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Famous Events For June 18

Famous Events For June 18 – Today In History

June 18: Today in History – Historical Events

18th Century – What Happened on June 18 – The 1700s

1. 18th June 1779: French fleet occupy St. Vincent today.

19th Century – June 18 This Day That Year – The 1800s

2. 18th June 1812: As the US declared war against Britain the War of 1812 began.
3. 18th June 1815: The British forces under Wellington and Prussian troops under Blucher defeated Napoleon and France in the Battle of Waterloo.
4. 18th June 1928: American aviator Amelia Earhart landed at Burry Port in Wales today becoming the first woman to fly across the Atlantic.


5. 18th June 1837: Spain got a new Constitution.
6. 18th June 1872: Women’s Suffrage Convention was held today at Merchantile Liberty Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
7. 18th June 1873: Susan B. Antony was fined $100 for voting for the President.
8. 18th June 1879: The child’s carriage was today patented by an African-American inventor W. H. Richardson.
9. 18th June 1887: The reinsurance treaty between Germany and Russia was signed today.
10. 18th June 1894: Uganda was today declared a British protectorate by Premier Roseberry.
11. 18th June 1898: The first amusement pier was opened today in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day June 18th – The 1900s

12. 18th June 1900: Premier of Italy General Luigi Pelloux resigned from office today.
13. 18th June 1908: Japanese immigration to Brazil began with the arrival of 781 people in Santos aboard the ship Kasato-Maru
14. 18th June 1909: The National Training School for Women was started by Nannie Burroughs today.


15. 18th June 1912: The Chicago National Republican Convention split into two today. After William Howard Taft was nominated for President, Theodore Roosevelt and progressive elements of the Party formed the Progressive Party which was also known as the Bull Moose Party.
16. 18th June 1930: Groundbreaking ceremonies for the Franklin Institute were held today.
17. 18th June 1934: The US Highway planning surveys nationwide were authorized today.
18. 18th June 1936: America established its first bicycle traffic court at Racine in Wisconsin today.
19. 18th June 1936: President Ignacy Moscicki of Poland was given dictatorial powers by the Polish Parliament today.
20. 18th June 1940: Winston Churchill delivered the speech “This was their finest hour” to the British House of Commons, urging perseverance during the Battle of Britain.
21. 18th June 1940: General Charles de Gaulle speaking over the BBC urged the French to defy Nazi occupiers.
22. 18th June 1940: German occupiers slaughtered cattle, chicken and pigs.
23. 18th June 1941: Turkey today signed a peace treaty with Nazi Germany.
24. 18th June 1942: Bernard W Robinson became the first African American to ensign in the US Navy.


25. 18th June 1942: Eric Nessler of France took off in his glider and stayed afloat for 38 hours and 21 minutes.
26. 18th June 1943: Twelve resistance fighters were sentenced to death by the SS police in Amsterdam, at the census bureau.
27. 18th June 1944: The Farewell concert of William Mengelberg was held in Paris today.
28. 18th June 1944: An English Navy destroyer sank a German submarine U-767 in the English Channel today.
29. 18th June 1945: William Joyce, also known as Lord Haw-Haw was charged with treason today.
30. 18th June 1946: Socialist leader Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia called for a Direct Action Day against the Portuguese in Goa. A road is named after this date (18th June Road) in Panaji.
31. 18th June 1948: The International Declaration of Human Rights was today adopted by the UN Commission on Human Rights.
32. 18th June 1948: The Library Bill of Rights was today adopted by the American Library Association.
33. 18th June 1948: Covert operations were authorized for the first time today by the National Security Council.


34. 18th June 1948: The International Declaration of Human Rights was today adopted by the UN Human Rights Commission today.
35. 18th June 1948: Columbia Records, the oldest record brand in the industry dating back to 1888, today publicly unveiled its 33 1/3 RPM long-playing (LP) phonograph record in New York City.
36. 18th June 1951: The French parliamentary elections were won by Charles de Gaulle.
37. 18th June 1951: This day marks the commencement of the Suppression of Communism Act in South Africa.
38. 18th June 1952: Japan today announced that they recognized the Chinese Nationalist government as opposed to as opposed to the Communist regime. The treaty signed by the two nations stated that there was no more state of war between the nations.
39. 18th June 1953: Egypt proclaimed a Republic with General Neguib as its President.
40. 18th June 1953: 129 Servicemen were killed when a US Air Force C 124 Globemaster crashed near Tokyo.

41. 18th June 1953: The film “The Wages of Fear” won the Golden Bear at the 3rd Berlin International Film Festival.
42. 18th June 1954: The French government of Pierre Mendes is formed today.
43. 18th June 1954: In the 4th Berlin International Film Festival, “Hobsons Choice” won the Golden Bear.
44. 18th June 1957: In Canada, John Diefenbaker assumed office as Prime Minister of Canada.
45. 18th June 1959: The first telecast transmission from England to the US took place today.
46. 18th June 1959: The Governor of Louisiana was today committed to a state mental hospital. He responded by getting the hospital Director sacked and replaced by a crony who certifies him perfectly sane.
47. 18th June 1963: The Boston Public School was boycotted by 3000 blacks.
48. 18th June 1964: Soviet leader Khrushchev after touring Denmark’s agricultural sites stated that the Soviet Union had nothing much to learn from Denmark. He vowed that the Soviet Union’s agricultural problems would be solved within 7 or 8 years, failing which he would leave the Communist Party.

