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March 21 Famous Birthdays

March 21 Famous Birthdays

The famous birthdays of March 21 come under the zodiac sign of Aries. It is suggested that they are a homebody. There’s nothing they love more than their home except to travel. Traveling gives them a greater sense of mind and power.

Famous people born on March 21st don’t have a problem with meeting or making friends wherever you go. As a lover, they are the bomb no doubt. Still, the person born today opens doors and pulls out chairs for his dates. They love their partner and find cheating undesirable. They are no strangers to compromise or to mediating possible conflicts.


The March 21st famous birthday horoscope predicts that they are honest. Yes, honesty has its difficult moments. They tend to hold a grudge but cannot hold their tongue. They need to learn how to diffuse their quick temper before someone else does. Remember the focus is not on today but rather, the future. This could also improve their health and their chances of finding a true love.


Famous March 21st born people could be a friendly and sincere politicians. They love to travel. The 21st March famous Aries may be a positive influence over youngsters. They are an indispensable part of their family’s life. Those born on this day have the gift of recall. As a negative, they withdraw when they feel down.


March 21st Famous Birthday Personality Traits

21 March Good Traits:

  • Friendly
  • Loving
  • Romantic
  • Sincere
  • Loyal
  • Devoted

21st March Bad Traits:

  • Headstrong
  • Argumentative
  • Selfish
  • Egoistical
  • Distrustful

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March 21st Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Hill, 1982, Baseball Player
Adna, 1997, Pop Singer
Adrian Chiles, 1967, TV Show Host
Adrian Chiles, 1967, TV Show Host
Adrian Peterson, 1985, Football Player
Al Freeman, 1934, TV Actor
Albert Kahn, 1869, Architect
Alda Merini, 1931, Poet
Alejandro Silva, 1969, Metal Singer
Alena Seredova, 1978, Model
Alena Seredova, 1978, Model
Alexander S. Potupa, 1945, Scientist
Alfred Lutter, 1962, Movie Actor
Alfredo Escalera, 1952, Boxer
Ali Abdullah Saleh, 1942, World Leader
Ali Daei, 1969, Soccer Player
Alisar Ailabouni, 1989, Model
Alyssa Campanella, 1990, Model
Ananda Lewis, 1973, TV Show Host
Andrzej Bursa, 1932, Poet
Andy Parker, 1952, Drummer
Anna Mickelson, 1980, Rower
Anna O’Steen, 1983, Chef

Anna Todd, 1989, Novelist
Antoine Griezmann, 1991, Soccer Player
Arturo Castro, 1918, Movie Actor
Arvin Lal, 1985, Entrepreneur
Asa Soltan Rahmati, 1976, Reality Star
Ayrton Senna, 1960, Race Car Driver
Aysun Kayaci, 1981, TV Actress
B Scott, 1981, Reality Star
Bamboo Manalac, 1976, World Music Singer
Bard Ylvisaker, 1982, Comedian
Benito Juarez, 1806, World Leader
Beppe Crovella, 1952, Composer
Brad Hall, 1958, TV Producer
Brian Clough, 1935, Soccer Coach
Broncho Billy Anderson, 1880, Movie Actor
Bruno Cirillo, 1977, Soccer Player
Bruno Langley, 1983, TV Actor
Bryan Berg, 1974, Architect
Bryan Bulaga, 1989, Football Player
Bryanboy, 1981, Blogger
Butch Norton, 1958, Drummer
C. Douglass Buck, 1890, Politician
Carlos Carrasco, 1987, Baseball Player
Carly Incontro, 1991, Vine Star
Carwyn Jones, 1967, Politician
Catherine Lim, 1942, Novelist
Celia Ammerman, 1983, Model
Cenk Uygur, 1970, Radio Host
Charlie Clips, 1987, Rapper
Charlotte Cooper, 1986, Bassist
Chiney Ogwumike, 1992, Basketball Player
Chip Taylor, 1940, Songwriter
Cho Yong-pil, 1950, Pop Singer
Chooka Parker, 1994, Pianist
Chris Candido, 1972, Wrestler
Chris John Millington, 1990, Instagram Star
Chris Monroe, 1993, YouTube Star
Chris Perceval, 1988, Model
Chris Sparling, 1977, Screenwriter
Christopher Keyser, 1960, Screenwriter
Chutavuth Pattarakampol, 1993, Movie Actor
Ciaran O’keeffe, 1971, Scientist
Colby Melvin, 1988, Model
Corne Krige, 1975, Rugby Player

