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June 8 Famous Birthdays

June 8 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on June 8, are Gemini who are accepting of life’s obstacles and place value in having bad and good days. This tends to show their maturity and strength. Typically, they stand for something and they have a way of remaining unbiased in this world.


In fact, famous June 8 celebrities are known to laugh when others would break down and cry. They have many assets in which to draw from. They tend to speak their mind but sometimes, their tongue speaks to fast.


When it comes to romance and love, famous people born on June 8 will have many that last a long time. It’s the same with friendships but not without work. Some say that they are without feeling as they don’t show their true emotions and are often misunderstood.

They are unsurprisingly logical and letting their emotional guard down will take some doing. On the other hand, they show their feelings by loving their partners.

Famous people born on June 8 are Gemini who are enterprising individuals. They would make an excellent recruiter. People are attracted to them. They also can be a chatterbox with a good sense of humor. Their partner may find it necessary to distract them from time to time.


June 8th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

8 June Good Traits:

  • Bold
  • Reliant
  • Enterprising
  • Humorous
  • Trustworthy
  • Positive
  • Stimulating
  • Affirmative

8 June Bad Traits:

  • Rude
  • Cold
  • Blunt
  • Indifferent
  • Lazy
  • Lethargic

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June 8 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Freeman, 1956, Radio Host
Aaron Peña, 1959, Politician
Aaron Pelsue, 1976, Rock Singer
Adine Wilson, 1979, Netball Player
Alan Scarfe, 1946, Movie Actor
Alec Holden, 1995, TV Actor
Alex Band, 1981, Rock Singer
Alexandre Despatie, 1985, Diver
Alexis Smith, 1921, Movie Actress
Allison Paige, 1989, TV Actress
Allison Reed, 1994, Figure Skater
Amaury Vassili, 1989, Opera Singer
Andrej Sekera, 1986, Hockey Player
Andrew Weil, 1942, Teacher
Andy Enfield, 1969, Basketball Coach
Arjun Ayyangar, 1998, Pianist
Arthur Elgort, 1940, Photographer
Ashley Darby, 1988, Reality Star
Barbara Bush, 1925, Political Wife
Barbara Cameron, 1950, TV Actress
Ben Cristovao, 1987, Pop Singer
Bernard White, 1959, TV Actor
Bernie Casey, 1939, Movie Actor
Bessie Cursons, 1995, TV Actress
Billie Pierce, 1907, Pianist

Bonnie Tyler, 1951, Pop Singer
Boz Scaggs, 1944, Pop Singer
Bruce Goff, 1904, Architect
Bruce McCandless II, 1937, Astronaut
Bruce Richardson, 1977, Hockey Player
Bryan Muir, 1973, Hockey Player
BunnieClaire, 1988, YouTube Star
Byron White, 1917, Supreme Court Justice
Carl Ikeme, 1986, Soccer Player
Carlos Contreras, 1970, Race Car Driver
Charlie George, 1997, Pop Singer
Charlotte Lawrence, 2000, Family Member
Chuck Negron, 1942, Rock Singer
Claudia Lynx, 1982, Movie Actress
Clyde Klotz, 1961,
Coby Karl, 1983, Basketball Player
Colin Baker, 1943, TV Actor
Coralie Balmy, 1987, Swimmer
CT Fletcher, 1959, YouTube Star
Dan Futterman, 1967, Director
Dan Severn, 1958, MMA Fighter
Dasha Zhukova, 1981, Journalist
Dave Fortman, 1979, Guitarist
David Meirhofer, 1949, Criminal
David Sutcliffe, 1969, TV Actor
Dennet Ayling, 1906, Cricket Player
Derek Trucks, 1979, Guitarist
Derek Underwood, 1945, Cricket Player
Dimple Kapadia, 1957, Movie Actress
DJ Isaac, 1974, DJ
Don Grady, 1944, TV Actor
Doris Pearson, 1966, Pop Singer
E Neville Isdell, 1943, Business Executive
Ed James, 1908, TV Producer
Eddie Hearn, 1979, Business Executive
Eion Bailey, 1976, TV Actor
Emanuel Ax, 1949, Pianist
Enzo Knol, 1993, YouTube Star
Ernest B. Schoedsack, 1893, Director
Ernst Enno, 1875, Poet
Erwin Schulhoff, 1894, Composer
Esther Kaplan, 1984, Family Member
Ethan Almond, 1998, YouTube Star

