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Famous Events For July 28

Famous Events For July 28 – Today In History

July 28: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – July 28 Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 28th July 1148: Crusaders of the Second Crusade abandoned their siege on Damascus.
2. 28th July 1330: The Bulgarian army was defeated by the Serbian forces in the battle of Velbuzd.
3. 28th July 1586: Sir Thomson Harriot on his return to Europe introduced the potato to England.
4. 28th July 1609: Admiral George Somers decides to settle in Bermuda.
5. 28th July 1696: Le Plestia was succeeded by De Croissy as the French minister of Finance.


18th Century – What Happened on July 28 – The 1700s

6. 28th July 1717: Compulsory education was given to children between 5 to 12 years of age by King Fredrick Wilhelm I of Prussia.
7. 28th July 1742: A peace treaty was signed by Prussia and Austria.
8. 28th July 1790: King George III appointed Henry James Pye as Poet Laureate.
9. 28th July 1794: The French Revolutionary figure Maximilian Robespierre along with 22 other leaders of “the terror” were guillotined in Paris. This was cheered by a thunderous crowd.

19th Century – July 28 This Day That Year – The 1800s

10. 28th July 1808: In Turkey, Mustafa IV was succeeded by Mohamad II as Sultan of Turkey.
11. 28th July 1851: The total solar eclipse was captured on a daguerreotype photograph.
12. 28th July 1858: Sir William James Herschel of the Indian Civil Service made use of fingerprints as a means of identification.


13. 28th July 1858: Nadar took the first airborne photo from a balloon today.
14. 28th July 1866: The metric system of measurement became a legal system of measurement in the US today.
15. 28th July 1868: William H Seward, the US Secretary of State announced that the 14th amendment granting citizenship to ex-slaves has been ratified by states.
16. 28th July 1883: At Casamicciola, in Italy, 1200 houses were destroyed and 2000 people were killed by shocks triggered by the volcano Epomeo.
17. 28th July 1886: Lord Salisbury led the British government formed today.
18. 28th July 1893: A petition demanding women’s suffrage was delivered to the New Zealand government today. The petition was organized by Kate Sheppard and was signed by 25,000 women, which works out to one-fifth of the European adult female population.
19. 28th July 1896: The city of Miami was incorporated on this day.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day July 28th – The 1900

20. 28th July 1900: Louis Lassing created the Hamburger today in Connecticut.
21. 28th July 1904: Vyacheslav Plehve, the Interior Minister of Russia, who was the leader of most reactionary elements and was hated for his repressive policies was assassinated today.
22. 28th July 1913: In the 12th Davis Cup match played at Wimbledon, the US beat the British Isles 3-2 today.
23. 28th July 1914: Harry Fox performed the Fox Trot dance at the New Amsterdam Roof Garden in New York City.
24. 28th July 1914: The British Grand Fleet was ordered to Scapa Flow by Winston Churchill, the First Lord of Admiralty.
25. 28th July 1914: Austria-Hungary decided against mediation and declared war against Serbia. This was the first declaration of war in World War I.
26. 28th July 1917: As a protest against lynching rights activist James Weldon Johnson organized a silent parade of 10,000 African Americans who marched on the 5th Avenue in New York City.


27. 28th July 1926: U. S. and Panama enter into a pact to safeguard Panama Canal.
28. 28th July 1928: Opening of the IX Summer Olympic Games in Amsterdam, Netherlands.
29. 28th July 1929: In the 24th Davis Cup match played in Paris today, France defeated USA 3-2.
30. 28th July 1929: Maurice de Waele of Belgium won the 23rd Tour de France.
31. 28th July 1931: Mob Hitman “Mad Dog Coll” allegedly participated in a kidnap attempt which ended up in a shootout resulting in the death of a child. This incident earned him the name Mad Dog Coll.
32. 28th July 1932: US President Edger Hoover deployed federal troops to evict Bonus Army (World War I veterans and their families from their encampment. 4 people died in the process.
33. 28th July 1933: The first singing telegram was delivered today to Rudy Vallee in New York City.
34. 28th July 1933: The USSR was recognized by Spain today.
35. 28th July 1937: In cricket, Eddy Paynter scored 322 runs, playing for Lancashire against Sussex.

36. 28th July 1938: “Mauretania” the 34,000 tons Cunard-White Star liner was launched at Birkenhead.
37. 28th July 1940: Radio Orange started broadcasting from London today.
38. 28th July 1942: In Minsk Belorussia Ghetto,. Nazis liquidated 10,000 Jews.
39. 28th July 1943: Benito Mussolini, the Italian Fascist dictator, resigned today.
40. 28th July 1943: US President Franklin D Roosevelt announced the end of coffee rationing from today in the US.
41. 28th July 1943: Firestorms caused by the RAF bombings over Hamburg in what was called the operation Gomorrah, firestorms were caused in which 42,600 German civilians were killed.
42. 28th July 1944: During World War II, 4 divisions of South France were moved to Normandy by Adolf Hitler.
43. 28th July 1944: The US 8th Army Corps occupied Coutances France.
44. 28th July 1945: The United Nations charter 89-2 was ratified by the US Senate today.
45. 28th July 1945: Physicist Raemer Schreiber arrived on the island of Tinian with Lt Col Peer de Silva with the Plutonium core for the assembly of the Fat Man bomb (Atom bomb) which was used in the bombing of Nagasaki on 9th August.

