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August 1 Famous Birthdays

August 1 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on AUGUST 1st are Leos who could be self-seeking. However, they take time out for others when they can. Additionally, they have good instincts when it comes to reading people. Those of you born on this birthday love the finer things in life and overall, enjoy the spotlight.


Famous people born on AUGUST 1 could be a fusspot. I know it hurts to hear but somebody’s has to tell them. They have the ability and the potential to be a big name in the business world or whatever field they choose. They know this, yet they still worry about having enough money when they get old. It is possible that they like being stressed out.

At least they appear to maintain their composure. They show their appreciation to their friends by treating them to something wonderful. These people are usually beneficial to their career and to their future. They can be their family and friends as well as their business associates but they are always uplifting individuals.


Getting the love of their life to shower them with attention is as easy as pie for famous August 1 celebrities. They find that they need someone to arouse them mentally and physically. When the August 1 Lion is happy, everybody is happy including their offspring.


August 1 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

1 August Good Traits:

  • Leader
  • Resolute
  • Successful
  • Sensitive
  • Insightful
  • Lively
  • Bold
  • Independent
  • Loyal
  • Intriguing

1 August Bad Traits:

  • Dominating
  • Insecure
  • Arrogant
  • Blunt
  • Domineering

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August 1 Famous Birthday Personalities

Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, 1924, Royalty
Adam Duritz, 1964, Country Singer
Adam Jones, 1985, Baseball Player
Adam Tensta, 1983, Rapper
Adrian Dunbar, 1958, Movie Actor
Alessandro Amantino, 1980, Soccer Player
Alex Cannon, 1988, Model
Alfonse D’Amato, 1937, Politician
Amelia Rose, 1987, TV Actress
Anderson Webb, 2001, YouTube Star
Andrea Rene, 1983, TV Show Host
Andres Rios, 1989, Soccer Player
Ane Dahl Torp, 1975, TV Actress
Anna Graceman, 1999, Folk Singer
Anne Hebert, 1916, Novelist

Anton Stralman, 1986, Hockey Player
Arpita Khan Sharma, 1989, Family Member
Arun Lal, 1955, Cricket Player
Ashley Parker Angel, 1981, Pop Singer
Ashley Schultz, 1987, Pop Singer
Ashtyn Lowery, 1994, Instagram Star
Asjha Jones, 1980, Basketball Player
Augustus Charles Gregory, 1819, Explorer
Austin Rivers, 1992, Basketball Player
Avi Arad, 1948, Business Executive
Ayan Mukerji, 1983, Director
Barbie Imperial, 1998, Reality Star
BarcodeStreams, 1997, YouTube Star
Barry Audia, 1957, Boxer
Bastian Schweinsteiger, 1984, Soccer Player
Beata Jonite, 1995, YouTube Star

Beau Willimon, 1975, Screenwriter
Ben Rosenfield, 1992, Movie Actor
BenTimm1, 1995, YouTube Star
Bernadette Flynn, 1979, Dancer
Bianca Buneo, 1998, YouTube Star
Bill Wallace, 1947, Children’s Author
Bobby Carpenter, 1983, Football Player
Bobby Isaac, 1932, Race Car Driver
Bobby Shmurda, 1994, Rapper
Brad Faxon, 1961, Golfer
Brett Chukerman, 1981, TV Show Host
Brian Patrick Clarke, 1952, TV Actor
BrokenGamezHD, 1990, YouTube Star
Bryan Fisher, 1980, TV Actor
Cameron Jebo, 1988, TV Actor
Casey Barker, 1995, YouTube Star
Cesar Montano, 1962, Movie Actor
Cesar Mourao, 1978, Comedian
Charles Malik Whitfield, 1972, TV Actor
Cheryl Walker, 1918, Model
Chris Iwelumo, 1978, Soccer Player