Cory Lopez, 1977, Surfer
Cristian Guzman, 1978, Baseball Player
Cynthia Geary, 1965, TV Actress
Damon Elliott, 1973, Music Producer
Dan Herron, 1989, Football Player
Daniela Knight, 2002, Pop Singer
Darius Miller, 1990, Basketball Player
David Lindley, 1944, Guitarist
David Parnes, 1982, Reality Star
David Wisniewski, 1953, Children’s Author
Derartu Tulu, 1972, Runner
Deryck Whibley, 1980, Guitarist
Diggy Simmons, 1995, Rapper
Dino Shafeek, 1930, Comedian
Dirk Frimout, 1941, Astronaut
DJ Premier, 1966, DJ
Dominic Miller, 1960, Guitarist
Dottie Martin, 1996, YouTube Star
Drew Bundini Brown, 1928, Boxing Trainer
Duro Tiljak, 1895, Painter
Dustin Corea, 1992, Soccer Player
Ebony Day, 1993, YouTube Star
Eddie Money, 1949, Rock Singer
Edsel Dope, 1974, Metal Singer
Ejegayehu Dibaba, 1982, Runner
Elizabeth Riddell, 1910, Poet
Eric Deslauriers, 1981, Football Player
Erik Johnson, 1988, Hockey Player

