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8 Feng Shui Tips For Wealth Management

Feng Shui Tips To Attract Wealth

The Chinese have used Feng Shui. for health, but it is used to create harmony between people and their environment. Here are some Feng Shui Tips for Wealth Management.

#1. Know Which Directions and Colors Affect Wealth

Western Feng Shui is based on the Eight Life Aspirations style, based on each of the eight navigational directions. The Eight Life Aspirations style is given below.


Hence, there are eight tools of Feng Shui to keep in mind, and you should incorporate as many as possible into your décor. Color is used in Feng Shui to represent the natural elements, and which colors you use can positively or negatively impact your Feng Shui goals.

But sound connects us to others in our environment. Light sources, particularly natural ones, allow more positive chi to flow into the home. Art can also increase positive chi, and the artwork’s theme will also affect the different areas.

Using plants and flowers in home décor can connect you to the natural world, one of Daoism’s essential principles. Water features stimulate chi movement, and wind features attract positive chi.


The direction southeast and the wind element are associated with wealth, with north, water, and career strongly connected to wealth. Hang wind chimes, mobiles, or eight Chinese coins tied together with red string in the southeast corners of your home (called wealth corners).

Add representations of wealth and the things you want or goals in your wealth corner, such as images of a harvest and others representing abundance and prosperity. To increase wealth, incorporate the colors green, red, purple, black, and gold into your décor.


#2. De-Clutter Your Home

Whatever your goals of using Feng Shui may be, starting by getting rid of clutter in your home is essential, as clutter blocks the flow of positive chi through the house. Chi is the universe’s energy, and both negative and positive chi exist. Removing clutter and unnecessary items from your home stimulates the flow of positive chi, which can improve many aspects of one’s life, including wealth and prosperity.


#3. Make your Kitchen a Reflection of Wealth

The kitchen is central to the wealth of Feng Shui, the stove or range top in particular. It is essential to keep your stove clean and in good working order. It would be best if you also placed a mirror on or near the stove to reflect the burners, which Feng Shui says will increase your wealth. Incorporate wealth elements throughout the kitchen to increase positive chi.

Placing a small bowl overflowing with fruit on a counter or kitchen island will give the appearance of abundance. Decorate your kitchen with images of abundance and prosperity. It would help if you also kept a copper, silver, or brass teapot in the kitchen, displaying jars filled with spices and pasta, as these items symbolize wealth. Place a jewelry box, piggy bank, seashells, Austrian crystals, or other representations of wealth and abundance in the southeast corner of your kitchen.

#4. Use Wealth Items Throughout your Home

You can carry Feng Shui out of the kitchen and use items representing wealth throughout your home. Your front door considered “the mouth of Chi,” should be robust and solid construction and give off auspicious energy.

Hang a mirror in your dining room to make your dining table seem more significant. Incorporate fish into your décor scheme, as they symbolize wealth and abundance. Place valuables such as jewelry, safes, etc., in the left corner of your bedroom.

Hang around clear crystal on a red cord in the far left corner of your living room. You should plug all drains in your home, close toilet lids to keep wealth in the house, and ensure all of your plumbing is in good working order.

A leaky sink represents your money going down the drain. Keep doors open to let wealth in and allow for positive chi flow. You can also incorporate houseplants with round leaves throughout the home to increase wealth. Even better if those plants have red or purple blooms. Place bamboo plants or other tall, vertical objects in the southeast corners of your home.

#5. Don’t Forget Wealth’s Connection to Water

Because of the connection between wealth and career, it is essential to incorporate water elements in your home’s north corners (called career corners). Place representations of water and career in the north corners of your home, but avoid images of violent or turbulent water, which will be counterproductive to your goals. Use Zen fountains, aquariums, or another décor that incorporates water. However, do NOT use water elements in your bedroom, as this could negatively affect your wealth.

#6. Improve the Chi in your Bathroom

If a bathroom is located in the southwest or north corner of your home, one should take extra care to keep it very clean and neat, as bathrooms are a place of constantly shifting energy, and it can be challenging to maintain a good chi flow.

One should create a luxurious space in your bathroom that reminds you of a trip to the spa. So use brown, green, blue, black, yellow, or sandy earth tones in your bathroom décor to maintain positive chi. Keep eight stalks of lucky bamboo in the bathroom, as both bamboo and the number eight are considered lucky in Feng Shui.


#7. Take it Outside

Using Feng Shui in the space outside your home can also improve your chi’s flow and increase your wealth and prosperity. Place a fountain, Koi pond, or another water feature in the north corner of your yard, with the water flowing toward the house to draw wealth to you.

Landscape your yard in green, red, and purple shades, and use plants with round leaves. Place wind chimes, mobiles, and a light source in the southeast corner of the yard facing the home, especially if your yard slopes away from your home in that corner.

So this will direct wealth back toward your home. It would be best to place a windmill, pinwheel, weathervane, or any moving, spinning ornament in the far left corner of your yard to create energy and attract wealth.

#8. Other Items To Avoid in Feng Shui for Wealth

Just as there are things you can do to enhance your home’s positive chi, you should also avoid preventing negative chi. Your whole home, but the north and southeast corners, in particular, should be dirt and dust-free. You should also avoid placing art in a descending pattern down staircases. Discard broken items, and dead plants, which remind you of bad times in your life. And do not put a fireplace in the southeast.

Do not place trashcans, toilets, bills, or overdue account statements in your wealth or career corner. Ensure your whole home has good natural lighting and airflow to increase positive chi. If you have limited natural light sources, consider switching to full-spectrum light bulbs, which mimic natural sunlight. Following these tips and avoiding the pitfalls mentioned will improve your home’s wealth chi.

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