Chris Williams, 1977, TV Actor
Christian Lopez, 1995, Rock Singer
Christopher Cox, 1997, YouTube Star
Chuck D, 1960, Rapper
Claude Fayette Bragdon, 1866, Architect
Coolio, 1963, Rapper
Corey Hertzog, 1990, Soccer Player
Craig Clarke, 1983, Rugby Player
Cymphonique Miller, 1996, Rapper
Dalvin Cook, 1995, Football Player
Dan Donegan, 1968, Guitarist
Dana Sparks, 1961, TV Actress
Daniel J. Layton, 1879, Politician
Daniel Markham, 1984, YouTube Star
Daniel Woods, 1989, Rock Climber
Danny Blind, 1961, Soccer Player

Danny Tidwell, 1984, Dancer
Daryl Clifford, 1975, Family Member
David Gemmell, 1948, Novelist
David James, 1970, Soccer Player
David Wain, 1969, Director
Dean Cox, 1981, Australian Rules Footballer
Demian Bichir, 1963, Movie Actor
Dennis Lawrence, 1974, Soccer Player
Derrick Monasterio, 1995, TV Actor
Devon Hughes, 1972, Wrestler
Dhani Harrison, 1978, Guitarist
Dieserpan, 1994, YouTube Star
Dom DeLuise, 1933, Movie Actor
Ed Gillespie, 1961, Politician
Ed Slater, 1988, Rugby Player
Eden Skory, 2000, YouTube Star
Edgerrin James, 1978, Football Player
Eduardo Noriega, 1973, Movie Actor
Edward Streeter, 1891, Novelist
Elena Vesnina, 1986, Tennis Player
Eli Mintz, 1904, Stage Actor
Elijah Kelley, 1986, Movie Actor
Elizabeth Debicki, 1990, Movie Actress
Ellona Santiago, 1996, Pop Singer
Elton Jantjies, 1990, Rugby Player
Emily Jones, 1977, News Anchor
Emma Walsh, 1983, Reality Star
Eric Shipton, 1907, Mountain Climber
Erica Fae, 1989, YouTube Star
Ernst Jandl, 1925, Poet
Esteban Paredes, 1980, Soccer Player
Eva Tanguay, 1878, Stage Actress
FR Scott, 1899, Poet
Francis Scott Key, 1779, Composer
Frank Stanford, 1948, Poet
Gabriel Terra, 1873, World Leader
Gavin Bunkelman, 1998, Vine Star
Gegard Mousasi, 1985, MMA Fighter
Geoff Pullar, 1935, Cricket Player
Geoffrey Holder, 1930, Movie Actor
George De Hevesy, 1885, Scientist
Glenn Dorsey, 1985, Football Player
Gopal Chandra Bhattacharya, 1895, Scientist
Graham Thorpe, 1969, Cricket Player
Greg Adams, 1963, Hockey Player
Gregg Berhalter, 1973, Soccer Player
Guaxinim, 1997, YouTube Star
Guri Weinberg, 1972, Movie Actor
HandOfBlood, 1992, YouTube Star
Hannah Hauxwell, 1926, Reality Star
Helena Nordheim, 1903, Gymnast
Henry Frye, 1932, Lawyer
Henry Jones, 1912, Stage Actor
Herbert Lang, 1976, Basketball Player
Herman Melville, 1819, Novelist
Hermann Baumann, 1934, Composer
Hiroshi Arikado, 1999, Pop Singer
Howard Kurtz, 1953, TV Show Host
Iago Aspas, 1987, Soccer Player
Isam Bachiri, 1977, Rapper
Jack Kramer, 1921, Tennis Player
Jack O’Connell, 1990, Movie Actor
Jaden Bojsen, 2000, TV Actor
James St James, 1966, Autobiographer
Jamie Jones-Buchanan, 1981, Rugby Player
Jason Cummings, 1995, Soccer Player
Jason Momoa, 1979, Movie Actor
JaySremm, 1990, Rapper
Jean Smith, 1959, Rock Singer
Jed Rakoff, 1943, Lawyer
Jennifer Gareis, 1972, Soap Opera Actress
Jerry Garcia, 1942, Rock Singer
Jesse Borrego, 1962, TV Actor