46. 28th July 1945: Betty Lou Oliver, who was an elevator girl at the Empire State Building fell 75 stories when fog caused a US bomber plane to crash into the building breaking the cables supporting the elevator which she was operating. She survived the fall and this is the world record for the longest survived elevator fall.
47. 28th July 1948: A bullion robbery was foiled today by the Flying Squad of London’s Metropolitan Police in the “Battle of London Airport”.
48. 28th July 1951: Walt Disney’s animated film “Alice in the Wonder Land” was released today.
49. 28th July 1955: In France, the Union of Mundial pro-Interlingua was founded at the first Interlingua Congress in Tours.
50. 28th July 1957: Heavy rain and a mudslide killed 992 people in Isahsaya, in western Kyushu.
51. 28th July 1959: United Kingdom commenced using postal codes today.
52. 28th July 1959: Asian-Americans were elected to Congress in Hawaii’s first US elections.
53. 28th July 1960: Richard Nixon was selected as a Presidential candidate at the Republican National Convention today.

54. 28th July 1965: President Lyndon B Johnson sent 50,000 more Soldiers to Vietnam taking the total strength of soldiers to1,25,000.
55. 28th July 1973: France conducted a nuclear test at Mururoa atoll.
56. 28th July 1974: In Brazil a packed truck collided with a heavy truck at Belem killing 69 people.
57. 28th July 1977: Oil transported through the Trans Alaska Pipeline System for the first time reached Valdez in Alaska today.
58. 28th July 1980: In Peru, Fernando Belaunde Terry became the President as Peru adopts its constitution today.
59. 28th July 1983: USSR performed a nuclear test today at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalatinsk USSR.
60. 28th July 1983: Telstar 3A was launched by NASA today.
61. 28th July 1988: Israeli diplomats arrived in Moscow for their first visit in 21 years.
62. 28th July 1991: In the 29th Tennis Federation Cup match held in Nottingham in England Spain beat USA 2-1.

63. 28th July 1994: Baseball players decided today that they would go on strike on Aug 12th, 1994.
64. 28th July 1995: Finance Minister Sigbjorn Johnsen of Norway said Norway should not lower its crude production in an attempt to boost world oil prices.
65. 28th July 1996: The remains of a prehistoric man, Kennewick Man, were discovered near Kennewick, Washington.
66. 28th July: 1997: Women’s Tennis champion Steffi Graff’s father Peter Graff was imprisoned in Germany for tax evasion.
67. 28th July 1997: Guatemala became a member of the Berne Convention copyright treaty.

21st Century – July 28 This Day In History – The 2000s

68. 28th July 2002: In the flooded Quecreek Mine in Somerset County Pennsylvania 9 coal miners were trapped and were rescued after 77 hours underground.
69. 28th July 2005: A tornado touched down in a residential area in Birmingham England causing damage of up to £4,000,000 damages to property and injuring 39 people.

70. 28th July 2012: China’s Ye Shiwen set a world record in Women’s 400-meter individual medley in a record time of 4:28.43.
71. 28th July 2012: There were ethnic clashes in Ethiopia in which 18 people were killed and 11 injured.
72. 28th July 2013: In Italy, a bus veered off a bridge in Avellino province killing 39 people.
73. 28th July 2014: The United Nations Security Council held an emergency meeting calling for an immediate and indefinite cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.
74. 28th July 2014: There were missile strikes near the main hospital of Gaza and a refugee camp situated nearby on Monday. It left 10 people dead. Israeli Defense Forces however said that they were not responsible.
75. 28th July 2014: US Secretary of State John Kerrey’s ceasefire proposal was criticized by Israel. Israel said that no ceasefire deal would be accepted without the destruction of tunnels leading from Gaza to Israel and the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip.
76. 28th July 2017: The Supreme Court of Pakistan today ruled that corruption accusations against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif were enough to remove him from office.
77. 28th July 2017: President Donald Trump of the United States appointed General John Kelley as his Chief of Staff today.
78. 28th July 2018: The longest total lunar eclipse also called the “blood moon” of the century lasting 1hr 43 mts occurred on this day.

79. 28th July 2019: In the Evian championship for women’s open Golf held at Evian Resort GC, South Korean Ko Jin Young won her second major title finishing 2 strokes ahead of Shanshan Feng, Jennifer Kupcho, and Kim Hyo-Joo.
80. 28th July 2019: 22-year-old Columbian cyclist Egan Bernal became the first Columbian to win the Tour de France title when he won the 106th Tour de France today.

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