Francesca Capaldi, 2004, TV Actress
Francis Crick, 1916, Scientist
Frank Grillo, 1965, TV Actor
Frank Lloyd Wright, 1867, Architect
Fred Kaps, 1926, Magician
Fred Susskind, 1891, Cricket Player
Gabrielle Giffords, 1970, Politician
Gaby Borges, 1999, TV Actress
Gaines Adams, 1983, Football Player
Geoffrey Hutchings, 1939, Movie Actor
George Pell, 1941, Religious Leader
Geroge Kirby, 1923, Comedian
Gillian Clarke, 1937, Poet
Gionna Daddio, 1994, Wrestler
Giovanni Domenico Cassini, 1625, Scientist
Grace Andrews, 1992, Reality Star
Greg Ginn, 1954, Guitarist
Griffin Dunne, 1955, Movie Actor
Gwen Harwood, 1920, Poet
Hattie Gotobed, 2002, TV Actress
Hayden Voss, 1993, Reality Star
Hayes Grier, 2000, Vine Star
Herb Adderley, 1939, Football Player
Ida Saxton McKinley, 1847, Political Wife
Ivan Kelley Jr., 1997, R&B Singer
Ivan Lalic, 1931, Poet
Ivo Sanader, 1953, Politician
I_Foreign, 1998, Vine Star
J Walter Kennedy, 1912, Sports Executive
Jakko Jakszyk, 1958, Guitarist

