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Famous Events For March 24

Famous Events For March 24 – Today In History

March 24: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – March 24  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 24th March 1545: The German Parliament opened in Worms today.
2. 24th March 1550: France and England, today signed the peace of Boulogne.
3. 24th March 1629: Virginia passes the 1st game law in American colonies.
4. 24th March 1664: A charter to colonize Rhode Island was today granted to Roger Williams in London.


18th Century – What Happened on March 24 – The 1700s

5. 24th March 1720: The financial crisis caused the banking houses to close in Paris.
6. 24th March 1731: Naturalization of Hieronimus de Salis Parliamentary Act was passed.
7. 24th March 1765: Britain today passed a Quartering Act according to which American colonies were to house 10,000 British troops in public and private buildings.
8. 24th March 1792: The American artist Benjamin West was today selected as President of the Royal Academy of London. He became the first American artist to be selected for the position.

19th Century – March 24 This Day That Year – The 1800s

9. 24th March 1801: Aleksandr Pavlovich Romanov became Tsar Alexander I of Russia.
10. 24th March 1815: Handel and Haydn Society of Boston was founded today.
11. 24th March 1828: Today the Philadelphia and Columbia Railway was authorized as the first state-owned railway.


12. 24th March 1832: Religious Leader Joseph Smith Jr. was beaten, tarred, and feathered in Ohio.
13. 24th March 1837: Blacks were today given the right to vote by Canada.
14. 24th March 1848: In Amsterdam, a state of siege was proclaimed today.
15. 24th March 1855: Manhattan Kansas was founded as New Boson Kansas.
16. 24th March 1868: The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company was formed on this day.
17. 24th March 1878: “Eurydice” the British frigate sank today killing 300 people.
18. 24th March 1880: The Tobacco Grower’s Mutual Insurance Company, which was the first “hail insurance company”, was incorporated in Connecticut today.
19. 24th March 1882: The German scientist Robert Koch today announced in Berlin, the discovery of the tuberculosis germ (bacillus).
20. 24th March 1883: The first telephone call between New York and Chicago took place today.
21. 24th March 1887: Oscar Straus was appointed 1st Jewish ambassador from the US to Turkey.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day March 24th – The 1900s

22. 24th March 1900: The Carnegie Steel Corporation was formed in New Jersey today.
23. 24th March 1900: Groundbreaking for the subway tunnel in New York to link Manhattan and Brooklyn was done today by Van Wyck, the mayor of New York.
24. 24th March 1904: Vice Admiral Tojo today sank seven Russian ships as the Japanese strengthened their blockade of Port Arthur.
25. 24th March 1905: Today in Crete, a group led by Eleutherios Venizelos claimed independence from Turkey.
26. 24th March 1906: The “Census of the British Empire” indicated that England ruled 1/5th of the World.
27. 24th March 1906: The Tehuantepec Istmian Railroad was opened today in Mexico as a rival to the Panama Canal.
28. 24th March 1907: Today the first issue of the Georgian Bolshevik newspaper Dro was published.


29. 24th March 1911: Corporal punishment was today abolished in Denmark by a reform of the penal code.
30. 24th March 1913: Palace Theater opens at 1564 Broadway in New York City.
31. 24th March 1916: German submarines today torpedoed the French Channel packet ‘Sussex’ but without causing any harm.
32. 24th March 1920: Today, at Morehead City in North Carolina, the first US Coast Guard air station was established.
33. 24th March 1924: Greece became a republic today.
34. 24th March 1926: The Beehive in the Hague opens 1st escalator in the Netherlands.
35. 24th March 1927: Chinese Communists seized Nanking and broke up with Chian Kaishek over the Nationalist goals.
36. 24th March 1930: The first religious service was telecast in the United States today (W2XBS NYC).
37. 24th March 1932: A radio variety show on a moving train was hosted today by Belle Baker. This was the first radio broadcast from a train.

38. 24th March 1933: Peter I Island was incorporated as a Norwegian dependency.
39. 24th March 1934: President Franklin Roosevelt of the United States today signed a bill granting future independence to the Philippines.
40. 24th March 1937: The National Gallery of Art was established on this day by the Congress.
41. 24th March 1937: A bus in Salem Illinois went out of control when one of its tires blew up, killing 18 people.
42. 24th March 1938: US today sought help from all countries to help refugees fleeing from the Nazis.
43. 24th March 1941: German troops today occupied El Agheila in Libya.
44. 24th March 1941: Glenn Miller today began work on his 1st movie for 20th Century Fox.
45. 24th March 1941: The British troops defeated British Somalia today.
46. 24th March 1944: 76 Allied officers escaped from Stalag Luft 3 (Great Escape).
47. 24th March 1944: In response to a bomb attack that killed 32 German policemen, the Gestapo rounded up innocent Italians in Rome and shot them to death. Over 300 civilians were executed.
48. 24th March 1944: Today Berlin was attacked by 811 British bombers.

