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Famous Events For July 27

Famous Events For July 27 – Today In History

July 27: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – July 27 Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 27th July 1214: In the first battle of Bouvines fought between King Phillip II of France and the combined forces of Holy Roman Emperor Otto IV and King John of England John lost Normandy and his other possessions in France.
2. 27th July 1230: Emperor Fredrik II and Pope Gregory IX entered into a treaty of San Germano today.


3. 27th July 1280: The founder of the Engakuji temple, Sogen Mugaku arrived in Japan from China.
4. 27th July 1298: Son of Rudolf of Habsburg, Albert (Albrecht) was crowned the King of the Germans.
5. 27th July 1501: Astronomer and mathematician Nicolaus Copernicus was formally installed as canon of Frauenberg Cathedral.
6. 27th July 1549: Jesuit priest Francis Xavier, the first Christian missionary in Japan, reaches Japan but is not permitted to enter any port until 15th August.
7. 27th July 1563: Le Havre was re-captured by the French army today.
8. 27th July 1586: The first tobacco to England from Virginia was brought on this day by Walter Raleigh.
9. 27th July 1641: Prince of Orange Prince Fredrick Henry captured the Castel of Gennep today.
10. 27th July 1643: Oliver Cromwell defeated the Royalists at the Battle of Gainsborough.
11. 27th July 1655: In New Amsterdam Jews petitioned for a Jewish Cemetery.


12. 27th July 1661: The English parliament confirmed the Navigation Act today.
13. 27th July 1963: The Staple Act was accepted by the English parliament today.
14. 27th July 1694: The Bank of England was granted a 12-year charter by the Act of Parliament.

18th Century – What Happened on July 27 – The 1700s

15. 27th July 1713: Peace treaty signed by Russia and Turkey.
16. 27th July 1714: Queen Ann the Queen of England dismissed Premier Robert Haley.
17. 27th July 1789: The Department of Foreign Affairs which is now called as State Department was established by the US Congress today.
18. 27th July 1794: Maximillian Robespierre was today overthrown in a coup in Paris.
19. 27th July 1795: Spain and France signed a peace treaty today.


19th Century – July 27 This Day That Year – The 1800s

20. 27th July 1816: US troops destroyed Fort Apalachicola, a Seminole fort to punish Indians for harboring runaway slaves.
21. 27th July 1830: Revolutions opposing the laws of Charles X broke out in Paris.
22. 27th July 1837: The US Mint opened today in Charlotte, North Carolina.
23. 27th July 1844: Fire which broke out in the mint destroyed the US mint.
24. 27th July 1861: Fort Fillmore was occupied by Confederate forces.
25. 27th July 1861: Union General George McClellan took command of the Potomac Army from McDowell.
26. 27th July 1862: About 40,000 people died as a hurricane hit Canton.
27. 27th July 1862: Streamer “Golden Gate” burnt and sank off the west coast of Mexico.
28. 27th July 1865: Welsh settlers arrived in Chubut in Argentina.


29. 27th July 1866: The 1,686-mile-long Atlantic telegraph cable was successfully laid.
30. 27th July 1880: The process of refining coconut oil was patented by Alexander P Ashbourne today.
31. 27th July 1884: The first commercial electric streetcar line in Cleveland, Ohio was started by the East Cleveland Street Railway Company today on the Bentley-Knight system.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day July 27th – The 1900

32. 27th July 1988: The first American electric tricycle was unveiled by Phillip Pratt today.
33. 27th July 1890: Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh shot himself in Auvers-sur-Oise. He died of bullet injuries two days later.

34. 27th July 1909: Aviator Orville Wright test flies the first US Army airplane. He flies it for 1hr12m40secs.
35. 27th July 1909: British ship SS Waratah which was last seen on its way from Durban to Cape Town went missing with 211 on board. It was not found later.
36. 27th July 1914: Felix Manalo registers “Iglesia ni Cristo” a nontrinitarian Christian religious organization with the Filipino government.
37. 27th July 1919: Race riots broke out in Chicago in which 15 whites and 23 blacks were killed and 500 were injured.
38. 27th July 1920: In aircraft navigation, a radio compass was used for the first time today.
39. 27th July 1921: Physicians Fredrick Banting and Charles Best succeeded in isolating insulin at the University of Toronto.
40. 27th July 1922: In Brussels, the International Geographical Union was formed today.
41. 27th July 1924: In France, the 8th Summer Olympic Games close in Paris.

