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July 27 Famous Birthdays

July 27 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on JULY 27 are exceptional Lions. As a Leo, they are known to be super delicate and carry other people’s burdens. So time alone gets them away from all of the drama.

Besides that, it can put them in a mood not so becoming of them. Mostly everyone they come in contact with wants to be their friend. Their friends and family support them. People tend to put their trust in them as well. They are amazingly beautiful… inside and out so it’s not surprising that they like beautiful things.


Most of the time, these things are costly. Famous July 27 celebrities make the money, so they spend it while they have it. However, there are times when they need to relax. They do so much for others and while at work.

Being dedicated to their loved ones and work however, they don’t like being tied to it or them. They value the ability to come and go as theyplease.


Famous people born on July 27th are givers. This Lion is attractive, open-minded but without a doubt, they are dominant. From time to time, they can be found lounging at their friend’s home. Their home is important to them as they like privacy and alone time.


July 27 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

27 July Good Traits:

  • Unselfish
  • Credible
  • Flexible
  • Accommodating
  • Generous
  • Attractive
  • Charming
  • Elegant
  • Unconditional

27 July Bad Traits:

  • Irritable
  • Snobbish
  • Cold
  • Extravagant
  • Fierce

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July 27 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abdul Quayyum Khan Kundi, 1966, Entrepreneur
Abe Cunningham, 1973, Drummer
Adolfo Celi, 1922, Director
Albert Wein, 1915, Sculptor
Alex Rodriguez, 1975, Baseball Player
Alexandre Dumas Jr., 1824, Playwright
Alix Monster, 1991, Guitarist
Aljin Abella, 1985, TV Actor
Alyvia Alyn Lind, 2007, TV Actress
Ana Kraš, 1984, Model
Andrei Tiberiu Maria, 1983, Pop Singer
Andrew Desjardins, 1986, Hockey Player
Andy White, 1930, Drummer
Anja Zeidler, 1993, Model
Antoine Bethea, 1984, Football Player
Ara Abrahamian, 1975, Wrestler
Arapp Jeylanii, 1995, Instagram Star
Ariel Moore, 1994, Pop Singer
Ashlyn Sanchez, 1996, Movie Actress
Barbara Thompson, 1944, Pianist

Beth Rowe, 2001, Gymnast
Bethany Grieve, 2004, YouTube Star
Betty Thomas, 1948, TV Actress
Bharati Mukherjee , 1940, Novelist
Bill Engvall, 1957, Comedian
Bill Pearson, 1938, Comic Book Author
Blake Kelly, 1989, Rapper
Bobbie Gentry, 1944, Country Singer
Brandon Sapp, 2000, Photographer
Brendon Walsh, 1973, Comedian
Brian Hooks, 1973, Movie Actor
Bryan Fuller, 1969, Screenwriter
Bryan W. Simon, 1956, Director
Carmen Chaplin, 1977, Movie Actress
Carol Gattaz, 1981, Volleyball Player
Carol Leifer, 1956, Screenwriter
Casey Lavere Butler, 1981, YouTube Star

Casey Lee Overby, 1994, Vine Star
Cassandra Clare, 1973, Young Adult Author
Cat Bauer, 1955, Young Adult Author
Cecilia Munoz, 1962, Politician
Charles Orwell Brasch, 1909, Poet
Charlotte Arnold, 1989, TV Actress
Cheyenne Kimball, 1990, Pop Singer
Christopher Dean, 1958, Figure Skater
Clemente Russo, 1982, Boxer
Cliff Curtis, 1968, Movie Actor
Coban Abrego, 1995, YouTube Star
Colton Burton, 1995, Pop Singer
Corey Linsley, 1991, Football Player
Courtney Kupets, 1986, Gymnast
Dan Bern, 1965, Guitarist
Dani Aquino, 1990, Soccer Player

Dani Noe, 1995, YouTube Star
Daniel Gruchy, 1988, YouTube Star
Danny Duncan, 1992, YouTube Star
Dave Dombrowki, 1956, Sports Executive
David Alvarez, 1980, Politician
David Rocco, 1970, TV Show Host
David Storl, 1999, Shot Putter
Dean Hargrove, 1938, Screenwriter
Demarre Carroll, 1986, Basketball Player
Dennis Iapichino, 1990, Soccer Player
Disha Patani, 1995, Movie Actress
Dolph Ziggler, 1980, Wrestler
Don Evans, 1946, Politician
Don Galloway, 1937, TV Actor
Donald Crisp, 1882, Director
Donnie Yen, 1963, Movie Actor
Doralie Medina, 1983, Instagram Star
Durran Ferguson, 1995, YouTube Star