49. 24th March 1945: General Eisenhower, General Montgomery, and General Bradley discuss advances in Germany.
50. 24th March 1946: The Soviet Union announced today that it was withdrawing troops from Iran.
51. 24th March 1947: The US Congress today proposed to limit the presidency to two terms.
52. 24th March 1949: In the Netherlands, the request for a pardon by SS police chief Hanns Albin Rauter was denied, and was executed by a firing squad.
53. 24th March 1952: There were great demonstrations against apartheid in South Africa today.
54. 24th March 1953: The US today performed a nuclear test at its Nevada test site.
55. 24th March 1954: Britain today opened its trade talks with Hungary.
56. 24th March 1955: The first seagoing oil rig was put into service today.
57. 24th March 1955: British Army patrols were withdrawn from Belfast after 20 years.
58. 24th March 1955: “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”, the play by Tennessee Williams, debuted on Broadway today.
59. 24th March 1958: Actor and singer Elvis Presley joined the army today. His serial number was 53310761.

60. 24th March 1959: Leopold Sedar Senghor and Modibo Keita launched the Party of the African Federation (PFA) today.
61. 24th March 1959: Iraq withdraws from the Baghdad Pact.
62. 24th March 1960: It was today ruled by the US appeals court that the novel “Lady Chatterly’s Lover” was not obscene.
63. 24th March 1964: The Kennedy half-dollar was issued today.
64. 24th March 1965: US Ranger 9 strikes Moon, 10 miles NE of crater Alphonsus.
65. 24th March 1966: Selective Service today announced college deferments based on performance.
66. 24th March 1972: Great Britain today imposed direct rule over Northern Ireland.
67. 24th March 1976: Argentinean President Isabel Peron was today deposed by her country’s military.
68. 24th March 1979: Columbia flown on carrier aircraft lands at Kennedy Space Center.
69. 24th March 1980: Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero was today shot dead by gunmen in San Salvador, as he celebrated Mass.
70. 24th March 1981: Columbia dropped diplomatic relations with Cuba today.

71. 24th March 1982: Soviet leader Leonid L. Brezhnev today said that Russia was willing to resume border talks with China.
72. 24th March 1982: US submarine Jacksonville collides with a Turkish freighter near Virginia.
73. 24th March 1985: In Madrid thousands of people demonstrated against the presence of NATO in Spain.
74. 24th March 1986: Suriname army captain Etienne Boerenveen was arrested on charges of cocaine smuggling.
75. 24th March 1986: NASA today published “Strategy for Safely Returning the Space Shuttle to Flight Status”.
76. 24th March 1988: In the Iran-Contra charges, former national security aides Oliver L. North and John M. Poindexter and businessmen Richard V. Secord and Albert Hakim pled innocent.
77. 24th March 1989: The US today decided to send humanitarian aid to the Contras
78. 24th March 1989: The Exxon Valdez ran aground in Alaska’s Prince William Sound and spilled 240,000 barrels ( 11 million gallons) of oil
79. 24th March 1990: Indian troops today left Sri Lanka.
80. 24th March 1991: The African nation of Benin today held its presidential elections after 30 years.
81. 24th March 1991: Banks today reopened in liberated Kuwait.
82. 24th March 1992: A Boeing 707 of Sudan crashed on mountain Hymettos at Athens.

83. 24th March 1992: Space Shuttle Atlantis 11 (STS-45) was launched into space today.
84. 24th March 1992: Dirk Frimount aboard Atlantis Space Shuttle STS-45 was the 1st Belgian to be launched into space.
85. 24th March 1993: Ezer Weizman, an advocate of peace with neighboring Arab nations was elected President of Israel.
86. 24th March 1994: Today 120 people died when an F-16 collided with a C-130 Hercules above AFB in North Carolina.
87. 24th March 1995: A welfare reform package that made the most changes in social programs since the New Deal was today passed by the US House of Representatives.
88. 24th March 1995: One of the few remaining strongholds of rebels in Chechenia, Acvhkoi-Martan was surrounded by Russian forces.
89. 24th March 1997: The world’s first and only euthanasia law was today overturned by the Australian parliament.
90. 24th March 1998: A former FBI agent today said that papers found in James Earl Ray’s car support the conspiracy theory in the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
91. 24th March 1998: In Jonesboro, Arkansas, two young boys aged 11 and 13, opened fire at students from woods near a school, killing four students and a teacher and injuring ten others.
92. 24th March 1998: A tornado sweeps through Dantan in India killing 250 people and injuring 3000 others.
93. 24th March 1999: In response to Serbia’s refusal to sign a peace treaty with ethnic Albanians who were seeking independence for the province of Kosovo, NATO launched an air strike against Yugoslavia. It was the first time in 50 years that NATO attacked a soviet country.
94. 24th March 1999: A passenger train derailed in Kenya killing at least 31. Hundreds of others were injured.
95. 24th March 1999: When a truck carrying flour and margarine caught fire in the 7-mile-long tunnel under Mont Blanc in France became an inferno. At least 30 people were killed.

21st Century – March 24 This Day In History – The 2000s

96. 24th March 2001: The operating system of Apple Computer Inc., AC OS X went on sale today.
97. 24th March 2002: 17th Century paintings, the works by Jan Steen, Cornelis Bega, Adrian van Ostade, and Cornelis Dusart, worth about $ 2.6 million, were stolen from Frans Hals Museum in the Dutch city of Haarlem.
98. 24th March 2005: The government of Kyrgyzstan collapsed today after opposition protesters took over President Askar Akayev’s presidential compound and government offices.
99. 24th March 2006: A permanent cease-fire was announced by the Basque separatist group ETA today in Spain.
100. 24th March 2014: In response to Russia’s takeover of Crimea, it was announced that the U.S. and its allies would exclude Russia from the G8 meeting and boycott a planned summit in Sochi.

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