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Famous Events For July 30

Famous Events For July 30 – Today In History

July 30: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – July 30 Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 30th July 1178: Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor was crowned as the King of Burgundy.
2. 30th July 1419: In an act of defenestration, the first of its kind in Prague, the followers of executed reformer Jan Huss, anti-Catholic Hussites, rushed into Prague town hall and threw the Mayor, the judge, and several city councilors out of the window. These people died either out of the fall or were killed by the mob outside.


3. 30th July 1601: The Spanish Garrison of Rhine Birch surrendered to Earl Mauritius.
4. 30th July 1619: The House of Burgesses, an elected representative element of the Virginia General Assembly, the legislative body of the council of Virginia was formed today.
5. 30th July 1653: In Holland, John De Witt was sworn in as its pension advisor.
6. 30th July 1655: Fort Assahudi Seram was occupied by the Dutch troops.
7. 30th July 1678: English troops landed in Flanders today.

18th Century – What Happened on July 30 – The 1700s

8. 30th July 1715: In Florida, a Spanish fleet containing gold and silver disappeared off St Lucia.
9. 30th July 1729: Baltimore City was founded on this day.
10. 30th July 1733: Society of Freemasons opened its first American lodge in Boston today.


11. 30th July 1739: Glass manufacturing commenced in Allowaytown in New Jersey by Casper Wistar.
12. 30th July 1792: France’s National Anthem was sung for the first time by 500 Marseillaisian men.

19th Century – July 30 This Day That Year – The 1800s

13. 30th July 1809: 39,000 troops of the British armed forces land in Walcheren.
14. 30th July 1822: James Varick became the first bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.
15. 30th July 1825: British warship HMS Blonde discovered Malden Island in Central Pacific today.
16. 30th July 1836: In Hawaii, the first English-language newspaper was published today.


17. 30th July 1844: New York Yacht Club, which was the first Yacht club was organized today by John Cox Stevens and 8 of his friends aboard the Gimcrack.
18. 30th July 1863: An “eye-for-eye” order was issued by President Abraham Lincoln today. He ordered to shooting of a rebel prisoner for every black prisoner shot.
19. 30th July 1865: Pope Pious IX pays a visit to Surinam.
20. 30th July 1866: In New Orleans, the Democratic government ordered the police to raid an Integrated Republican Party meeting. 40 people were killed and 150 injured in the raid.
21. 30th July 1869: World’s first “Oil Tanker”, The Charles, with a capacity to carry 7,000 barrels of oil left the US for Europe today.
22. 30th July 1870: Staten Island Ferry “Westfield” caught fire and burnt killing 100 people.
23. 30th July 1870: Transvaal President Andries Pretorius proclaimed the Republic of Klipdrift after diamonds were discovered in South Africa in 1966 resulting in the flood of treasure hunters, and the ownership of diamond fields was contested by Boers Republic.
24. 30th July 1872: Wireless Telegraphy was patented by Mahion Loomis today.
25. 30th July 1878: Anti-Semitism in Germany started during the Reichstag elections.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day July 30th – The 1900

26. 30th July 1900: Several progressive social acts like the Mines Act, the Workman Compensation Act, and the Railway Act were passed by the British Parliament today.
27. 30th July 1902: A funeral procession of Rabbi Joseph was attacked by anti-Jewish riots in New York City.
28. 30th July 1907: In the Philippines, elections were held for its first legislature today. It will be held on 16th Oct.
29. 30th July 1907: After an attack on foreigners in Morocco, the French started bombardment of Casablanca landed troops, and occupied the Atlantic-coastal region of Morocco.
30. 30th July 1908: Automobile races around the world ended in Paris today.

31. 30th July 1909: “L’Oréal” was founded today by French chemist Eugene Schueller, introducing a new range of hair dies.
32. 30th July 1911: French cyclist Gustave Garrigou wins the 9th Tour de France.
33. 30th July 1913: The 2nd Balkan War concluded today.
34. 30th July 1914: French troops withdrew 10 KM from the German border today.
35. 30th July 1916: An ammunition plant on Black Tom Island in New Jersey was blown up by German saboteurs.
36. 30th July 1917: The first meeting of the Board of Commissioners of Cleveland Metro Parks was held today.
37. 30th July 1921: In South Africa, the Communist Party of South Africa (CPSA) was formed today. In 1953 when it was forced underground, the party changed its name to the South African Communist Party (SACP).

