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Famous Events For August 1

Famous Events For August 1 – Today In History

August 1: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – August 1 Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 1st August 607 Sui court in China get its envoy Ono no Imoko
2. 1st August 860 Charles the Bald, Louis the German and
3. Lotharius II: Peace of Koblenz
4. 1st August 1177 Emperor Frederik and Pope Alexander III and the Peace Treaty of Venice
5. 1st August 1203 Byzantium gets Alexius IV Angelus as its co-regent
6. 1st August 1291 Basis for Swiss Confederation (independence)formed by Everlasting League
7. 1st August 1485 Henry Tudor’s army navigates to England


8. 1st August 1498 Isla Santa (Venezuela) discovered by Christopher Columbus
9. 1st August 1589 French King Henry III was assassinated by Jacques Clement
10. 1st August 1626 Oldenzaal conquered by Earl Earnest Casimir
11. 1st August 1664 Earl Raimondo Montecucculi defeats Ahmed Kiprulu in the battle at St Gotthard
12. 1st August 1690 Victor Amadeus beaten by French at The Battle of Stafford

18th Century – What Happened on August 1 – The 1700s

13. 1st August 1711 Peter the Great escapes Azov
14. 1st August 1714 Monarch Georg Ludwig ascends the throne as King George I of England
15. 1st August 1715 Coat and Badge first race (waterman’s Race) held on Thames River


16. 1st August 1717 George I appoints Nicholas Rowe as British Poet Laureate
17. 1st August 1732 Bank of England construction started
18. Ferdinand van Brunswick beat 1st August 1759 France at the Battle of Minden, Westfalen
19. 1st August 1774 Oxygen was discovered by Joseph Priestley English theologian, chemist, and author
20. 1st August 1780 Neutrality declared by Sweden
21. 1st August 1781 Yorktown, Virginia, was taken over by the British Army under General Cornwallis
22. 1st August 1785 1st woman discoverer of a comet: Caroline Herschel
23. 1st August 1789 Tariff Act enforced by US Customs
24. 1st August 1793, the Metric system was used for the 1st time by France
25. 1st August 1794 in Western Pennsylvania Whiskey Rebellion started
26. 1st August 1798 British Royal Navy Admiral Horatio Nelson Attacks and destroys the French Army at the Battle of Nile at Aboukir Bay off Nile Delta, Egypt


19th Century – August 1 This Day That Year – The 1800s

27. 1st August 1812 Westchester hit by a rare tornado
28. 1st August 1820 Regent Canal Opened in England
29. 1st August 1828 Freight traffic opened by Bolton and Leigh Railway
30. 1st August 1831 Traffic opened on London Bridge
31. 1st August 1832 The Black Hawk ends
32. 1st August 1834 Slavery Abolition Act comes into effect throughout the British Empire
33. 1st August 1836 Charles Darwin comes to Brazil
34. 1st August 1838 British Empire abolished apprenticeship.
35. 1st August 1840 British Empire liberates laborer slaves
36. 1st August 1842 Tunnel under the Thames opens
37. 1st August 1852 Zion Methodist,1st Black Church opened by SF Methodists
38. 1st August 1855 1st US receiving station for immigrants
39. opens at Castle Clinton in New York City
40. 1st August 1867 Voting by Blacks for the 1st time in the US


41. Senate election in South
42. 1st August 1870 Right to tenants of landlords in Ireland
43. Given by the Irish Land Act
44. 1st August 1876 Colorado added as 38th state of Union
45. 1st August 1881 Angel Island authorized for US Quarantine Station
46. 1st August 1883 Great Britain starts inland postal service
47. 1st August 1886 Kermadec-Island near New Zealand added to Great Britain

20th Century – Important Events On This Day August 1 – The 1900

48. 1st August 1907 1st Branch of Bank of Italy (later Bank of America) opened at 3433 Mission Street, San Francisco.
49. 1st August 1911 Industrial Transport workers’ strike began in England

50. 1st August 1914 in WWI, Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany declared war on his nephew, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia
51. 1st August 1914 Troops organized at the outbreak of WWI by France and German
52. 01st August 1933 Anti-fascists in Germany awarded the Death penalty
53. 1st August 1943 Burma Independence declared by Japan under U Ba Maw
54. 1st August 1945 Toyama in Japan demolished by B-29s
55. 1st August 1946 Atomic Energy Commission was established by President Truman
56. 1st August 1950 Guam declared an independent US territory by the Guam Organic Act
57. 1st August 1953 Northern Rhodesia included as part of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
58. 1st August 1954 South African Natives Resettlement Act came into effect
59. 1st August 1955 Malacca government formed by Tangka Abdul Rahman

