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July 30 Famous Birthdays

July 30 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JULY 30 are Leos with the gift of gab. It’s nothing for them to persuade others and for this reason, they’d make an awesome speaker or motivator professionally.

Additionally, they have a sixth sense about people. They’re fun loving, and inspire to do things on the spur of the moment. The famous celebrity born on this day tends to be passionate and incredibly easygoing. Having people around them with the same ideas only increases their chances of accomplishing their goals.


Famous people born on July 30 seek the same qualities in a soul mate as well as a business partner. They demand loyalty and look for building blocks to retain lasting relationships. When it comes to their money, they like having it safe in the bank. Normally, they pay cash for the things they want and avoid long term financing.

As a drawback, they think that their body will take care of itself. They’re the owner and they must do better. They need to get their rest and the proper amount of food and vitamins.


Famous people born on July 30th are a Leo that has great potential to be an inspiration to someone as they certainly are resourceful, dramatic, and vocally clever. They can be an effective team player or the lead of such groups. However, they can be impulsive.


July 30 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

30 July Good Traits:

  • Energetic
  • Motivated
  • Active
  • Intellectual
  • Passionate
  • Imaginative
  • Instinctive
  • Steadfast

30 July Bad Traits:

  • Unreliable
  • Impulsive
  • Irregular
  • Anxious
  • Excessive

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July 30 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abhijith, 1963, Movie Actor
Adriano Galliani, 1944, Sports Executive
Aiden Todd, 1997, YouTube Star
AJ Klein, 1991, Football Player
Al Dubois, 1947, Game Show Host
Albert Schultz, 1963, Director
Alek Keshishian, 1964, Director
Aleksandar Srnec, 1924, Painter
Alex Rochon, 1993, YouTube Star
Alexander Vlahos, 1988, TV Actor
Alton Brown, 1962, Chef
Amanda Russell, 1985, Model
Aml Ameen, 1985, Movie Actor
Andrew Espiritu, 1967, Rapper
Andy Morrison, 1970, Soccer Player
Angela Wang, 1996, Figure Skater

Animaljammer330, 1999, YouTube Star
Anita Hill, 1956, Lawyer
Ann Brashares, 1967, Young Adult Author
Anne Ridler, 1912, Poet
Anthony Galm, 1993, YouTube Star
Antolin Alcaraz, 1982, Soccer Player
April Bowlby, 1980, TV Actress
Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1947, Movie Actor
Austin North, 1996, TV Actor
Ava Lunden, 2002, Family Member
Ayyan, 1993, Model
Basil Zempilas, 1971, Sportscaster
Betye Saar, 1926, Painter
Bill Cartwright, 1957, Basketball Player
Bill Davis, 1929, Politician
Brad Hargreaves, 1971, Drummer

Brother Ali, 1977, Rapper
Bud Selig, 1934, Sports Executive
Buddy Guy, 1936, Guitarist
Byron Chambers, 1976, Gospel Singer
Cady Groves, 1989, Country Singer
Calogero, 1971, Pop Singer
Candice Dixon, 1981, Reality Star
Carel Struycken, 1948, TV Actor
Carl Doyle, 1912, Baseball Player
Carlos Arroyo, 1979, Basketball Player
Casey Stengel, 1890, Baseball Player
Cassandra Kunze, 1993, Instagram Star
Chris Mullin, 1963, Basketball Player
Chris Vaughn, 1976, Songwriter

Christine Taylor, 1971, Movie Actress
Christopher Nolan, 1970, Director
Clint Hurdle, 1957, Baseball Manager
Clive Sinclair, 1940, Entrepreneur
Cristian Oliveras, 1996, YouNow Star
CT Vivian, 1924, Civil Rights Leader
Daley Thompson, 1958, Decathlete
Daniel McLoyd, 1994, R&B Singer
Daniel Moore, 1940, Poet
David Berglas, 1926, Magician
David Carreira, 1991, World Music Singer
David Sanborn, 1945, Saxophonist
Dean Edwards, 1970, Comedian
Delta Burke, 1956, TV Actress
Derek Waters, 1979, TV Actor
Diana Bolocco, 1977, TV Show Host

