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Famous Events For June 19

Famous Events For June 19 – Today In History

June 19: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – June 19  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 19th June 0987: In France, Louis IV was today crowned King of France.
2. 19th June 1179: Earl Erling Skakke was killed in the Norwegian Battle of Kalvskinnet outside Nidaros and the battle changed the tide of the civil war.
3. 19th June 1205: The archbishop of Cologne, Adolf I was today sacked by Pope Innocent III.
4. 19th June 1269: It was today decreed by King Louis IX of France that all Jews must wear a yellow badge in public failing which they will be fined 10 livers of silver.


5. 19th June 1286: Rabbenu Mir of Rothenburg was imprisoned in the fortress of Ensisheim today.
6. 19th June 1586: English colonists set sail from Roanoke Island, North Carolina.
7. 19th June 1588: A Storm at Coruna heavily damaged the Spanish Armada.
8. 19th June 1669: The Polish parliament today selected Litouwer Michael Wisniopwiecki as king.

18th Century – What Happened on June 19 – The 1700s

9. 19th June 1741: Russian mathematician Leonhard Euler, to occupy a position offered to him by Fredrik the Great of Prussia at the Berlin Academy, left for St Petersburg today.
10. 19th June 1770: General Church was established in New Jerusalem today.
11. 19th June 1790: During the French Revolution the National issued a decree abolishing titles, orders, and privileges of French Nobility.


19th Century – June 19 This Day That Year – The 1800s

12. 19th June 1807: In the Battle of Athos, the Ottoman fleet was destroyed by Admiral Dmitry Senyavin today.
13. 19th June 1816: The Battle of Seven Oaks was fought between North West Company and Hudson Bay Company near Winnipeg, Manitoba.
14. 19th June 1825: The Greek Revolutionary Society Philiki Etaireia suffered a decisive defeat at the hands of Ottomans at Drăgăşani, in Wallachia today.
15. 19th June 1829: To establish a unified police force in London, Sir Robert Peel today introduced the “Metropolitan Police Act 1829 in Parliament.
16. 19th June 1835: New Orleans today gave Jackson Square to the US government to be used as a mint.
17. 19th June 1846: The first officially recognized baseball game was played under the Cartwright Rules today in New Jersey. NY Nines defeated Knickerbockers 23-1.
18. 19th June 1861: Anaheim post office was established today.
19. 19th June 1861: West Virginia elected Francis Pierpont as its provisional Governor today.
20. 19th June 1862: In US territories, Slavery was outlawed.


21. 19th June 1865: Union General Granger declared slaves were free in Texas.
22. 19th June 1875: At Presidio in San Francisco, US Marine Hospital was formally opened today.
23. 19th June 1875: This day marks the beginning of the Herzegovinian rebellion against the Ottoman Empire.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day June 19th – The 1900s

24. 19th June 1900: While the Republican Party nominated President William McKinley for re-election, they chose a new candidate, Theodore Roosevelt for vice president.
25. 19th June 1905: The world’s first Nickelodeon was opened today. It showed a silent film called The “Great Train Robbery”. The name Nickelodeon was used as it cost 5 cents (a nickel) to watch the movie.
26. 19th June 1910: Father’s Day was celebrated for the first time today.
27. 19th June 1912: Tennessee University was opened today as Tennessee A& L State College.


28. 19th June 1913: South Africa today passed the Natives Land Act 27. The Act confines Africans to badly overcrowded reserves and deprives them of the right to purchase land outside the native reserve.
29. 19th June 1917: The British Royal Family renounced its German names and titles obtained because of their strong ties with Germany since George I and adopted the name of Windsor.
30. 19th June 1919: In Turkey, Mustafa Kemal, who was opposed to the dismemberment of Turkey by the Allies, declared his Turkish Nationalist Congress, headquartered in Ankara, independent of Constantinople.
31. 19th June 1921: In Palestine, Turks and Christians signed a Friendship Treaty against the Jews.
32. 19th June 1921: The Census was held in Great Britain.
33. 19th June 1922: Paavo Nurmi, of Finland, nicknamed “Flying Finn” ran 5000 meters in a world record time of 14:28.2.
34. 19th June 1923: Mount Etna in Italy erupts with walls of lava one mile wide descending Mount Etna towards the towns of Lingauglossa and Giarre. Since the lava is travelling slowly there is time for evacuation.

35. 19th June 1924: Paavo Nurmi, created the world record in 1,500 meters with a time of 3:52.5.
36. 19th June 1931: The first commercial installation of the photoelectric cell at West Haven, Connecticut.
37. 19th June 1936: Mark Schmeling the German Boxed Knocked out the up-and-coming American Boxer Joe Louis in 12 rounds at the Yankee Stadium in New York.
38. 19th June 1938: A rail bridge, which was in regular use over the Custer Creek River had washed out due to floods. When the train Olympian Special came through it plunged into the raging river waters killing 46 people.
39. 19th June 1940: German 7th Armored Division commanded by Rommel occupied Cherbourg.
40. 19th June 1941: Rumania today ordered the Jewish evacuation of Darabani.
41. 19th June 1941: The 2 Ocean Navy Expansion Act was signed today by President Franklin Roosevelt.
42. 19th June 1943: Race riots broke out in Beaumont, Texas today.
43. 19th June 1944: Japanese troops conquered Changsha in China today.
44. 19th June 1947: The first plane to cross a speed of 600 MPH was an F-80 flown by Albert Boyd in Muroc California.

