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Famous Events For June 4

Famous Events For June 4 – Today In History

June 4: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – June 4  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 4th June 781 BC: The oldest recording of a solar eclipse by the Chinese.
2. 4th June 1039: Henry III became the Holy Roman Emperor on this day.
3. 4th June 1070: Roquefort Cheese was created on this day in a cave near Roquefort in France.
4. 4th June 1615: Osaka Castle in Japan was taken by the forces of the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu today.


5. 4th June 1632: Venlo was today conquered by the Prince of Orange, Prince Fredrik Henry.
6. 4th June 1677: During the Second Civil War in England King Charles I was taken prisoner by the English Parliamentary Army led by Cornet Jorge Joyce today.
7. 4th June 1666: In the battle at Dunkirk the English engaged the Dutch Fleet.

18th Century – What Happened on June 4 – The 1700s

8. 4th June 1745: The Austrians and the Saxons were defeated at the battle of Hohenfriedberg by Fredrik the Great, the King of Prussia.
9. 4th June 1756: Members of the Religious Society of Friends, the Quakers today left the assembly of Pennsylvania.
10. 4th June 1783: The first unmanned hot air balloon was launched today by the Montgolfier brothers.


11. 4th June 1784: Madam Elizabeth Thimble flew in a hot air balloon and became the first female balloonist.
12. 4th June 1789: The U.S. Constitution took effect today.
13. 4th June 1794: The Congress today passed the Neutrality Act banning Americans from serving in the armed forces of foreign powers.

19th Century – June 4 This Day That Year – The 1800s

14. 4th June 1800: Construction of the White House was completed and President John Adams moved in with his wife.
15. 4th June 1805: After war over tribute, Tripoli was forced to conclude peace with the US.
16. 4th June 1812: Louisiana Territory was today officially renamed as “Missouri Territory”.
17. 4th June 1825: New York City was today hit by an unseasonal hurricane.


18. 4th June 1831: Leopold Von Saksen-Coburg was selected by the National Congress as the King of Belgium.
19. 4th June 1832: The 3rd national black convention is held today in Philadelphia.
20. 4th June 1850: In England, self-deodorizing fertilizer was patented today.
21. 4th June 1850: The Empire Engine Company No. 1 was organized on this day.
22. 4th June 1859: In the Battle of Magenta during the Second Italian War of Independence, French Sardinians under Napoleon III won over Austrians under Marshal Ferencz Gyulai.
23. 4th June 1875: The Pacific Stock Exchange opened today.
24. 4th June 1876: The Trans-Continental Express arrived at San Francisco 83 hours and 39 minutes after leaving New York City traveling over the Trans-Continental Rail Road for the first time.
25. 4th June 1878: Turkey today ceded Cyprus to Britain for administrative reasons.
26. 4th June 1892: An oil tank explosion destroyed the old city of Titusville in Pennsylvania and killed 130.
27. 4th June 1896: Founder of the Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford today took his first Ford through the streets of Detroit.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day June 4th – The 1900s

28. 4th June 1907: Automatic washer and drier introduced today.
29. 4th June 1912: The first US minimum wage law was today passed by Massachusetts.
30. 4th June 1912: The cone of Mount Katmai in Alaska collapsed today.
31. 4th June 1913: At the Epsom Derby, suffragette Emily Davison threw himself in front of “Anmer”, the horse of King Jorge V.
32. 4th June 1916: During World War I, a massive Russian offensive on the Eastern Front was launched today by General Aleksey Brusilov.
33. 4th June 1917: The Pulitzer Prize was awarded to Richards and Elliott for the biography “Julia Ward Howe”.
34. 4th June 1917: Registration of men for draft by American men began today.
35. 4th June 1917: This day marks the inauguration of the “Most Excellent Order of the British Empire” by King George V to recognize the efforts of his people in World War I.

36. 4th June 1919: The Women Suffrage Bill was today passed by the Senate by the 19th amendment.
37. 4th June 1919: Costa Rica was invaded today by the US Marines.
38. 4th June 1927: Swim Records were set in 100 yards and 200 yards swimming by Jonny Weissmuller.
39. 4th June 1928: Japanese agents today assassinated Zhang Zuolin, the President of the Republic of China.
40. 4th June 1929: The first Technicolor movie was demonstrated by George Eastman in Rochester New York.
41. 4th June 1932: Edouard Herriot became the Prime Minister of France today.
42. 4th June 1932: In Chile, Col Marmaduke Grove led a coup against President Juan Esteban Montero today.
43. 4th June 1940: Winston Churchill, today said “We shall fight on the Seas and Oceans”.