Flavia Lucini, 1989, Model
Florenz Ziegfeld Jr., 1867, Director
Forrest Mars Sr., 1904, Entrepreneur
Forrest Wheeler, 2004, TV Actor
Francis Lewis, 1713, Politician
Francoise Dorleac, 1942, Movie Actress
Gabriela Isler, 1988, Model
Gamini Fonseka, 1936, Movie Actor
Gary Oldman, 1958, Movie Actor
George David Birkhoff, 1884, Scientist
Grant Elliott, 1979, Cricket Player
Greg Ellis, 1968, Movie Actor
Grigory Levenfish, 1889, Chess Player
Gus Risman, 1911, Rugby Player
Hans Hofmann, 1880, Painter
Harper Reed, 1978, Entrepreneur
Helen Deutsch, 1906, Screenwriter
Henny Backus, 1911, Stage Actress
Henrietta Kaye, 1911, Family Member
Iain Percy, 1976, Sailor
Ieuan Evans, 1964, Rugby Player
Ingrid Kristiansen, 1956, Runner
Ivar Haglund, 1905, Entrepreneur
Jace Norman, 2000, TV Actor
Jade Jones, 1993, MMA Fighter
Jaja Vankova, 1992, Dancer
Jake Bidwell, 1993, Soccer Player
James Davies, 1989, TV Actor
Jared Monaco, 1988, Guitarist
Jaya, 1969, TV Show Host
Jaye Davidson, 1968, Movie Actor
Jeanine Amapola, 1994, YouTube Star
Jennifer Sears, 1982, Movie Actress
Jeron Teng, 1994, Basketball Player
Jesica Cirio, 1985, Model
Jocie Kwok, 1982, Pop Singer
Joel Tomkins, 1987, Rugby Player
Jonah Goldberg, 1969, Journalist
Jonas Berggren, 1967, Pop Singer
Jonathan Hale, 1891, Movie Actor
Jonathan Stewart, 1987, Football Player
Jordan Clory, 1995, YouTube Star
Jordi Alba, 1989, Soccer Player
Joseph Fourier, 1768, Scientist
Joseph Garcia, 1957, Politician
Joseph Mawle, 1974, TV Actor
Joseph Raz, 1939, Philosopher
Julienne Marie, 1937, Stage Actress
Justin Coppolino, 1980, Tattoo Artist
Justin McDonald, 1983, TV Actor
Justin Pierce, 1975, Movie Actor
Kailee McKenzie, 1997, YouTube Star
Kashani Grimmond, 1997, YouTube Star
Kassie DePaiva, 1961, Soap Opera Actress
Kat Candler, 1970, Screenwriter
Kathleen Widdoes, 1939, Soap Opera Actress
Kenneth McDuff, 1946, Criminal
Kerith Atkinson, 1987, TV Actress
Kevin Federline, 1978, Dancer
Kiatlyn Hoban, 1995, Stage Actress
Large Professor, 1973, Music Producer
Laura Allen, 1974, TV Actress
Lauren Kate, 1981, Young Adult Author
Lee Bright, 1970, Politician
Lee Cattermole, 1988, Soccer Player
Lexi DiBenedetto, 1999, Movie Actress
Linda Lee Cadwell, 1945, Memoirist
Ling Big Yong, 1997, YouTube Star
Liz Lee, 1991, TV Actress
Logan Ramsey, 1921, TV Actor
Lothar Matthaus, 1961, Soccer Player
Louis-Edmond Hamelin, 1923, Non-Fiction Author
Lucia Sciarrone, 2004, Family Member
Luke Judy, 2007, TV Actor
Luke Mockridge, 1989, Comedian
Manabendra Nath Roy, 1887, Civil Rights Leader
Mandy Capristo, 1990, Pop Singer
Manny Sanguillen, 1944, Baseball Player
Marcos Garcia Barreno, 1987, Soccer Player
Margaret Mahy, 1936, Young Adult Author
Maria Gabriela Isler, 1988, Model
Mariale Marrero, 1991, YouTube Star
Marissa Timmers, 1998, YouTube Star
Marit Bjorgen, 1980, Skier
Mark Waid, 1962, Comic Book Author
Martina Stoessel, 1997, TV Actress
Matt Ogus, 1991, YouTube Star
Matt Palmer, 1979, Baseball Player
Matt Prater, 1984, Football Player
Matt Priddis, 1985, Australian Rules Footballer
Matthew Broderick, 1962, Movie Actor
Matthew Maynard, 1966, Cricket Player
Max Steenbeck, 1904, Scientist
Mead Treadwell, 1956, Politician
Megan Elizabeth, 1986, YouTube Star
Melissa Gorga, 1979, Reality Star
Michael Foreman, 1938, Illustrator
Michael Heseltine, 1933, Politician
Michale Graves, 1975, Punk Singer
Michu, 1986, Soccer Player
Miervaldis Birze, 1921, Non-Fiction Author
Mike Dunleavy Sr., 1954, Basketball Coach
Mike Westbrook, 1936, Pianist
Miss Moe Money, 1990, Reality Star
Modest Mussorgsky, 1839, Composer
Moon Mason, 2007, Movie Actor
Ms. Melodie, 1969, Rapper
Natalie Gumede, 1984, TV Actress
Neal Lawson, 1963, Journalist
Neith Hunter, 1970, Model
Nicholas Kazan, 1950, Playwright
Nicolas Lodeiro, 1989, Soccer Player
Nizar Qabbani, 1923, Poet
Nobuo Uematsu, 1959, Composer
Nora Barnacle, 1884, Family Member
Oksana Alma, 1990, Model
Otis Spann, 1924, Pianist
Pat McCabe, 1988, Rugby Player
Patrick Lucey, 1918, Politician
Paul Ronan, 1965, TV Actor
Peter Brook, 1925, Playwright
Peter Pratt, 1923, TV Actor
Phyllis McGinley, 1905, Poet
Quiana Grant, 1982, Model
R.M. Hare, 1919, Philosopher
Rachael MacFarlane, 1976, Voice Actor
Rachel Allen, 1972, Chef
Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, 1846, Illustrator
Raivo Puusepp, 1960, Architect
Rani Mukerji, 1978, Movie Actress
Raquelle Stevens, 1992, Instagram Star
Ray Dorset, 1946, Rock Singer
Rhys Darby, 1974, Comedian
RJ Cyler, 1995, Movie Actor
Robert Villar, 1998, TV Actor
Rochelle Humes, 1989, Pop Singer
Roger Hodgson, 1950, Rock Singer
Ronald Koeman, 1963, Soccer Player
Ronaldinho, 1980, Soccer Player
Rosie O’Donnell, 1962, TV Show Host
Rostislav Klesla, 1982, Hockey Player
Russ Meyer, 1922, Director
Russell Thompkins Jr., 1951, Soul Singer
Ryan Bittle, 1976, TV Actor
Ryan Callahan, 1985, Hockey Player
Sabrina Le Beauf, 1958, TV Actress
Sam Nixon, 1986, Pop Singer
Samad Vurgun, 1906, Poet
Santino Fontana, 1982, Stage Actor
Sarah Stage, 1984, Model
Scott Eastwood, 1986, Movie Actor
Sean Franklin, 1985, Soccer Player
Shannade Clermont, 1994, Reality Star
Shannon Clermont, 1994, Reality Star
Shawn Lane, 1963, Guitarist
Shobana, 1966, Movie Actress
Slavoj Zizek, 1949, Philosopher
Solomon Burke, 1940, R&B Singer
Sonequa Martin-Green, 1985, TV Actress
Sonia Tavares, 1986, Runner
Soren Hansen, 1974, Golfer
Steve Halliwell, 1954, Soap Opera Actor
Suraj Sharma, 1993, Movie Actor
Taborah Johnson, 1953, Voice Actor
Tagg Romney, 1970, Family Member
Takeru Satoh, 1989, Movie Actor
Tamara Witmer, 1984, Model
Tarence Kinsey, 1984, Basketball Player
Tasha Page-Lockhart, 1983, Gospel Singer
Thurlow Lieurance, 1878, Composer
Timothy Dalton, 1944, Movie Actor
Tom Flores, 1937, Football Coach
Tommy Davis, 1939, Baseball Player
Troy Westwood, 1967, Football Player
Turner Lux, 1997, YouTube Star
Umar Kamani, 1987, Entrepreneur
Virginia Weidler, 1927, Movie Actress
Walter Gilbert, 1932, Scientist
Walter Tewksbury, 1876, Runner
William Finkelstein, 1965, Screenwriter
Yaakov Herzog, 1921, Politician
Yahir Parra, 1979, Pop Singer
Yandy Smith, 1982, Reality Star
Yoon San-ha, 2000, Pop Singer
Young Noble, 1978, Rapper
Zachary Domingo, 1999, YouTube Star
Zackie Achmat, 1962, Director
Zal Batmanglij, 1973, Screenwriter
Zoltan Kemeny, 1907, Sculptor


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