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Famous Events For June 6

Famous Events For June 6 – Today In History

June 6: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – June 6  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 6th June 1674: In India, Shivaji crowned himself as the King of India.
2. 6th June 1683: The Ashmolean Museum was opened at Oxford in England. It was the world’s first university museum.


18th Century – What Happened on June 6 – The 1700s

3. 6th June 1716: The first batch of slaves arrived today in Louisiana.
4. 6th June 1744: A peace treaty was signed by France and Prussia today.
5. 6th June 1752: In the third great fire in Moscow, almost one-third of the city was destroyed within two weeks.
6. 6th June 1787: In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Franklin College which is now part of Franklin & Marshal College was founded today.
7. 6th June 1795: About one-third of Copenhagen was destroyed. About 18,000 people were injured in the fire.


19th Century – June 6 This Day That Year – The 1800s

8. 6th June 1809: After 20 years of absolute monarchy, Sweden declared independence today and established a constitution to become a constitutional monarchy.
9. 6th June 1813: The US invasion of Canada was stopped at Stony Creek, Ontario.
10. 6th June 1831: The second US national black convention was held today in Philadelphia.
11. 6th June 1833: US President Andrew Jackson rode in the B&O passenger train. He became the first US president to ride on a train.
12. 6th June 1844: In London, the Young Men’s Christian Association was formed today.
13. 6th June 1875: The Netherlands today joined the gold standard.
14. 6th June 1882: H. W. Seely patented his first electric iron today.
15. 6th June 1889: Twenty-five downtown blocks in Seattle were destroyed in the great fire of Seattle.
16. 6th June 1890: In New York City the United States Polo Association was formed today.
17. 6th June 1892: 3.6 mile long Chicago South Side Elevated Railroad was opened today.
18. 6th June 1896: Frank Samuelson and George Harbo left New York harbor today on a rowing mission across the Atlantic.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day June 6th – The 1900s

19. 6th June 1900: After gold discoveries in the region of Alaska brought lawlessness and disorder to the area, US Congress passed an act authorizing a civil code and government for the territory.
20. 6th June 1904: In Atlantic City New Jersey, the National Tuberculosis Association was organized on this day.
21. 6th June 1905: On German request, the French Foreign Minister Delcasse resigned today.
22. 6th June 1906: The first section of Paris Metro Line 5 was inaugurated today.
23. 6th June 1911: A treaty was signed by Nicaragua turning over customs to the US. This was not ratified.
24. 6th June 1916: Woman suffrage was approved by voters of Cleveland.
25. 6th June 1918: The US achieved its first victory in the Battle of Belleau Wood during World War I.
26. 6th June 1919: Finland declared war on Bolsheviks today.
27. 6th June 1919: Assent to amend the Canadian Currency Act, 1910 was given today.


28. 6th June 1921: King George V of the UK and Queen Mary opened the Southwark Bridge in London for traffic.
29. 6th June 1923: Edger Wallace today became the first British Radio sports reporter. He was reporting on the Derby for the British Broadcasting Company.
30. 6th June 1924: The “Dawes Plan”, an American plan to help Germany pay off its war debts was accepted by the German Reichstag.
31. 6th June 1925: Walter Percy Chrysler founded the Chrysler Corporation today.
32. 6th June 1926: The Egypt Adly Pasha formed his government.
33. 6th June 1932: In the US the first federal tax of one cent per US gallon of gasoline came into effect today.
34. 6th June 1933: The US employment service was created today.
35. 6th June 1933: The first drive-in movie theater opened today in Camden New Jersey.
36. 6th June 1934: The Securities & Exchange Act, which established the Securities & Exchange Commission was signed on this day by President Franklin Roosevelt.
37. 6th June 1936: In Paulsboro New Jersey aviation gasoline was produced commercially for the first time.
38. 6th June 1936: In Berlin Germany, the first helicopter was tested today.

39. 6th June 1938: Father of psychology Sigmund Freud arrived in London today.
40. 6th June 1939: MS St Lewis, the ship which was carrying which was carrying 907 Jewish refugees from Europe was refused entry into America and started sailing back to the continent today.
41. 6th June 1941: The government in the United States today authorized the seizure of foreign ships in US ports.
42. 6th June 1941: “Terror”, the first naval vessel constructed as a mine layer was launched today.
43. 6th June 1941: For the first time batting helmets made of plastic were used by Giants today.
44. 6th June 1942: Adeline Gray today made a para jump using a nylon parachute for the first time.
45. 6th June 1944: In the battle of Midway during World War II the Japanese forces began to retreat. The battle had begun on 4th June.
46. 6th June 1944: Alaska Airlines commenced its operations today.
47. 6th June 1944: The Congressional Medal of Honor was received today by Theodore Roosevelt Jr.