49. 18th June 1965: Following an increased number of accidents owing to drunk driving, the British Government announced that it would introduce a blood alcohol limit to drivers. The limit was 80mg of alcohol in 100 cc of blood. To drive over this limit will be an offense.
50. 18th June 1965: The United States B-52 bombers fly-bomb Viet Cong’s concentration in a heavily forested area in the Binh Duong province north of Saigon. The B-52s released bombs from a height of 30,000 feet and therefore could neither be seen nor heard from the ground. They inflicted heavy damage.
51. 18th June 1968: The Supreme Court today banned racial discrimination in the sale and rental of housing.
52. 18th June 1969: The International Commission of Jurists in a report published on the British government’s policy on Northern Ireland is critical of both the British government and the Northern Ireland government.
53. 18th June 1970: The Conservative Party led by Edward Heath won the Parliamentary elections in the UK defeating the Labor Party.

54. 18th June 1971: In Northern Ireland, Social Democratic and Labor Party and Nationalist Members of Parliament refuse to attend the state opening of Stormont, the Northern Ireland Parliament.
55. 18th June 1972: A Trident aircraft crashed soon after takeoff from Heathrow Airport in London. The crash killed 118 people.
56. 18th June 1973: Soviet General Secretary Leonard Brezhnev paid a visit to US President Richard Nixon today.
57. 18th June 1976: Rioting in South Africa spread throughout the country resulting in the death of 58 people and injury to 788 people. Prime Minister John Vorster while recognizing the riot was caused to create a division between the black and white communities reiterated the importance of maintaining law and order.
58. 18th June 1976: A watercolor by Joseph William Turner was today sold for £340,000.
59. 18th June 1977: Space Shuttle test module “Enterprise”, which was fixed a modified Boeing 747 carries a crew for the first time.

60. 18th June 1979: The Salt II agreement was today signed by President Jimmy Carter of the US and the Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev. The agreement dealt with limitations and guidelines for Nuclear weapons. This never went into effect due to the continued Cold War caused by the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
61. 18th June 1980: The Dutch 2nd Chamber today joined an oil boycott in South Africa.
62. 18th June 1980: Indian mathematical prodigy Mrs. Shakuntala Devi mentally multiplies 213 digit numbers in 28 secs.
63. 18th June 1981: Vaccine to prevent foot and mouth disease was announced today.
64. 18th June 1981: Sandra Day O’Connor, replaced Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, who retired today. She became the first woman to become a Justice of the Supreme Court.
65. 18th June 1982: The Senate today extended the 1965 Voting Rights Act by 85-8 votes.
66. 18th June 1983: The Space Shuttle Challenger was launched into space today on its second mission. Mission specialist Dr. Sally Ride aboard the space shuttle became the first American woman to travel the space.
67. 18th June 1986: The US House of Representatives approved a Bill to impose stricter sanctions on Apartheid South Africa.

68. 18th June 1991: The President of Russia Boris Yeltsin arrived in the United States today.
69. 18th June 1998: One of the companies that snapped up during the dot com boom was Infoseek by the Disney Corporation. They revamped the site and renamed it GO.
70. 18th June 1999: With the increase in high school shootings including Columbia High School in Colorado, a new Gun Control Bill was introduced. The bill was rejected with Republicans feeling that the new controls went too far and the Democrats on the other hand feeling that the new controls did not go far enough.

21st Century – June 18 This Day In History – The 2000s

71. 18th June 2000: Golf legend Tiger Woods today won the 100th US Open at Pebble with an incredible margin of 15 strokes. He scored 12 under for the course.
72. 18th June 2001: Protests staged in Manipur overextension of ceasefire between Naga insurgents and the government of India.
73. 18th June 2007: There was a fire in a South Carolina Sofa Superstore. The fire changed from an ordinary fire to a flashover fire causing the loss of life of firefighters who were trying to rescue employees trapped in the store.

74. 18th June 2007: The UK-based company Tullow today announced that they had discovered large reserves of oil off the shores of Ghana. The oil find estimated to be in the region of 600 million barrels is expected to boost the economy of Ghana, which could wait up to seven years for the production of oil to start.
75. 18th June 2008: In Italy, the city council of Florence called for re-admission into the city of poet Dante Alighieri at a public ceremony, seven hundred years after being in exile. The ceremony honoring his descendants would mark a formal revocation of the exile order made in 1302 for differing political views.
76. 18th June 2009: NASA launched its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter probe to the moon with a primary mission of searching for water ice in the Cabeus crater near the moon’s South Pole.
77. 18th June 2010: Fifty-eight-year-old Reid Stowe returned to land today after claiming to spend the longest time in the sea without touching land. His record-breaking trip which began in April 2007 lasted for 1,152 days.
78. 18th June 2012: United States’ IBM Sequoia supercomputer overtook Fujitsu’s K computer in Japan to become the world’s fastest computer.
79. 18th June 2013: In Hungary, prosecutors charged 98-year-old Laszlo Csatary with Nazi war crimes, accusing him of assisting in the murder of Jews while serving while serving as a Nazi police officer in Kosice. Csatary however has denied the charge stating that he only acted as an intermediary between German and Hungarian forces.
80. 18th June 2016: After 186 days in space Soyuz returned to Earth with Tim Peake, the first British space station astronaut, Russia’s Yuri Malenchenko, and America’s Timothy Kopra.

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