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Famous Events For July 29

Famous Events For July 29 – Today In History

July 29: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – July 29 Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 29th July 1221: At the age of 10, Go-Horikawa ascended the Chrysanthemum Throne of Japan to become Emperor.
2. 29th July 1279: In Japan, the five emissaries sent by Kublai Khan from the Mongol Yuan dynasty were beheaded.
3. 29th July 1560: Djerba on Spanjaarden was recaptured by the Turkish Fleet today.


4. 29th July 1563: King Phillip II was guided by the League of High Nobles.
5. 29th July 1564: At Sterling, James VI was crowned as the King of Scotts today.
6. 29th July 1579: Plotters Antonio Perez and Princess van Eboli were arrested by Spanish King Phillip II.
7. 29th July 1588: Duke Farnese’s troops are in a state of readiness to invade England.
8. 29th July 1588: At the Battle of Gravelines, the Spanish Armada was defeated by the British today.
9. 29th July 1609: French Explorer Samuel de Champlain shot and killed a couple of Iroquois chiefs in New York. This action set the stage for the French-Iroquois conflict for the next 150 years.
10. 29th July 1655: The biggest town hall in the world was opened in Amsterdam today.


18th Century – What Happened on July 29 – The 1700s

11. 29th July 1754: The first international boxing match was held today. In the match which lasted for 25 minutes British boxer Jack Slack knocked out Jean Petit of France to win the match.
12. 29th July 1773: The first schoolhouse on the west side of Allegheny Mountains was completed in Schoenbrunn, Ohio.
13. 29th July 1783: In Island about 7000 people were killed when the volcano Skapter erupted.
14. 29th July 1786: “Pitts Gazette” was the first newspaper published west of Alleghenies.
15. 29th July 1794: In Philadelphia African Episcopal Church of St Thomas was dedicated today.


19th Century – July 29 This Day That Year – The 1800s

16. 29th July 1835: The first ever sugar plantation was started in Hawaii today.
17. 29th July 1836: In Paris, the Arc de Triomphe was inaugurated today.
18. 29th July 1847: The Cumberland School of Law was founded today in Lebanon, Tennessee, USA.
19. 29th July 1848: The police today put down an unsuccessful Tipperary Revolt against British rule today.
20. 29th July 1850: Asteroid 15 Eunomia was discovered today by Annibale de Gasparis.
21. 29th July 1858: “Harris Treaty”, Treaty of Amity was today signed between US and Japan which opened up Japanese ports to trade.
22. 29th July 1874: A portable tennis court was patented by Major Walter Compton Wingfield today.
23. 29th July 1884: Albert Dubious-Pillet, Odilon Redon, Georges Seurat, and Paul Signac founded the Society of Independent Artists in Paris today.


24. 29th July 1899: The first motorcycle race was held at Manhattan Beach, New York today.
25. 29th July 1899: The South Carolina Golf Association was formed on this day.
26. 29th July 1899: The Hague Convention was signed today.

20th Century – Important Events On This Day July 29th – The 1900

27. 29th July 1900: An Italian-born anarchist Gaetano Bresci assassinated King Umberto I of Italy, in Italy, today.
28. 29th July 1902: The Union of Orthodox Rabbis of the US and Canada was formed on this day.
29. 29th July 1905: US Secretary of War William Howard Taft made a secret agreement with Katsura, Prime Minister of Japan, agreeing to a Japanese free reign in Korea in return for non-interference with the US in the Philippines.

30. 29th July 1906: French cyclist Rene Pottier won the 4th Tour de France today.
31. 29th July 1907: The first piloted helicopter invented by Paul Cornu test flown. However, the design was not successful.
32. 29th July 1907: The Boy Scout movement was started in England by Sir Robert Baden Powel.
33. 29th July 1910: Dutch aviator JWEL Hilgers became the first Dutchman to fly above Dutch territory.
34. 29th July 1913: Independence of the Principality of Albania was recognized by the Conference of London today.
35. 29th July 1914: The first transcontinental phone link was established between New York and San Francisco.
36. 29th July 1914: Belgrade was today bombed by Austrian-Hungry.
37. 29th July 1920: The first transcontinental airmail from New York to San Francisco became operational today.