45. 19th June 1953: Jules and Ethel Rosenberg, who were convicted of spying for the Soviet Union and passing US atomic secrets to them were executed at Sing Sing prison.
46. 19th June 1956: After making 16 films Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin end their partnership.
47. 19th June 1961: Kuwait today declared its independence from the UK.
48. 19th June 1963: Two Russian space missions returned to Earth today.
49. 19th June 1964: The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed by 73-27 votes.
50. 19th June 1967: Musician and Beatle Tom McCartney today admitted on TV that he took LSD.
51. 19th June 1968: In the “Poor Peoples March” organized by Martin Luther King Jr. and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, 50,000 people participated. The campaign culminated in Washington D.C. to demand economic aid to be given to the poorest communities in the United States.
52. 19th June 1970: In the UK, the general elections were won by the Conservative Party led by Edward Heath who became the new Prime Minister of the UK.
53. 19th June 1971: In Columbus, Georgia, the Mayor declared a state of emergency due to racial disturbances.
54. 19th June 1972: The Secretary of State of Northern Ireland conceded “Special Category” status or “Political Status “ to the paramilitary prisoners in Northern Ireland.

55. 19th June 1974: Yemen Arab Republic suspended its constitution today.
56. 19th June 1975: Earl, Lord Lucan, who went missing on the night of the murder of Sandra Rivett, the nanny of three young children, was found guilty by an inquest jury. Lord Lucan was never found and was officially declared dead in Oct 1999.
57. 19th June 1978: England’s cricketer Ian Botham took 8 wickets for 34 runs in a test match against Pakistan. This was his best bowling performance in test cricket.
58. 19th June 1978: The first Garfield comic strip appeared in newspapers. 41 newspapers published the comic strip.
59. 19th June 1979: The constitution of Mali came into effect today.
60. 19th June 1980: There was an attack on the British Embassy in Iraq. The attackers were armed with automatic weapons and grenades. The attack ended when the Iraqi security forces shot and killed three attackers. None of the Embassy staff were injured.
61. 19th June 1981: European Space Agency’s launch vehicle Ariane carried 2 satellites into orbit today.

62. 19th June 1981: India today launched its APPLE satellite. This was the first satellite to be stabilized on three axes.
63. 19th June 1984: The first live appearance of Chief Justice Warren Berger on TV.
64. 19th June 1993: Australian test cricketer David Boon today scored 164 not out in a test match against England and completed his 15th test century.
65. 19th June 1994: Ernesto Samper was today elected President of Colombo.
66. 19th June 1999: Prince Edwards, who is seventh in the line of succession to the British throne, married Sophie Rhys-Jones, a commoner at St Georges Chapple. Following the wedding, they take the titles His Royal Highness the Earl of Wessex and Her Royal Highness the Countess of Wessex.

21st Century – June 19 This Day In History – The 2000s

67. 19th June 2000: The illegal trafficking of immigrants is on the increase through the British Ports following the tightening of the rules. Bodies of 58 Chinese illegal immigrants were found in the back of Dutch Dutch-registered truck at the English port of Dover during a routine search.
68. 19th June 2002: Steve Fossett, in his fifth attempt at flying balloon solo around the world, set off in his 10-story high balloon “Spirit of Freedom” from Northam, Western Australia.

69. 19th June 2003: In the village of Amaokwe Oghughe in Nigeria, a gas pipeline that was vandalized got ignited by the spark of a passing motorcycle and exploded. More than 100 people were killed in the explosion.
70. 19th June 2005: Formula 1 driver Michael Schumacher won the controversial United States Formula 1 Grand Prix today. Only six out of twenty cars completed the race amongst ridicule of F1 safety and tire rules.
71. 19th June 2006: Prime Ministers of several Northern European countries today took part in the ceremonial “Laying of the First Stone” at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Spitsbergen in Norway.
72. 19th June 2009: A billionaire from Texas, Sir Allan Stanford was charged with several accounts fraud and defrauding investors at his bank in Antigua. He was taken into custody by the police for conspiracy and obstructing investigation.
73. 19th June 2010: Sweden today celebrated its first Royal wedding since 1976 when Crown Princess Victoria married her former trainer Daniel Westling, a commoner. About 1200 guests attended an extravagant ceremony.
74. 19th June 2011: Mohamad Abdullahi Mohamad, Prime Minister of Somalia resigned today after the President and the Parliament of the country agreed on a UN sanction plan to kick him out of office. He stated that he was resigning in the interest of the citizens of Somalia.
75. 19th June 2012: In Saudi Arabia, a man was beheaded for witchcraft and sorcery today.
76. 19th June 2012: Popular Pakistani singer Ghazala Javed and her father were shot dead in Peshawar in Pakistan. The family stated that the killers broke into the house and killed her and her father.
77. 19th June 2013: According to the foreign ministry of China, North Korea has stated that North Korea is willing to start talks with the International community. The talks have been on hold since 2008.

78. 19th June 2013: In Zamfara State in Nigeria, armed bandits killed 48 people today.
79. 19th June 2014: In Spain, after the abdication of King Juan Carlos, his son Felipe VI ascended the Spanish throne today.
80. 19th June 2018: Canada’s Senate today voted for the legalization of recreational marijuana use. It was the first major economy to do so.

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