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Famous Events For January 15

Famous Events For January 15 – Today In History

January 15: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – January 15  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 15th Jan 1346: Bavarian Emperor Louis IV gives his wife Margareta Holland/Zealand.
2. 15th Jan 1535: King of England Henry VIII declares himself as the head of the Church of England.
3. 15th Jan 1552: On this day France signed a secret treaty with German Protestants.
4. 15th Jan 1559: Elizabeth I was crowned as Queen of England in Westminster Abbey.


5. 15th Jan 1562: This day marked the beginning of the third sitting of the Council of Trente.
6. 15th Jan 1582: Russia handed over its control of Livonia and Estonia to Poland and lost access to the Baltic.
7. 15th Jan 1586: Spanish troops under Tassis beat the state army in the battle of Boxum.

18th Century – What Happened on January 15 – The 1700s

8. 15th Jan 1759: On this day the British Museum opened in Montague House in London.
9. 15th Jan 1777: On this day the people of New Connecticut declared independence from England.
10. 15th Jan 1780: The Court of Appeals was established by the American Continental Congress.
11. 15th Jan 1782: The establishment of decimal coinage at the mint was recommended by the then Superintendent of Finance Robert Morris to the US Congress.
12. 15th Jan 1797: John Etherington of London wore the top hat for the first time on this day.


19th Century – January 15 This Day That Year – The 1800s

13. 15th Jan 1815: In the War of 1812 the American frigate USS President was captured by four British frigates.
14. 15th Jan 1831: Marks the first run of a passenger train hauled by the US-built locomotive.
15. 15th Jan 1831: On this day Mr. and Mrs. Pierson went on a honeymoon by train. It was the first US railroad honeymoon trip.
16. 15th Jan 1844: the University of Notre Dame receives its charter in Indiana.
17. 15th Jan 1847: In New York City the first Swedish magazine in the US, Scandinavia was published.
18. 15th Jan 1851: On this day Mexican President Herrera was replaced by Gen Arista.
19. 15th Jan 1861: Elisha Otis patents the Steam elevator.
20. 15th Jan 1863: Boston Morning Journal was the first U.S. newspaper printed on wood pulp paper.
21. 15th Jan 1882: Marks the establishment of the first U.S. ski club.
22. 15th Jan 1886: On this the first issue of the Weekly Herald which was the first newspaper in Vancouver was published.
23. 15th Jan 1892: Basketball rules were published in Triangle Magazine.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day January 15th – The 1900s

24. 15th Jan 1902: Abdulaziz Ibn Saud marks the beginning of the third Saudi State, leading 40 men over the walls of Riyadh and taking the city.
25. 15th Jan 1907: Dr. Lee De Forest patented the 3-element Vacuum tube.
26. 15th Jan 1907: William Taggart, its inventor, describes gold dental inlays.
27. 15th Jan 1908: African American college women establish Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority, the first Greek-letter organization.
28. 15th Jan 1909: It was for the first time the automobile hearse was used in a funeral procession. Before this only horse-drawn hearse was being used.
29. 15th Jan 1910: Construction of the Buffalo Bill Dan in Wyoming comes to an end on this day.
30. 15th Jan 1915: Japan claims economic control of China.
31. 15th Jan 1919: Ignace Paderewski, a statesman and Pianist became the first Prime Minister of Poland.
32. 15th Jan 1919: Two million gallons of molasses flooded Boston, and twenty-one people drowned.


33. 15th Jan 1919: Freikorps the German volunteer units that fought mercenaries tortured and murdered Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, two of the most prominent socialists in Germany.
34. 15th Jan 1920: On this day the Canadian newspaper reported that 325 new cases of smallpox had occurred in the previous week ending 10th Jan. These were reported in the province of Ontario.
35. 15th Jan 1922: After Eamon de Valera resigned in opposition to the Anglo-Irish Treaty, Arthur Griffith was elected president of the Irish Free State.
36. 15th Jan 1927: John T. Scope’s guilty verdict for teaching evolution was overturned on technical grounds by the Tennessee Supreme Court. The law itself remains in force.
37. 15th Jan 1934: A massive earthquake measuring 8.4 strikes India/Nepal. It leaves 10,700 dead.
38. 15th Jan 1934: Bank robber Dillinger was shot several times by Officer William O’Malley while robbing the First National Bank in East Chicago, Indianapolis. He survived because he was wearing a bulletproof vest.