Eason Chan, 1974, Pop Singer
ED Hill, 1962, News Anchor
Ed Orgeron, 1961, Football Coach
Edgar Mejia, 1988, Soccer Player
Edward Onslow Ford, 1852, Sculptor
Edward Simon, 1969, Pianist
El Dasa, 1992, World Music Singer
Elizabeth Hardwick, 1916, Novelist
Enrique Granados, 1867, Pianist
Eric Martsolf, 1971, Soap Opera Actor
Erno Dohnanyi, 1877, Composer
Eugenia Cooney, 1994, YouTube Star
Faryal Makhdoom, 1991, Family Member
Fernando Ricksen, 1976, Soccer Player
Fidel Sierra, 1960, Wrestler
FiveDollStars, 2001, YouTube Star
Fred Mascherino, 1975, Guitarist
Gabrielle Glaister, 1960, TV Actress
Gabrielle Glaister, 1960, TV Actress
Gary Gygax, 1938, Game Designer
Gary Kurtz, 1940, Film Producer
Geoffrey De Havilland, 1882, Pilot
Geoffrey De Havilland, 1882, Pilot
George Lyon, 1858, Golfer
George Shelley, 1993, Pop Singer
Gerard Cote, 1913, Runner
Gerardo Gabriel, 1990, Model
Giosue Carducci, 1835, Poet
Glory Johnson, 1990, Basketball Player
Goran Pandev, 1983, Soccer Player
Gorden Tallis, 1973, Rugby Player
Gregory Vlastos, 1907, Philosopher
Guillermo Billinghurst, 1851, Politician
Gustavo C. Garcia, 1915, Civil Rights Leader
Hannah Brown, 1989, YouTube Star
Hannu-pekka Hanninen, 1952, Sportscaster
Happy-Tom, 1969, Bassist
Harvey Fuqua, 1929, R&B Singer
Hayden Black, 1976, Comedian
Hesba Stretton, 1832, Children’s Author
Hilaire Belloc, 1870, Poet
Humayun Saeed, 1971, TV Actor
Igor Stepanov, 1993, Instagram Star
Indiana Evans, 1990, TV Actress
Irv Cross, 1939, Football Player
Isabel Meacham, 2001, YouTube Star
Ivan Doig, 1939, Novelist
Jack Higgins, 1929, Novelist
Jacoby Ford, 1987, Football Player
Jamie Foster, 1990, Rugby Player
Jason Zimbler, 1977, TV Actor
Jaymee Joaquin, 1979, Game Show Host
Jean Baudrillard, 1929, Philosopher
Jerry Van Dyke, 1931, TV Actor
Jesse Ruben, 1986, Pop Singer
Jessi Combs, 1983, TV Show Host
Jessica Arantes, 1993, Family Member
Jessica Eye, 1986, MMA Fighter
Jill Arrington, 1972, Sportscaster
Joe McNally, 1952, Photographer
Johal, 1995, YouTube Star
Johan Goosen, 1992, Rugby Player
Johann Bernoulli, 1667, Mathematician
John Hardie, 1988, Rugby Player
John Pleshette, 1942, TV Actor
John Putch, 1961, TV Actor
John Seigenthaler, 1927, Journalist
Jonas Kubilius, 1921, Scientist
Jonathan Rhys Meyers, 1977, TV Actor
Jonathan Rhys Meyers, 1977, TV Actor
Jonty Rhodes, 1969, Cricket Player
Jordan Hill, 1987, Basketball Player
Jordan Spieth, 1993, Golfer
Jorge Arce, 1979, Boxer
Jorge Salinas, 1968, Soap Opera Actor
Jose Luis Chilavert, 1965, Soccer Player
Joseph Kittinger, 1928, Pilot
Joseph Mitchell, 1908, Novelist
Joslyn Fox, 1986, Reality Star
Juan Ortiz, 1987, YouTube Star
Julia Haworth, 1979, Soap Opera Actress
Julian McMahon, 1968, TV Actor
Juliana Hatfield, 1967, Rock Singer
Kali Rodriguez, 2000, TV Actress
Karl Mueller, 1963, Rock Singer
Karrin Allyson, 1963, Jazz Singer
Kate Kendall, 1973, TV Actress
Kate Ziegler, 1988, Swimmer
Kebo Gotti, 1985, Rapper
Keenan Wynn, 1916, Movie Actor
Kenny Wormald, 1984, Dancer
Khieu Samphan, 1931, Politician
Kim Gravel, 1971, TV Show Host
Kriti Sanon, 1990, Movie Actress
Ks Chithra, 1963, World Music Singer
Lawson Bates, 1992, Gospel Singer
Leo Durocher, 1905, Baseball Manager
Li Xiaopeng, 1981, Gymnast
Linda Richards, 1841, Doctor
Loden Sherab Dagyab, 1940, Religious Leader
Logan Thayer, 1990, Guitarist
Lolo Fontina, 1972, Guitarist