60. 1st August 1957 North American Air Defence Command (NORAD) was created by the US and Canada
61. 1st August 1958 Postage stamp of 4 cents issued by the US
62. 1st August 1960 France grants independence to Benin (Dahomey)
63. 1st August 1960 Government of Pakistan declares Islamabad as its capital

64. 1st August 1962 President of Ghana, Nkrumah’s assassination bid failed
65. 1st August 1963 Elton village annexed by Germany FR
66. 1st August 1968 Silver coins were replaced by nickel coins by Canada
67. 1st August 1968 29th Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah coronated.
68. 1st August 1969 Close photos of Mars sent by Mariner 6
69. 1st August 1972 Water Gate scandal (Bernstein- Woodward) exposed
70. 1st August 1974 Chang Zheng 1, China’s People Liberation Army Navy nuclear submarine-launched for the first time
71. 1st August 1979 Government under Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo in Portugal formed
72. 1st August 1981 Jagielski, PM of Poland resigns
73. 1st August 1982 Beirut bombarded heavily by Israeli air force

74. 1st August 1982 The First diver to score 700 was Greg Louganis, US
75. 1st August 1983 world record created in 400m swimming by Petra Schneider
76. 1st August 1983 First Test Cricket match won by New Zealand in England
77. 1st August 1985 International San Diego Comic-Con 18th, Conference opens at San Diego
78. 73 1st August 1986 Tenth Pitcher strike 3000 by Bert Blyleven
79. 1st August 1987 Harry Drake creates crossbow flight record in Nevada (2005 yds 1’9”)
80. 1st August 1987 Tony Tucker beaten by Mike Tyson for a heavy Boxing title
81. 1st August 1987 Vietnam Veterans of America chooses Nurse Mary R Stout as its chairperson
82. 1st August 1987 The Maori Language Act comes into force in New Zealand – Maori becomes the official language of New Zealand
83. 1st August 1988 Research Submarine Deep Rover revealed at Crater Lake, Oregon
84. 1st August 1990 Talk between Iraq and Kuwait withdrawn by Iraq
85. 1st August 1991 Diego Maradona, Italian/Argentine Soccer Star retires
86. 1st August 1991 Shoplifting by Actress Hedy Lamarr,77 attracted arrest
87. 1st August 1992 Around World Air Race by USA/USSR began at Santa Monica

88. 1st August 1993 LPGA Ping/Welch’s Gold Championship won by Missie Berteott
89. 1st August 1993 Chekov, Star Trek’s star Walter Koenig Suffers a heart attack
90. 1st August 1994 Record temperature of 99.9 F in Berlin- Dahlem
91. 1st August 1994 6 killed in a Train Crash in Havana, Cuba
92. 1st August 1997 At Athens, Greece, the 6th World Championship in Athletic opens
93. 1st August 1998 In Amsterdam Gay and Lesbian games opened

21st Century – August 1 This Day In History – The 2000s

94. 1st August 2000 Total artificial heart that maintains blood flow and pulse received by the first patient
95. 1st August 2001 Albanian minority language position reached in The Republic of Macedonia

96. 1St August 2001 Chief Justice Roy Moore of Alabama Supreme Court installed Ten Commandments in the court building leading to a lawsuit for its removal and him
97. 1st August 2001 European Environment Agency joined by Bulgaria, Cyprus, Latvia, Malta, Slovenia and Slovakia
98. 1st August 2002 – San Diego Convention Centre hosts the 35th San Diego Comic-Con International
99. 1st August 2004 396 people were killed and 500 injured in a Supermarket fire in Asuncion, Paraguay
100. 1st August 2007 A bridge across the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota collapsed during evening rush-hour
101. 1st August 2010 – To commemorate the life of Corazon Aquino, President of Filipino, a 200 m x 3250 m photo mosaic was installed in Luneta Park Manila,
102. 1st August 2012 – 150000 rendered homeless and 82 lost their lives in the Philippines, Taiwan, and China
103. 1st August 2012 – For the summer 2012 Olympics, 8 women’s badminton double players were debarred for not using their best efforts
104. 1st August 2013 – 142 seats out of 210 were won by Robert Mugabe in the Zimbabwean election and retained authority
105. 1st August 2014 – The 72-hour ceasefire declared between Israel and Palestine by USA and UN halts

106. 1st August 2016 – One killed and 8 affected, 2300 reindeer were killed in Yamalo-Nenets, Siberia, by the epidemic disease Anthrax

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