38. 29th July 1921: Adolf Hitler became a leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party today.
39. 29th July 1923: Renowned Physicist Albert Einstein spoke on Pacifism in Berlin today.
40. 29th July 1927: Bellevue Hospital in New York installs the first iron lung today.
41. 29th July 1930: The first passenger-carrying flight from the US to Canada “Airship R 100” completed a successful flight.
42. 29th July 1937: Peking and Tientsin were occupied by the Japanese troops today.
43. 29th July 1942: Renaming of the Eastern Bulverde in the Bronx as Bruckner Boulevard.
44. 29th July 1944: Allied Air Force bombarded Germany for 6 hours.
45. 29th July 1947: A gas leak caused an explosion in a beauty parlor in Harrisonburg, Virginia, killing 10 women.
46. 29th July 1948: The 14 modern Olympic Games were declared open by King George VI in London today.
47. 29th July 1949: Moscow today ended the block on West Berlin today.

48. 29th July 1952: The first transpacific non-stop flight by a jet aircraft took place today.
49. 29th July 1953: Soviet Air Defense Forcers shot down a US Bomber in the Sea of Japan, north of Vladivostok.
50. 29th July 1954: The first volume of “Lord of the Rings”, the “Fellowship of the Ring” by J.R.R. Tolkien was published by George Allen and Unwin in London.
51. 29th July 1955: The USSR performed its nuclear test today.
52. 29th July 1957: Heavyweight boxer Floyd Patterson Knocks Out Tommy Jackson in 10 to win the heavyweight boxing title.
53. 29th July 1957: The United Nations formed the International Atomic Energy Agency.
54. 29th July 1958: The National Aeronautics and Space Act was today signed into law by President Eisenhower of the US.
55. 29th July 1959: Hawaii as a state of the Union conducts the first United States Congress Elections.

56. 29th July 1961: Wallis and Futuna Islands in the South Pacific became French overseas territory.
57. 29th July 1965: Gemini 5 returned to Earth after completing a flight of 12 days 7 hrs 11 mts and 53 seconds.
58. 29th July 1965: USSR performed a nuclear test at its test site at East Kazak/ Semipalatinsk USSR.
59. 29th July 1966: In an attempted counter-coup in Nigeria, the head of state General Aguiyi Ironsi was murdered and Yakubu Gowon was appointed as his successor.
60. 29th July 1967: A fire broke out aboard the carrier USS Forrestal in the Gulf of Tonkin which killed 134 people.
61. 29th July 1968: In Costa Rica, Mount Arenal erupted causing the death of at least 80 people.
62. 29th July 1968: Pope Paul VI declared prohibited any artificial form of Birth Control in an encyclical titled “Humanae Vitae” (Of Human Life).
63. 29th July 1972: France performed a nuclear test at its test site at Mururoa atoll.
64. 29th July 1973: In Greece plebiscite chose republic over monarchy.

65. 29th July 1974: Female priest ordained by Episcopal Church today.
66. 29th July 1975: President Ford visited the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz. He became the first US President to visit a Nazi concentration camp.
67. 29th July 1976: The USSR performed an underground nuclear test today.
68. 29th July 1978: Penny Dean swam the English Channel in a record time of 7 hrs 40mts.
69. 29th July 1981: Former Iranian President Bani Sadr Flew to Paris today.

21st Century – July 28 This Day In History – The 2000s

70. 29th July 2005: The discovery of dwarf planet Eris was announced by the Astronomers today.
71. 29th July 2012: In North Korea, Tropical Strom Khanun killed 88 people and left 60,000 people homeless.
72. 29th July 2013: A wave of car bombings in Iraq killed 44 people.
73. 29th July 2013: Diamonds worth € 103 million were stolen from the Carton Intercontinental Hotel in Cannas, France.
74. 29th July 2014: France contributed € 8 million as aid to Gaza.
75. 29th July 2014: An Israeli overnight strike killed at least 100 people in Gaza.

76. 29th July 2015: Mullah Mohamad Omar, Taliban leader was confirmed killed by the Afghan government.
77. 29th July 2016: At a Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination for US President.
78. 29th July 2018: In Bangladesh, students commenced demonstrations in Dhaka calling for safer roads.
79. 29th July 2018: In Cambodia’s general elections Hun Sen’s Cambodian Peoples Party Hun Sen claimed to have won all the 125 seats amid widespread criticism of a sham vote.
80. 29th July 2018: An earthquake of magnitude 6.4 struck the island of Lombok in Indonesia killing at least 14 people.

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