44. 4th June 1940: The British today completed the Dunkirk miracle by evacuating 338,226 allied troops from France using a flotilla of over 800 vessels which included Royal Navy Destroyers, merchant marine vessels, fishing boats, and even lifeboats.
45. 4th June 1940: The first synthetic rubber tire was unveiled today.
46. 4th June 1940: German forces entered Paris today.
47. 4th June 1941: All Jews were ordered to wear a star with the letter Z in the Republic of Croatia.
48. 4th June 1941: Jews were forbidden from entering beaches and swimming pools by the Nazis.
49. 4th June 1942: This day marks the beginning of the Battle of Midway, the first major defeat for Japan in World War II.
50. 4th June 1942: Capitol Records Company opened for business today.
51. 4th June 1943: General Rawson and Col Juan Peron take Argentina.
52. 4th June 1944: German submarine U505 was captured and boarded on high seas. It was the first German sub to be captured on high seas.

53. 4th June 1944: Rome was liberated from Mussolini’s fascist army by the 5th Army which entered Rome.
54. 4th June 1944: General de Gaulle of France arrived in London today.
55. 4th June 1944: After receiving unfavorable weather reports General Eisenhower cancelled the planned D-Day invasion on June 5th.
56. 4th June 1945: Orokoe Peninsula Okinawa was today occupied by the 6th US Marine Division.
57. 4th June 1954: Vietnam was granted independence by France inside the French Union.
58. 4th June 1956: The speech of Soviet First Secretary Nikita Khrushchev criticizing Stalin was made public today.
59. 4th June 1957: The first commercial coal pipeline was put into operation today.
60. 4th June 1961: US President John F Kennedy and the First Secretary of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev met at the Vienna summit in Austria.
61. 4th June 1964: Maldives adopted its constitution today.

62. 4th June 1969: Beetles today released “The Ballad of John &Yoko” and “Old Brown Shoes” in the US.
63. 4th June 1972: Billy Jane King beat Evonne Goolagong (6-3, 6-3) and won the French Open title.
64. 4th June 1973: Don Wetzel, Tom Barnes, and George Chastain were granted a patent for ATM.
65. 4th June 1975: The oldest animal fossils in the United States were discovered in North Carolina.
66. 4th June 1979: In Canada, Joe Clark was today sworn in as the youngest Prime Minister.
67. 4th June 1982: Israel launched attacks on targets in South Lebanon.
68. 4th June 1985: The Alabama “moment of silence” was today struck down by the Supreme Court.
69. 4th June 1989: Chinese Prime Minister Li Ping was today shot at and injured by a Beijing policeman.
70. 4th June 1989: Chinese troops today cleared the Tiananmen Square of student protesters. Unofficial figures place the death toll in the Tiananmen Square murder at 1000.
71. 4th June 1990: Dr. Jack Kevorkian triggered a national debate on the right to die by assisting an Oregon woman to commit suicide.
72. 4th June 1991: Pope Paul today compared abortion to Nazi murders.
73. 4th June 1991: Robert S Strauss was appointed US ambassador to the Soviet Union.
74. 4th June 1992: The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was today signed in New York.
75. 4th June 1995: The LPGA Oldsmobile Golf Classic was won by Dale Eggeling today.
76. 4th June 1998: Terry Nichols was today sentenced to life in prison for his role in the Oklahoma City bombing.

21st Century – June 4 This Day In History – The 2000s

77. 4th June 2001: After the massacre in the Royal Palace, Gyanendra, the last King of Nepal ascends the throne.
78. 4th June 2002: Canadian Pop singer Avril Lavigne today released her debut album “Let Go”.
79. 4th June 2012: In Islamabad Pakistan, a wedding party bus crashed killing 23 and injuring 60 others.
80. 4th June 2012: The S&P/TOPIX 150 reached its lowest level since 1983 causing the stock market to plummet to a record low.
81. 4th June 2012: In Pakistan, 15 militants including Abu Yahya al-Libi, a high-ranking al-Qaeda official were killed today in a US-done attack.
82. 4th June 2014: For providing arms and ammunition to Boko Haram, ten Nigerian generals, and five other senior military officers were court-martialed.
83. 4th June 2018: The 45th President of the United States today tweeted that he has absolute rights to PARDON himself.

84. 4th June 2018: In his interview with NBC, the former President of the US, Bill Clinton said that he need not apologize to Monica Lewinsky.
85. 4th June 2018: In Jordan, Prime Minister Hani Mulki resigned amidst huge protests against taxes and price increases. He was replaced by Omar Razzaz by King Abdullah.

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