Diana Vickers, 1991, Pop Singer
Diva Muffin Zappa, 1979, Family Member
Dom Dwyer, 1990, Soccer Player
Duck Baker, 1949, Guitarist
Dwight White, 1949, Football Player
Dylan Larkin, 1996, Hockey Player
Edd Byrnes, 1933, TV Actor
Edwin Sanchez, 1992, Vine Star
Elena Gheorghe, 1985, Pop Singer
Elise Estrada, 1987, Pop Singer
Elizabeth Turner, 1992, Model
Elliot Manyika, 1955, Politician
Elvis Crespo, 1971, World Music Singer
Emily Bronte, 1818, Novelist
Fabiano Caruana, 1992, Chess Player
Fabiola Campomanes, 1972, Soap Opera Actress
Fabricio Werdum, 1977, MMA Fighter
Fatima Jinnah, 1893, Politician
Fatin Shidqia, 1996, Pop Singer
Frances de la Tour, 1944, TV Actress
Frank Stallone, 1950, TV Actor
Franklin Hobbs, 1947, Rower
Gabriele Salvatores, 1950, Director
Gabrielle Christian, 1984, TV Actress
Georg Ganswein, 1956, Religious Leader
Georgia Barnes, 1988, Chef
Gerald Moore, 1899, Pianist
Gery-Nikol, 1998, Pop Singer
Gina Rodriguez, 1984, TV Actress
Giorgio Vasari, 1511, Non-Fiction Author
GloZell Green, 1972, YouTube Star
Grant Johannesen, 1921, Pianist
GrantsInYourPants, 1993, YouTube Star
Hannah Cockroft, 1992, Paralympian
Hassan Syed, 1992, Pop Singer
Henry Bloch, 1922, Entrepreneur
Henry Ford, 1863, Entrepreneur
Henry Moore, 1898, Sculptor
Hilary Swank, 1974, Movie Actress
Hirving Lozano, 1995, Soccer Player
Holly Peers, 1987, Model
Hope Solo, 1981, Soccer Player
Howard Scott Warshaw, 1957, Game Designer
Ian Callum, 1954, Engineer
Ian Watkins, 1977, Rock Singer
Ilan Chester, 1952, World Music Singer
Ilene Kristen, 1952, TV Actress
Irene Ng, 1974, TV Actress
Jacob Lofland, 1996, Movie Actor
Jaime Alas, 1989, Soccer Player
Jaime Pressly, 1977, TV Actress
James Anderson, 1982, Cricket Player
James McCoy, 1930, War Hero
James Murphy, 1967, Guitarist
Jamie Hutcheson, 1997, Pop Singer
Jannina Weigel, 2000, YouTube Star
Jared Stradling, 1981, Vine Star
Jason Robinson, 1974, Rugby Player
Jason Watkins, 1963, TV Actor
Jean Reno, 1948, Movie Actor
Jeanne-Marie Darre, 1905, Pianist
Jerry Jewell, 1976, Voice Actor
Jesco White, 1956, Dancer
Jimmy Wilson, 1986, Football Player
Joe Nuxhall, 1928, Baseball Player
Joe Tasker, 1993, TV Show Host
Joey King, 1999, Movie Actress
John Reardon, 1975, TV Actor
John Sparks, 1973, Self-Help Author
Jordan Jeanna, 2011, Instagram Star
Jordan Rodrigues, 1992, TV Actor
Josh Haynes, 1977, MMA Fighter
Jurgen Klinsmann, 1964, Soccer Player
Justin Rose, 1980, Golfer
Kacie McDonnell, 1990, News Anchor
Kaetsbeauty, 2001, Instagram Star
Kate Bush, 1958, Rock Singer
Katherine Reutter, 1988, Speed Skater
Katie Cecil, 1993, Pop Singer
Ken Olin, 1954, TV Actor
Kieron Brittle, 1997, YouTube Star
King Lil G, 1986, Rapper
Krista Ayne, 1982, Model
Kristin Lauria, 1995, YouTube Star
Lamont Thompson, 1978, Football Player
Lara Jade, 1989, Photographer
Lara Jean Marshall, 1988, TV Actress
Laurence Fishburne, 1961, Movie Actor
Leon Williams, 1983, Football Player
Levine Toilolo, 1991, Football Player
Lincoln Brewster, 1971, Gospel Singer
Lisa Goldstein Kirsch, 1981, TV Actress
Lisa Kudrow, 1963, TV Actress
Lisa Mordente, 1958, Stage Actress
Lisa Wilhoit, 1981, TV Actress
Lloyd Carr, 1945, Football Player
Logan Morris, 1998, YouNow Star
Lori Taylor, 1969, Business Executive
Luca Vezil, 1991, Blogger
Lucas Babin, 1979, Soap Opera Actor
Lucas Ovalle, 1991, Vine Star
Lucy Bacon, 1857, Painter
Luis Jimenez, 1940, Sculptor