39. 15th Jan 1935: Dutch Ice crème salesmen, three hundred in number protest against Italian competition.
40. 15th Jan 1936: The first all-glass structure in the U.S. which was windowless was completed in Toledo, Ohio.
41. 15th Jan 1936: on this day Ford Company incorporates a non-profit organization “Ford Foundation”.
42. 15th Jan 1937: The Second Battle of the Corunna Road ends after both forces withdraw from the Spanish Civil War.
43. 15th Jan 1939: On this day service of Municipal Railway and Market St. Rail Road to Transbay Terminal began.
44. 15th Jan 1940: The Dutch trade ship Arendskerk was torpedoed by German U-Boats.
45. 15th Jan 1942: Plans to install lights at Wrigley were dropped by Cubs given World War II.
46. 15th Jan 1943: Marks the completion of the Pentagon, the world’s largest office building.
47. 15th Jan 1943: The first transport of Jews to concentration camp Vugh from Amsterdam.

48. 15th Jan 1943: Russians begin counter-offensive at Voronezh in the Second World War.
49. 15th Jan 1944: Marks the arrival of Gen Eisenhower in England.
50. 15th Jan 1944: The decision to divide Germany was taken by the European Advisory Commission.
51. 15th Jan 1944: Ten women died in Vught Concentration Camp as 74 women were put in one cell.
52. 15th Jan 1945: The Crakow-Plaszow concentration camp was freed by the Red Army.
53. 15th Jan 1945: Three kg of sugar beets given to every Amsterdammer.
54. 15th Jan 1949: Ten-tsin was conquered by Mao’s Red Army.
55. 15th Jan 1950: National Emergency Civil Rights Conference was held in Washington DC. 4000 people attended.
56. 15th Jan 1951: Ilse Koch ( Which of Buchenwald) was tried on this day for crimes against humanity at Nuremberg and sentenced to life imprisonment. It is reported that she committed suicide by hanging with a bed sheet in 1967.
57. 15th Jan 1951: The Supreme Court ruled that clear and present danger” of incitement to riot is not protected speech and can be a cause for arrest.

58. 15th Jan 1953: A brake failure causes a sixteen-car Federal Express train to crash in Washington DC station.
59. 15th Jan 1953: Georg Dertingen Minister of Foreign Affairs of the German Democratic Republic was arrested for “espionage”
60. 15th Jan 1953: Senior officials of East Germany were accused of spying for “imperialistic powers” and plotting against the state, and were discharged.
61. 15th Jan 1955: U.S.S.R ends state of war with the Federal Republic of Germany.
62. 15th Jan 1962: On this day the Dutch Navy and the Indonesian Navy had an encounter in Etna Bay in New Guinea.
63. 15th Jan 1962: In the 50th Australian Open tennis championship Rod Laver beat Roy Emerson 8-6, 0-6,6-4,6-4.
64. 15th Jan 1965: An underground nuclear test by the Soviet Union created the atomic lake Chagan in Kazakhstan.
65. 15th Jan 1969: Soviet Union launches its spacecraft Soyuz 5.
66. 15th Jan 1969: Terence O’Neill, Prime Minister of Northern Ireland announced that the troubles in Northern Ireland would be analyzed by an official Inquiry.
67. 15th Jan 1970: Milwaukee Brewers make their first trade with Oakland A’s.
68. 15th Jan 1970: After three years of fighting the Biafra government surrenders to Nigeria. Originally Biafra had gained independence from Nigeria and formed a Republic.