James Darren, 1936, TV Actor
James Quaintance III, 1988, Model
Jamie Spencer, 1980, Horse Jockey
Jasmin Dizdar, 1961, Director
Javier Mascherano, 1984, Soccer Player
Jeff Douglas, 1971, TV Actor
Jeff Rich, 1953, Drummer
Jefferson Mays, 1965, Stage Actor
Jennel Garcia, 1994, Pop Singer
Jennifer Rodriguez, 1976, Speed Skater
Jenny Scheinman, 1979, Violinist
Jens Kidman, 1966, Metal Singer
Jerry Hernandez, 1990, TV Actor
Jerry Stiller, 1927, Movie Actor
Jesse Lawson, 1989, Guitarist
Jesse Polock, 1990, Reality Star
Joan Rivers, 1933, TV Show Host
Joanne Lavoie, 1997, Vine Star
Joel Dommett, 1985, Comedian
Joey Coulter, 1990, Race Car Driver
John Conner, 1987, Football Player
John Gibbons, 1962, Baseball Manager
John Hardesty, 1981, Reality Star
John R. Deane Jr., 1919, War Hero
John W. Campbell, 1910, Novelist
Johnny Franck, 1990, Music Producer
Jose Antonio Camacho, 1955, Soccer Player
Jose Cantero, 1959, Golfer
Jose Manuel Lopez, 1966, Politician
Josh Leesman, 1987, eSports Player
Josh Pence, 1982, Movie Actor
JP Manoux, 1969, TV Actor
Julianna Margulies, 1966, TV Actress
Jurgen von der Lippe, 1948, TV Actor
Kanye West, 1977, Rapper
Karen Kingsbury, 1963, Novelist
Kate Willhelm, 1928, Novelist
Kathryn Tickell, 1967, Folk Singer
Kathy Baker, 1950, TV Actress
Keenen Ivory Wayans, 1958, Movie Actor
Kelli Williams, 1970, TV Actress
Kelly Brown, 1982, Rugby Player
Ken Calvert, 1953, Politician
Kenneth Wilson, 1936, Scientist
Kenny Clare, 1929, Drummer
Kent Faulcon, 1971, TV Actor
Kevin Farley, 1965, Movie Actor
Kevin Harbottle, 1990, Soccer Player
Kevin Mahar, 1981, Baseball Player
Kevin Skaff, 1985, Guitarist
Kim Clijsters, 1983, Tennis Player
Kim Stolz, 1983, Model
Lauren Gottlieb, 1988, Dancer
Lawren Pope, 1987, Fashion Designer
Lena Baker, 1900, Criminal
Leon Levine, 1937, Entrepreneur
Leroy Neiman, 1921, Painter
Lexa Doig, 1973, TV Actress
Liam Gill, 1992, Rugby Player
Lindsay Davenport, 1976, Tennis Player
Lucas Bradlee, 1997, YouNow Star
Lucija Serbedzija, 1973, Movie Actress
Mack Vickery, 1938, Rock Singer
Mamoru Miyano, 1983, Voice Actor
Mara Ferreira, 1987, Blogger
Marc Ouellet, 1944, Religious Leader
Maria Menounos, 1978, TV Show Host
Marie-Antoine Careme, 1783, Chef
Mark Feuerstein, 1971, Movie Actor
Mark Ricciuto, 1975, Australian Rules Footballer
Mark Worthington, 1983, Basketball Player
Marko Mandic, 1974, Movie Actor
Marvin Eastman, 1971, MMA Fighter
Mary King, 1961, Equestrian
Maxi Pereira, 1984, Soccer Player
Mia Borisavljevic, 1984, Pop Singer
Michael Buckley, 1975, YouTube Star
Michael Cammalleri, 1982, Hockey Player
Mick Hucknall, 1960, Pop Singer
Millicent Martin, 1934, TV Actress
Millie Thrasher, 1999, Pop Singer
Monte Hale, 1919, Country Singer
Nancy Sinatra, 1940, Country Singer
Nicci Gilbert, 1970, R&B Singer
Nick Benson, 1994, TV Actor
Nick Rhodes, 1962, Pop Singer
Noel Wien, 1899, Pilot
Oscar Manuel Laurel, 1920, Politician
Patrick Kaleta, 1986, Hockey Player
Patrick Mouratoglou, 1970, Tennis Coach
Paul Haines, 1970, Novelist
Paula Robison, 1941, Flute Player
Peter Clodt von Jurgensburg, 1805, Sculptor
Phil Bourque, 1962, Hockey Player
Pierre Spies, 1985, Rugby Player
Qasim Akhtar, 1991, TV Actor
Rachel Held Evans, 1961, Religious Author
Ralph Yarborough, 1903, Politician
Richard Fleeshman, 1989, TV Actor
Rob Pilatus, 1964, Pop Singer
Robert Preston, 1918, Movie Actor
Robert Schumann, 1810, Composer
Rosanna Pansino, 1984, YouTube Star
Royall Tyler, 1757, Playwright
Ruth Stone, 1915, Poet
Salustiano Sanchez, 1901,
Samantha Saint, 1987,
Samuel Baker, 1821, Explorer
Sara Paretsky, 1947, Novelist
Sara Watkins, 1981, Folk Singer
Sarah Abitbol, 1975, Figure Skater
Scott Adams, 1957, Cartoonist
Scott Machado, 1990, Basketball Player
Seu Jorge, 1970, World Music Singer
Sheldon Allman, 1924, Movie Actor
Shilpa Shetty, 1975, Movie Actress
Skizzy Mars, 1992, Rapper
Sonia Braga, 1950, Movie Actress
Stipe Drews, 1973, Boxer
Sturgill Simpson, 1978, Country Singer
Suharto, 1921, World Leader
Teo Ser Luck, 1968, Politician
Thomas Steen, 1960, Hockey Player
Tim Berners Lee, 1955, Scientist
Tommy Dixon, 1929, Soccer Player
Tony Hinchcliffe, 1984, Comedian
Tony Rice, 1951, Guitarist
Torrey Devitto, 1984, TV Actress
Trish Goff, 1976, Model
Troy Duffy, 1971, Director
Troy Vincent, 1970, Football Player
Ty Segall, 1987, Rock Singer
Victor Castillo, 1981, Long Jumper
Vincent Dinh, 1998, YouTube Star
Whakaio Taahi, 1990, Guitarist
William Few, 1748, Politician
William Miller, 1996, Movie Actor
Willie Davenport, 1943, Runner
Zinhle Mabena, 1991, TV Actress


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