Luke Sikma, 1989, Basketball Player
Mariano Andujar, 1983, Soccer Player
Marie Tharp, 1920, Scientist
Mario Martinez, 1989, Soccer Player
Mario Quintana, 1906, Poet
Markus Naslund, 1973, Hockey Player
Marlenis Costa, 1973, Volleyball Player
Martin Starr, 1982, TV Actor
Matt Gilroy, 1984, Hockey Player
Matthew Scott, 1985, Rugby Player
Matthieu Lange, 1997, Instagram Star
Max Magnus Norman, 1973, Sculptor
Melvin Odoom, 1980, TV Show Host
Merritt Robertson, 2004, Reality Star
Mia Isabella, 1985,
Michael Bell, 1938, Voice Actor
Michael Bruno, 1932, Economist
Michael Burks, 1957, Guitarist
Mija, 1992, DJ
Mike McEwen, 1980, Curler
Misty May-Treanor, 1977, Volleyball Player
Mohsen Chavoshi, 1979, Pop Singer
Molly McCook, 1990, TV Actress
Munshi Premchand, 1880, Novelist
Nastasia Scott, 1992, Model
Neal McCoy, 1958, Country Singer
Neil Bonnett, 1946, Race Car Driver
Neil Woods, 1966, Soccer Player
Nelydia Senrose, 1994, TV Actress
Nicky Hayden, 1981, Motorcycle Racer
Nico Tortorella, 1988, TV Actor
Nicole Galladay, 1988, Reality Star
Otis Taylor, 1948, Guitarist
Pamodou Kah, 1980, Soccer Player
Park Se-young, 1988, TV Actress
Patricia Schroeder, 1940, Politician
Patrick Modiano, 1945, Novelist
Patrick S Hunter, 1979, Reality Star
Paul Anka, 1941, Pop Singer
Paul S Morton, 1950, Religious Leader
Peter Bogdanovich, 1939, Director
Peter Styles, 1997, Star
Peter Wylde, 1965, Equestrian
Phil Davis, 1953, Movie Actor
Phil Fearon, 1956, Music Producer
Qazi Motahar Hossain, 1897, Chess Player
Rahman Ahmadi, 1980, Soccer Player
Ralph Taeger, 1936, TV Actor
Rat Scabies, 1955, Drummer
Raven Stein, 1991, Reality Star
Reggie Roby, 1961, Football Player
Regnier De Graaf, 1641, Scientist
Richard Burgi, 1958, TV Actor
Richard Linklater, 1960, Director
Riley McIlwain, 1991, YouTube Star
Rob Emerson, 1981, MMA Fighter
Robert Korzeniowski, 1968, Race Walker
Robert R. McCormick, 1880, Entrepreneur
Roberto Cammarelle, 1980, Boxer
Ron Block, 1964, Guitarist
Rosemary Jane, 1994, Instagram Star
Ryan Hackett, 1982, Race Car Driver
Sammy Oliver, 1996, TV Actress
Samuel Rogers, 1763, Poet
Sandra Diaz-Twine, 1974, Reality Star
Sarah Habel, 1982, TV Actress
Sarah Snyder, 1995, Instagram Star
Sean Moore, 1968, Drummer
Sean Patrick Maloney, 1966, Politician
Seikin, 1987, YouTube Star
Seth Avett, 1980, Folk Singer
Show Luo, 1979, Dancer
Simon Baker, 1969, TV Actor
Skooly, 1994, Rapper
Smedley Butler, 1881, War Hero
Sofie Grabol, 1968, TV Actress
Sonu Nigam, 1973, World Music Singer
Stephen B. Shepard, 1939, Journalist
Stephen May, 1931, Politician
Steven Purugganan, 1997,
Sverre Hassel, 1876, Explorer
Tammy Rivera, 1986, Reality Star
Taylor Glockner, 1991, TV Actor
Ted Sarandos, 1964, Entrepreneur
Terry Crews, 1968, TV Actor
Thorstein Veblen, 1857, Economist
Tom Dwan, 1986,
Tom Green, 1971, Movie Actor
Tyler Cain, 1988, Basketball Player
Ushoshi Sengupta, 1988, Model
Vania Fernandes, 1994, YouTube Star
Victor Alfieri, 1971, TV Actor
Victor Slezak, 1957, Movie Actor
Victor Wong, 1927, Movie Actor
Vivica A. Fox, 1964, Movie Actress
Vyacheslav Ivanov, 1938, Skier
Wanda Hawley, 1895, Movie Actress
Wayne Parnell, 1989, Cricket Player
William Atherton, 1947, Movie Actor
William Gass, 1924, Novelist
Yasmin Siraj, 1996, Figure Skater
Young Lyric, 2000, Rapper
Yvonne Strahovski, 1982, TV Actress
Zolee Griggs, 1997, YouTube Star


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