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. This came to be known as the Capitol Hill massacre.
96. 25th March 2006: Following a rigged Belarusian presidential election, protesters demanding re-election in Belarus clash with riot police. Opposition leader Aleksander Kozulin, who was one of the protesters was arrested.
97. 25th March 2012: The treasurer of Britain’s Conservative Party, Peter Cruddas, resigned today after he was caught on camera selling access to British Prime Minister David Cameron.
98. 25th March 2013: Golfer Tiger Woods today regained his world number one ranking.

99. 25th March 2015: British musician Zayn Malik announced today that he is leaving the band One Direction.
100. 25th March 2016: There was a suicide bomb attack during a football match in Iskandariya Iraq. The attack killed 32 people. ISIS claimed responsibility.

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