69. 15th Jan 1970: Muammar al-Qaddafi became the Prime Minister of Libya on this day.
70. 15th Jan 1973: Four Watergate burglars plead guilty on this day in the Federal Court.
71. 15th Jan 1973: On this day Pope Paul VI holds an audience with Golda Meir at the Vatican.
72. 15th Jan 1973: Following the progress in the Paris Peace negotiations the National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho of North Vietnam President Nixon halted bombing on North Vietnam.
73. 15th Jan 1974: On this day the Senator of Idoho, Frank Church requested the declassification of sensitive documents written in 1950 under the belief that the government had made secret decisions that would affect the nation’s energy policy for 20 years.
74. 15th Jan 1975: On this day Portugal signed an accord for Angola’s independence.
75. 15th Jan 1976: Sara Jane Moore was sentenced to life on this day for attempting to shoot President Ford.
76. 15th Jan 1982: Mark Thatcher the son of UK Prime Minister Margret Thatcher, who was missing in the Sahara desert for six days makes his way home on this day.
77. 15th Jan 1984: On this day the 54-match winning streak of tennis ace Martina Navratilova came to an end. Hana Maddlikova ends Martina’s match-winning streak.
78. 15th Jan 1984: Schonburn creates world record in skating. He skates 5 KM in 7:39.44.
79. 15th Jan 1984: Tony Benn, the leftwing Labor rebel is making a comeback attempt in British Politics. He had lost his seat in the last general elections. He was elected by the local labor party at Chesterfield to fight in the coming by-election.
80. 15th Jan 1985: John Ashbery and Fred Chapell were awarded the Bollingen Prize for Poetry.
81. 15th Jan 1985: Brazil gets its first elected president in 21 years when it elected Tancredo Neves on this day.
82. 15th Jan 1987: On this day a police officer was cleared of all criminal charges. He had shot and paralyzed an innocent woman by mistake.
83. 15th Jan 1988: Indian wicketkeeper Kiran More stumps five West Indian batsmen in a test match played in Madras. This is a world Test record.
84. 15th Jan 1988: Indian Narendra Hirwani 16 wickets conceding 136 runs in a test match against West Indies on debut. He took 8 for 61 in the first innings and 8 for 75 in the second innings.

85. 15th Jan 1990: A computer glitch causes long-distance problems for AT&T
86. 15th Jan 1991: This day was the deadline set by the UN for Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait. The deadline was not met.
87. 15th Jan 1991: The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II signs letters patent that allows Australia to institute its own Victoria Cross.
88. 15th Jan 1992: Intimate photos of Sarah Ferguson with a US man were found by a cleaning woman.
89. 15th Jan 1992: On this day Macedonia was recognized by Bulgaria.
90. 15th Jan 1993: An earthquake of 7.5 magnitude strikes Japan. Two people lost their lives.
91. 15th Jan 1993: Salvatore “Toto” Riina, a top mafia leader was arrested in Palermo.
92. 15th Jan 1994: On this day Queen Elizabeth fell off her horse. She broke her wrist in the mishap.
93. 15th Jan 1997: On this day the space shuttle Atlantis docks with Mir Space Station.

21st Century – January 15 This Day In History – The 2000s

94. 15th Jan 2008: After six years of study the Food and Drug Administration in the USA ruled that meat and milk from cloned pigs, cattle goats, and their offspring is safe for human consumption. It does not require to be labeled as derived from cloned animals.
95. 15th Jan 2009: An Airbus 320 of US Airways ran into a large flock of Canada Geese during takeoff from the LaGuardia Airport in New York City. This resulted in a complete loss of thrust from both engines due to a bird hit. The pilot glides over the Hudson River and ditches the aircraft near the USS Intrepid museum shortly after losing power. The ditching was a success and there was no loss of life.

96. 15th Jan 2010: A massive earthquake of 7.0 magnitude strikes Haiti leaving about 45,000 to 50,000 people dead.
97. 15th Jan 2010: The first Gay Pageant in China was stopped a few minutes before it was due to start. The Chinese Police successfully prevented the Pageant from taking place.
98. 15th Jan 2011: The Tunisian president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, fled the country. He was in power for 23 years. He and his family went to Saudi Arabia after being forced out of the country.
99. 15th Jan 2013: Beef burgers being sold in supermarkets in the UK were found to have horse DNA. Health officials stated that there was no risk to public health and the contaminated batches were being recalled from retailers.
100. 15th Jan 2014: Villagers in the town of Jianshe in China built a wall of money after receiving a large payout for their cooperative. The town was given their annual bonuses of around two million dollars. The villagers stacked the money in a wall that had to be guarded overnight as it was to be distributed the next day.

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