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June 5 Famous Birthdays

June 5 Famous Birthdays

Famous Gemini born on June 5 are an upbeat and positive personality. They know that not everyone is going to see their side of things. So they are not likely to take what other people say about their future.


Experience is the best teacher for famous people born on June 5. Their friends value their advice as they actually listen to them and give the best solution. As a matter of fact, they seem to have better performance when they work in a group. However, they are sometimes in a mood and want to dispute what others think or throw their weight around.


The commutative skills of famous people born on June 5 are such that they are creatively persuasive. When it comes to dealing with their health, they are likely in good shape but they don’t eat a lot of the right foods. They may have trouble sleeping as well due to improper diet. These famous June 5 celebrities should try getting all their daily nutrients and exercising before going to bed.

Famous people born on June 5 can be critical thinkers who are flexible and smart. They can be a friendly, fun-loving and easy-going Gemini. But they can also be argumentative and authoritative.


June 5th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

5 June Good Traits:

  • Naive
  • Optimistic
  • Sensible
  • Insightful
  • Affectionate
  • Positive
  • Sensitive
  • Logical

5 June Bad Traits:

  • Authoritative
  • Argumentative
  • Stiff
  • Obstinate
  • Impulsive

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June 5 Famous Birthday Personalities

Aaron Gryder, 1970, Horse Jockey
Aaron Wills, 1974, Bassist
Abbie Cobb, 1992, TV Actress
Adam Smith, 1723, Economist
Aesop Rock, 1976, Rapper
Ahren Stringer, 1986, Metal Singer
Ajinkya Rahane, 1988, Cricket Player
Alana Cordy-Collins, 1944, Scientist
Alex Wiley, 1993, Rapper
Alexa Rose Carlin, 1991, Self-Help Author
Allan Ahlberg, 1938, Children’s Author
Amanda Crew, 1986, Movie Actress
Amit Sadh, 1979, TV Actor
Amy Sanders, 1983, Basketball Player
Anthony Burger, 1961, Pianist
Art Donovan, 1924, Football Player
Ashlynn Chong, 2001, Pop Singer
Austin Butts, 1998, Fashion Designer
Austin Daye, 1988, Basketball Player
Ayesha Dutt, 1960, Film Producer
Barbara Bermudo, 1975, TV Show Host
Beckii Cruel, 1995, YouTube Star
Bill Hayes, 1925, TV Actor
Bill Moyers, 1934, TV Show Host
Blake Duffy, 2002, YouNow Star
Bob Probert, 1965, Hockey Player
Bonifacio Avila, 1950, Boxer
Brett James, 1968, Country Singer

Brian McKnight, 1969, R&B Singer
Brian Quick, 1989, Football Player
Brooke Newton, 1987, TV Actress
Brooke Trainor, 1999, YouNow Star
Bruce Li, 1950, Movie Actor
Bubby Jones, 1941, Race Car Driver
Bupsi Brown, 1978, Pop Singer
Bushrod Washington, 1762, Supreme Court Justice
Butch Miller, 1952, Race Car Driver
Callum Tapping, 1993, Soccer Player
Cam Atkinson, 1989, Hockey Player
Camille Amber Johnson, 1996, YouTube Star
Carlie Butler, 1987, YouTube Star
Ceaser Emanuel, 1979, Reality Star
Ceren Moray, 1985, TV Actress
Chad Allen, 1974, TV Actor
Chapchai Nirat, 1983, Golfer
Chase Caniff, 1995, Vine Star
Chris Lovasz, 1980, YouTube Star
Christian Duke, 1991, Soccer Player
Christopher Kimball, 1951, Chef
Christopher Simon, 1963, TV Actor
Chuck Klosterman, 1972, Novelist
Ciaran Grace, 1996, YouTube Star
Claudio Stroe, 2006, YouTube Star
Claus Norreen, 1970, Pianist
Colleen Larose, 1963, Criminal
Colm Wilkinson, 1944, Stage Actor
Conrad Marca-Relli, 1913, Painter
Dafne Schippers, 1992, Runner
Danie Rossouw, 1978, Rugby Player
Daniel Gildenlow, 1973, Metal Singer
Daniel von Bargen, 1950, TV Actor
Dave Bolland, 1986, Hockey Player
David Bisbal, 1979, Pop Singer
David Emanuel Hoffman, 1953, Non-Fiction Author
David Wagoner, 1926, Poet
David Weir, 1979, Paralympian
Denisea Wilson, 1999, TV Actress
Dennis Gabor, 1900, Scientist
Derek Jones, 1983, Guitarist
DJ Mustard, 1990, DJ
Don Reid, 1945, Country Singer
Donte Fain, 1980, TV Producer
Duane Hackney, 1947, War Hero
Dwayne Hill, 1966, Voice Actor
E’shun Melvin, 2002, TV Actor
Ed Davis, 1989, Basketball Player
Ellary Porterfield, 1989, Movie Actress