38. 30th July 1923: New Zealand laid their claim on Ross Dependency in the Antarctic.
39. 30th July 1928: The founder of Eastman Kodak, George Eastman exhibited an amateur color motion picture in his house in New York. Thomas Edison was one of the guests.
40. 30th July 1932: The X Summer Olympic Games opened today in Los Angeles USA.
41. 30th July 1935: Penguin published its first book, which was the beginning of the Paperback revolution.
42. 30th July 1937: The Russian Politburo issued NKVD order No. 00447, to repress anti-Soviets and former kulak. 269,100 to be arrested and a massive 76,000 to be shot. This was the beginning of the Great Purge.
43. 30th July 1938: General Metaxas appointed himself as the Prime Minister of Greece today.
44. 30th July 1941: In the Netherlands, German occupiers forbid SDAP, VDB, ARP, RKSP, CHU, and SGP.

45. 30th July 1942: US President Franklin D Roosevelt signed a bill today creating WAVES, Women’s Navy Auxiliary Agency.
46. 30th July 1942: In Minsk, Belorussia, 25,000 Jews were killed today by the German SS.
47. 30th July 1945: Japanese submarine I-58, torpedoed and sunk the cruiser Indianapolis after it delivered the Atomic Bomb across the Pacific.
48. 30th July 1946: In White Sands, in New Mexico, a rocket attained an altitude of 100 miles (167 km) for the first time.
49. 30th July 1948: On prime time network TV (DuMont), professional wrestling premiered today.
50. 30th July 1948: Czech athlete Emil Zatopek won the 10,000-meter event at the London Olympics with a record time of 20:59.6 today.
51. 30th July 1949: After a 3 months standoff, with the Chinese Communist Party refusing a safe passage, the British Warship HMS Amethyst escapes down the Yangtze River.

52. 30th July 1954: The 5th British Empire Games and the Commonwealth Games opened today in Vancouver Canada.
53. 30th July 1956: In the US, its motto “In God we trust” was authorized today.
54. 30th July 1960: In baseball, the Boston Patriots defeated the Bills 28-7 in the first ALF preseason game played at Buffalo.
55. 30th July 1963: Kim Philby, the British spy was found in Moscow.
56. 30th July 1964: US Navy launched on Hon Ngu/Hon Mo in North Vietnam.
57. 30th July 1965: President Lyndon B Johnson signed the Medicare Bill. The bill takes effect in 1966.
58. 30th July 1966: In the FIFA World Cup Final played at Wembley Stadium in London, England beat Germany 4-2. England striker Geoff Hurst scored a hat trick.
59. 30th July 1966: Demilitarized zones were bombed by US planes in Vietnam.
60. 30th July 1971: A Japanese Boing 727 collided with an F-86 fighter plane killing 162 people.
61. 30th July 1974: To impeach President Nixon in the Water Gate cover-up, the House Judiciary Committee votes on the third and the last charge of “high crimes and misdemeanors”.

62. 30th July 1975: In Nigeria, Murtala Mohammed overthrew General Gowon to become Nigeria’s Head of State.
63. 30th July 1976: In the Olympics, the Japanese women’s volleyball team beat the Russian team to win the gold medal.
64. 30th July 1981: Laws against racism accepted by the Belgian Senate today.
65. 30th July 1982: The USSR performed an underground nuclear test today.
66. 30th July 1983: For a piston-driven aircraft a speed record of 832 Kph was established in California.
67. 30th July 1984: Eleven days old baby, Holly Roffey received a heart transplant and became the youngest to receive a heart.
68. 30th July 1988: King Hussain of Jordan renounced his sovereignty over the West Bank to PLO.
69. 30th July 1990: When soldiers opened fire on worshippers in a Monrovian church 200-600 people died.
70. 30th July 1997: In Australia, 18 people died in the Thredbo Landslide in New South Wales.

21st Century – July 30 This Day In History – The 2000s

71. 30th July 2002: President George W Bush signed the “Sarbanes Oxley Act” which is the new accounting law.
72. 30th July 2003: The last original-style Volkswagen Beetle rolled off the assembly in Mexico today.
73. 30th July 2008: The movie “Slum Dog Millionaire”, starring Dev Patel, directed by Danny Boyle which was based on the novel “Q & A” written by Vikas Swarup premiered at the Telluride Film Festival. It won Best Picture in 2009.

74. 30th July 2012: In Andhra Pradesh in India, a train fire killed 32 people and injured 27.
75. 30th July 2013: In Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain was today elected as its 12th President.
76. 30th July 2014: The death toll in Gaza has reached 1,346 whereas 56 Israeli soldiers and 3 civilians have been killed.
77. 30th July 2016: An air balloon crashed into power lines near Lockhart in Texas. All 16 occupants were killed.
78. 30th July 2017: To mark 90 years since the founding of the Peoples Liberation Army, Chinese President Xi Jinping headed the 12,000 troop parade at Zhurine training base in Inner Magnolia.
79. 30th July 2017: In response to American sanctions Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that American diplomats in Russia to be cut by 755.
80. 30th July 2018: Australian Archbishop Philip Wilson resigned after being convicted of concealing sexual abuse.

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