42. 27th July 1928: General Vereniging Radio Omroep (AVRO), the Dutch public broadcasting system was formed today.
43. 27th July 1931: Thousands of acres of crop in Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota were destroyed by grasshoppers.
44. 27th July 1932: The assassin of French President Doumer, Paul Gorgoulov was sentenced to death today.
45. 27th July 1934: French Socialist/Communist Peoples Party was formed on this day.
46. 27th July 1940: Billboard magazine started publishing the best-seller charts from this day.
47. 27th July 1941: The German army entered Ukraine today.
48. 27th July 1944: British Jet fighter was used for the first time in combat today.
49. 27th July 1945: The US Communist Party was formed today.
50. 27th July 1946: In the 45th women’s French Championships Margret Osborne won against Pauline Betz (1-6, 8-6, 7-5).

51. 27th July 1948: In a cricket test match between England and Australia at Headingly Australia set 404 to win.
52. 27th July 1948: Don Bradman scored his 29 and last test cricket century at Headingly in Australia’s successful chase of 404 runs to victory.
53. 27th July 1950: US President Harry Truman promised to provide aid to Taiwan.
54. 27th July 1952: Emile Zatopek created a world record in marathon with a timing of 2:23:03.2.
55. 27th July 1953: North Korea and the United Nations signed an armistice today to end fighting and divide Korea along the 38th Parallel.
56. 27th July 1953: Priests’ holiday work in the factory was disallowed by the Vatican.
57. 27th July 1955: Austria regains full independence after a four-power occupation since World War II.
58. 27th July 1956: England’s spinner Jim Laker took 9 wickets and 37 runs in the 4th test match in Manchester against Australia in the first innings and went on to claim all the 10 wickets for 53 runs in the 2nd innings.

59. 27th July 1959: Indian batsman Abbas Ali Baig scored 112 runs against England on debut.
60. 27th July 1960: The Republican convention in Chicago nominates Vice-president Richard Nixon as their presidential candidate.
61. 27th July 1962: USSR performed a nuclear test at Novaya Zemlya USSR today.
62. 27th July 1962: Civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr was Jailed in Albany, Georgia.
63. 27th July 1965: US President Lyndon B Jonson signed a bill that mandates cigarette makers to print health warnings about the effects of smoking on all cigarette packages.
64. 27th July 1967: President Lyndon B Jonson set up a commission to study the cause of urban violence.
65. 27th July 1967: The US performed a nuclear test at its Nevada test site today.
66. 27th July 1974: House Judiciary Committee voted for impeachment of Nixon 27-11.
67. 27th July 1976: Tanaka, ex-Prime Minister of Japan was arrested in connection with the Lockheed affair.
68. 27th July 1979: France performed a nuclear test today.
69. 27th July 1980: A Palestinian threw a hand grenade on Jewish school children in Antwerp, killing one.
70. 27th July 1982: Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi visits the US after 11 years.

21st Century – July 27 This Day In History – The 2000s

71. 27th July 2002: During an airshow in Lviv in Ukraine, a Sukhoi Su-27 fighter crashed killing 85 and injuring over 100 people, in what is considered the largest airshow disaster in history.
72. 27th July 2005: NASA grounded Space Shuttle STS-114, pending investigation of the continuous foam shedding problem of the external tank.
73. 27th July 2007: While covering a police chase, two News helicopters from Phoenix, Arizona television stations KNXV and KTVK collided over Steele Indian School Park in central Phoenix. There were no survivors.
74. 27th July 2012: The 30th Olympic Games in London was opened by Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of the United Kingdom.
75. 27th July 2013: In Egypt, during a crackdown against protesters in Cairo, 100 people were killed and 1,500 were injured.
76. 27th July 2014: Fears about the spread of the Ebola epidemic caused Liberia to shut down its borders.
77. 27th July 2014: While President Obama reaffirmed Israel’s “right to defend itself”, he condemned civilian casualties in Gaza.

78. 27th July 2015: US regulators today fined Fiat Chrysler a record fine of $105 million over their number of car recalls.
79. 27th July 2017: Michael Surbaugh, chief of Boy Scouts of America, apologized for the politically motivated remark of President Donald Trump at a rally attended by 30,000 scouts.
80. 27th July 2019: US President Donald Trump called Baltimore a “disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess” and held Congress Rep Elijah Cummins responsibly.

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