Emma Crosby, 1977, News Anchor
Eric Traore, 1984, Soccer Player
Estelle Reiner, 1914, Movie Actress
Fallon King, 1987, R&B Singer
FaZe Adapt, 1997, YouTube Star
Federico Garcia Lorca, 1898, Poet
Felix Jackson, 1902, Screenwriter
Felps, 1994, YouTube Star
Fernando Meira, 1978, Soccer Player
Finney Cassidy, 1998, TV Actor
Francois Coli, 1881, Pilot
Freddie Stone, 1947, Guitarist
Gail Davies, 1948, Composer
Galilea Montijo, 1973, TV Show Host
Gappy Ranks, 1983, Reggae Singer
Gayle Forman, 1970, Young Adult Author
Geisy Arruda, 1989, Reality Star
George Chiweshe, 1953, Politician
George S. May, 1890, Entrepreneur
Glen Ella, 1959, Rugby Player
Hansjorg Goritz, 1959, Architect
Helene Cixous, 1937, Activist
Herb Vigran, 1910, TV Actor
Howard Platt, 1938, TV Actor
Iris Van Herpen, 1984, Fashion Designer

Isabel Rodriguez Garcia, 1981, Politician
Ivan Archivaldo, 1983, Family Member
Ivan Vargas, 1991, Soccer Player
Jaak Panksepp, 1943, Scientist
Jacob Sjoberg, 1992, Pianist
Jade Goody, 1981, Reality Star
James Connolly, 1868, War Hero
Jeff Garlin, 1962, TV Actor
Jeff Schroeder, 1978, Reality Star
Jennifer Zhang, 1998, YouTube Star
Jeremy Abbott, 1985, Figure Skater
Jerry Gonzalez, 1949, Trumpet Player
Jess Dunbar, 1991, Pop Singer
Jesus Rafael Soto, 1923, Sculptor
Jim Peck, 1943, Game Show Host
Joe Gatto, 1976, Comedian
Joel Smallbone, 1984, Pop Singer
John Anderson Fraser, 1944, Journalist
John Bach, 1946, Movie Actor
John Carlos, 1945, Runner
John Maynard Keynes, 1883, Economist
Jose Guapo, 1992, Rapper
Josh Thomas, 1986, YouTube Star
June Ambrose, 1971, Fashion Designer
June Gable, 1945, TV Actress
Junior Hoilett, 1990, Soccer Player
Justin Stuart, 1993, YouTube Star
Jykine Bradley, 1980, Football Player
K Enagonio, 1993, YouTube Star
Karen Sillas, 1963, TV Actress
Karen Strassman, 1966, Voice Actor
Karl Sanders, 1963, Guitarist
Kathleen Kennedy, 1953, Film Producer
Ken Follett, 1949, Novelist
Kenny G, 1956, Saxophonist
Kristin Gore, 1977, Screenwriter
Kyle Pavone, 1990, Rock Singer
Lamon Brewster, 1973, Boxer
Lana McKissack, 1984, YouTube Star
Laura O’Toole, 1985, Movie Actress
Laura O’Toole, 1985, Movie Actress
Laurie Anderson, 1947, Rock Singer
Lee Tze-Fan, 1907, Painter
Leon Scott, 1986, Model
Lewis Bradley, 1989, Stage Actor
Lindsay Artillero, 1991, YouTube Star
Lisa Cholodenko, 1964, Director
Lisa McQueen, 1984, Family Member
Liza Weil, 1977, TV Actress
Lochlan Raymond, 2003, Family Member
Lu Leonard, 1926, TV Actress
Marc Pickering, 1985, Movie Actor
Marcus Thornton, 1987, Basketball Player
Marie Lanza, 1980, Novelist
Marion Motley, 1920, Football Player
Mark Ella, 1959, Rugby Player
Mark F. Jarman, 1952, Poet
Mark Harelik, 1951, TV Actor
Mark Schwahn, 1966, Screenwriter
Mark Wahlberg, 1971, Movie Actor
Marques Colston, 1983, Football Player