48. 6th June 1944: The D-Day invasion began on the beaches of Normandy. The invasion involved 400,000 Allied troops consisting of American, Canadian, and British troops.
49. 6th June 1944: German U boats U-955, U-970, U-629 and U-373 sank in the Bay of Biscay.
50. 6th June 1944: The firing squad of the Nazi troops executed 96 prisoners today.
51. 6th June 1946: In New York City, the Basketball Association of America was formed today.
52. 6th June 1947: A treaty was drawn up today for the establishment of the International Patent Institute.
53. 6th June 1949: For the first time in Thailand a woman “Orapin Chalyakan” was elected to the Parliament of Thailand.
54. 6th June 1950: The Adhan in Arabic was legalized in Turkey today.
55. 6th June 1951: This day marks the opening of the 1st Berlin International Film Festival.
56. 6th June 1956: Singapore’s first Chief Minister, David Marshall resigned today.
57. 6th June 1958: The French Prime Minister Charles de Gaulle today asserted that Algeria will always remain French.

58. 6th June 1964: The Beetles arrived today in the Netherlands.
59. 6th June 1964: 13 days after Nehru’s death, Lal Bahadur Shastri became the Prime Minister of India today.
60. 6th June 1966: in Mississippi, James Meredith a civil rights activist was wounded by a white sniper today.
61. 6th June 1972: An explosion in the world’s largest coal mine in Wankie in Rhodesia kills 427 people.
62. 6th June 1972: The US today bombed Haiphong in North Vietnam killing thousands of people.
63. 6th June 1974: Sweden today became a parliamentary monarchy by the promulgation of a new Instrument of Government.
64. 6th June 1975: British voters today decided to remain in the common market.
65. 6th June 1975: In South Vietnam, a provisional Revolutionary Government was established today.
66. 6th June 1977: It was reported in the Washington Post today that the US has developed a Neutron Bomb.

67. 6th June 1977: Automatic death penalty laws were rejected by the Supreme Court today.
68. 6th June 1981: In India a passenger train running between Mansi and Saharsa, derailed while crossing a bridge across the river Bagmati. 268 people were killed and another 300 people are missing as per the official report.
69. 6th June 1982: In its attempt to drive PLO guerillas out of Beirut, Israel invaded Southern Lebanon today.
70. 6th June 1983: Three US diplomats were expelled by Nicaragua today.
71. 6th June 1984: In the Golden Temple in Amritsar in India, 1,200 die during “Operation Blue Star”.
72. 6th June 1985: Nazi war criminal Dr. Josef Mengele’s body (who was also known as “Angel of Death”) was exhumed today near Sao Paolo in Brazil.
73. 6th June 1985: The US Senate today authorized military aid of $ 35 million over two years to Contras.
74. 6th June 1988: Three giant turtles were found today in the Bronx sewage plant.
75. 6th June 1993: The first direct Presidential elections were held in Mongolia today.

21st Century – June 6 This Day In History – The 2000s

76. 6th June 2002: A near-Earth asteroid of ten meters in diameter exploded over the Mediterranean Sea between Greece and Libya. The explosion is estimated to have a force of 26 Kiloton, more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki.
77. 6th June 2004: The President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam, in a joint sitting of the two houses of the Parliament established Tamil as a Classical language today.
78. 6th June 2005: The US Supreme Court contended that the state medical marijuana laws did not protect the uses from the federal ban on the drug and ruled that federal authorities can prosecute sick people who smoke marijuana on doctor’s advice.
79. 6th June 2012: The Transit of Venus between the Sun and Earth, the last transit of the 21st century occurred today.
80. 6th June 2015: Serena Williams of the US beat Lucy Safarova, 6-3, 6-7, 6-2 in the 114th women’s French Open championship tournament.
81. 6th June 2017: About 3000 people were displaced when floods hit Salto, Paysandú, and Artigas in Uruguay.

82. 6th June 2017: Syrian Democratic forces launched an offensive with the support of the US and took Raqqa from the Islamic State of Syria.
83. 6th June 2018: President Trump of the United States grants clemency to Alice John serving a jail sentence for a drug-related offense after TV personality and Model Kim Kardashian highlighted the case.
84. 6th June 2018: In Xi’an China, a special pedestrian lane was introduced just for “phubbers”, slow walking smartphone users.
85. 6th June 2018: At least 48 Ethiopian migrants drowned when their boat capsized off the coast of Yemen.

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