Lorik Cana, 1983, Soccer Player
Lou Taylor Pucci, 1985, Movie Actor
Ludvig Nobel, 1831, Entrepreneur
Lupita Tovar, 1910, Movie Actress
Maddy Heil, 1998, Cheerleader
Marek Hamsik, 1987, Soccer Player
Margaret Ekpo, 1914, Civil Rights Leader
Maria Grazia Cucinotta, 1968, Movie Actress
Mariela Castro, 1962, Activist
Maris Liepa, 1936, Dancer
Mark Upson, 1997, YouTube Star
Martha Madison, 1977, Soap Opera Actress
Matt DiBenedetto, 1991, Race Car Driver
Matt Osborne, 1957, Wrestler
Maureen McGovern, 1949, Stage Actress
Maury Chaykin, 1949, TV Actor
Max Scherzer, 1984, Baseball Player
Maya Ali, 1989, TV Actress
Maya Rudolph, 1972, TV Actress
Michael Longley, 1939, Poet
Mirjana Puhar, 1995, Model
Monroe Robertson, 1984, Movie Actor
Mwadi Mabika, 1976, Basketball Player
Myles Erlick, 1998, Stage Actor
Naasir Void, 1998, Instagram Star
Nathan Stephenson, 1986, TV Actor
Nick Bunyun, 1988, YouTube Star
Nick Hogan, 1990, Reality Star
Nick Reynolds, 1933, Guitarist
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, 1970, TV Actor
Norman Lear, 1922, TV Producer
NukemDukem, 1988, Twitch Star
Nuon Chea, 1926, Politician
OkMalumKoolKat, 1983, Rapper
Oliver Lanning, 2013, Family Member
Pablo Azar, 1982, TV Actor
Paul Williams, 1981, Boxer
Pavel Miksik, 1943, Architect
Peggy Fleming, 1948, Figure Skater
Pete Reed, 1981, Rower
Pete Yorn, 1974, Rock Singer
Phil Sullivan, 1989, Model
Philippe Alliot, 1954, Race Car Driver
Pina Bausch, 1940, Dancer
PlagueOfGripes, 1982, YouTube Star
R Mark Isaac, 1954, Economist
Rade Šerbedžija, 1946, Movie Actor
Rahul Bose, 1967, Movie Actor
Rashed Al-Majed, 1969, World Music Singer
Ray Boone, 1923, Baseball Player
Rebecca Staab, 1961, Soap Opera Actress
Rex Brown, 1964, Bassist
Rich Dauer, 1952, Baseball Player
Rinke Khanna, 1977, Movie Actress
Robert Duncan, 1952, TV Actor
Roxanne Hart, 1952, TV Actress
Ryan Flaherty, 1986, Baseball Player
Ryan Griffen, 1986, Australian Rules Footballer
Sage Kotsenburg, 1993, Snowboarder
Samantha Schuerman, 1985, YouTube Star
Samuel Matete, 1968, Hurdler
Samuel Whittemore, 1696, War Hero
Sasa Kovačević, 1985, Pop Singer
Sasha Mitchell, 1967, TV Actor
Sassa Dagdag, 2001, Pop Singer
Savana Spring, 1998, Vine Star
Seamus Dever, 1976, TV Actor
Shane Bowers, 1971, Baseball Player
Shannon Moore, 1979, Wrestler
Solrflare, 1999, YouTube Star
Stacy Dean Campbell, 1967, Country Singer
Susan Gordon, 1949, TV Actress
Susan Silo, 1942, Voice Actor
Takako Fuji, 1972, Movie Actress
Takashi Shimizu, 1972, Director
Tamla Kari, 1988, TV Actress
Taylor Schilling, 1984, TV Actress
Thomas Campbell, 1777, Poet
Tiffany Tynes, 1981, TV Actress
Tiffney Cambridge, 1975, Children’s Author
TJ Graham, 1989, Football Player
Tom Bradshaw, 1992, Soccer Player
Tom Goodwin, 1968, Baseball Player
Tom Kerridge, 1973, Chef
Tory Lanez, 1992, Rapper
Triple H, 1969, Wrestler
Troy Glass, 2000, YouTube Star
UberQuinGames, 2001, YouTube Star
Uddhav Thackeray, 1960, Politician
unCAGEDgamez, 1995, YouTube Star
UniqueRiggers, 1997, YouTube Star
Vera Karalli, 1889, Movie Actress
Victoria Aveyard, 1990, Young Adult Author
Wataru Inoue, 1973, Wrestler
Willy Martin, 1987, TV Actor
Winnie Harlow, 1994, Model
Wole Parks, 1982, TV Actor
Wycliff Palu, 1982, Rugby Player
Yoss Hoffman, 1990, YouTube Star
Zane Williams, 1977, Country Singer


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