Martha Argerich, 1941, Pianist
Mary Kay Bergman, 1961, Voice Actor
Michele Campanella, 1947, Pianist
Mikayil Mushfig, 1908, Poet
Mike Bucci, 1972, Wrestler
Mike Fisher, 1980, Hockey Player
Mike Jay, 1992, Rapper
Misha Mengelberg, 1935, Pianist
Mo Kenney, 1990, Folk Singer
Mr Mammal, 1997, YouTube Star
MrRayHonda, 1993, YouTube Star
Nancy Stafford, 1954, TV Actress
Naomi Raymond, 2003, Family Member
Natalia Zhukova, 1979, Chess Player
Nathan Byrne, 1992, Soccer Player
Nathan Schmitt, 1994, eSports Player
Nick Kroll, 1978, TV Actor
Nicko McBrain, 1952, Drummer
Nina Conti, 1974, Comedian
Oliver O’Grady, 1945, Criminal
Pancho Villa, 1878, War Hero
Pat Garrett, 1850, Law Enforcement Officer
Paul Howard, 1995, Model
Peggy Stewart, 1923, Movie Actress
Penny Wolin, 1953, Photographer
Pete Jolly, 1932, Pianist
Pete Wentz, 1979, Bassist
Peter Erskine, 1954, Drummer
Petr Lexa, 1991, Pop Singer
Piper Perri, 1995,
Rachel Leskovac, 1976, Soap Opera Actress
Radko Gudas, 1990, Hockey Player
Ravindra Randeniya, 1946, Movie Actor
Ray Lankford, 1967, Baseball Player
Raymond Parks, 1914, Race Car Driver
Richard Butler, 1957, Rock Singer
Richard Scarry, 1919, Children’s Author
Richard Searfoss, 1956, Astronaut
Rick Riordan, 1964, Young Adult Author
Rob Nelson, 1978, Journalist
Rob Walker, 1979, TV Producer
Robert Kraft, 1941, Entrepreneur
Robert Lansing, 1928, TV Actor
Roger Michell, 1956, Director
RolyUnGashaa, 1990, YouTube Star
Ron Livingston, 1967, Movie Actor
Ronnie Dyson, 1950, Soul Singer
Rose Hill, 1914, TV Actress
Ross Noble, 1976, Comedian
Roxy Jezel, 1982,
Roy Higgins, 1938, Horse Jockey
Ruth Benedict, 1887, Scientist
Ryan Devlin, 1980, TV Actor
Ryan Mallett, 1988, Football Player
Salvatore J. Cordileone, 1956, Religious Leader
Scott Holroyd, 1975, TV Actor
Scott Speer, 1982, Director
Sean Moran, 1973, Football Player
Sebastien Lefebvre, 1981, Guitarist
Sheila Sim, 1922, Movie Actress
Shirley Kaufman, 1923, Poet
Simon Hopkinson, 1954, Chef
Sophie Lowe, 1990, Movie Actress
Spalding Gray, 1941, Autobiographer
Steelo Brim, 1988, TV Show Host
Steve Willis, 1976, Reality Star
Susan Lynch, 1971, Movie Actress
Suze Orman, 1951, TV Show Host
Ted Christopher, 1958, Race Car Driver
Timmy Alvarez, 1994, YouTube Star
Tom Evans, 1947, Rock Singer
Tommy Esguerra, 1994, Reality Star
Tony Richardson, 1928, Director
Torry Holt, 1976, Football Player
Troye Sivan, 1995, YouTube Star
TwoDynamic, 1994, YouTube Star
Tyler Blevins, 1991, eSports Player
Velimir Bata Zivojinovic, 1933, Movie Actor
Wendy Turner Webster, 1967, Radio Host
William Boyd, 1895, Movie Actor
Yona Friedman, 1923, Architect
Yoo In-na, 1982, TV Actress
Yulia Lipnitskaya, 1998, Figure Skater
Zydrunas Ilgauskas, 1975, Basketball Player


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