Jill Trenary, 1968, Figure Skater
Jim Carroll, 1949, Autobiographer
JJ Hannon, 2001, Instagram Star
Joanna Wang, 1988, Folk Singer
Jodie Porteous, 1994, YouTube Star
Joe Elliott, 1959, Rock Singer
John Carroll Lynch, 1963, Movie Actor
Jonathan Wilkes, 1978, TV Show Host
Jordi Savall, 1941, Composer
Jose Padilha, 1967, Director
Julian DeVizio, 1995, Pop Singer
Juliana Gattas, 1978, World Music Singer
Kenzie Elizabeth, 1997, YouTube Star
Keshav Dhanraj, 1987, Drummer
Khamani Griffin, 1998, TV Actor
Kiki Vandeweghe, 1958, Basketball Player
Kirk Ferentz, 1955, Football Coach
Koichi Wakata, 1963, Astronaut
Kris Holden-Ried, 1973, TV Actor
Kyle Kupecky, 1989, Gospel Singer
La’Porsha Renae, 1993, Pop Singer
Laila Morse, 1945, Soap Opera Actress
Lee Wallace, 1987, Soccer Player
Leon Thomas III, 1993, TV Actor
Lexi Glincher, 1994, Model
Liam Thomas III, 1993, TV Actor
Lionel Bart, 1930, Composer
Lisa Lambe, 1984, World Music Singer
Lloyd Mangrum, 1914, Golfer
Luke Furnival, 1997, YouNow Star
Mac Marley, 1987, Rapper
Madison Bumgarner, 1989, Baseball Player
Madison Smartt Bell, 1957, Novelist
Marco Masa, 2007, TV Actor
Maria Cole, 1922, Family Member
Maria Mitchell, 1818, Scientist
Maria Nalbandian, 1985, Pop Singer
Maria Vidal, 1960, Pop Singer
Mario Bennett, 1973, Basketball Player
Masahiko Kobe, 1969, Chef
Matt Braunger, 1974, TV Actor
Max Carver, 1988, TV Actor
Meena Kumari, 1932, Movie Actress
Melanie Shatner, 1964, Family Member
Mia Stammer, 1994, YouTube Star
Michael Penn, 1958, Pop Singer
Michael Smith, 1979, Sportscaster
Mick Ford, 1952, Movie Actor
Mike Darlington, 1989, Entrepreneur
Mike Emrick, 1946, Sportscaster
Mike Wallace, 1986, Football Player
MittyMoxx, 1989, YouTube Star
Montserrat Lombard, 1982, TV Actress
Morris Stoloff, 1898, Composer
Natalia Siwiec, 1983, Model
Nemanja Matic, 1988, Soccer Player
Nicke Andersson, 1972, Guitarist
Noon Meem Rashid, 1910, Poet
Norman Bowler, 1932, Soap Opera Actor
Nwankwo Kanu, 1976, Soccer Player
Oluchi Onweagba, 1982, Model
Orelsan, 1982, Rapper
Paloma Ford, 1986, Pop Singer
Paul Rosenberg, 1971, Entrepreneur
Phil Coenen, 1997, Pop Singer
Pierre Bourdieu, 1930, Philosopher
Professor Griff, 1960, Rapper
Raina Harten, 2003, Pop Singer
Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, 1931, Country Singer
Rampage, 1974, Rapper
Raven Felix, 1995, YouTube Star
Richard Dadd, 1817, Painter
Richard Whiten, 1967, TV Actor
Richard Whitney, 1888, Criminal
Rick Boucher, 1946, Politician
Rick Coonce, 1946, Drummer
Robert Cray, 1953, Blues Singer
Robert Griffith, 1989, Music Producer
Robert James Waller, 1939, Novelist
Robert Todd Lincoln, 1843, Lawyer
Ron Brown, 1941, Lawyer
Roshumba Williams, 1968, Model
Roy Williams, 1950, Basketball Coach
Ryan Tan, 1988, YouTube Star
Sally Pressman, 1981, TV Actress
Sam Feldt, 1993, DJ
Sam Mendes, 1965, Director
Sammy Lee, 1920, Diver
Sarah Hendrickson, 1994, Skier
Sasha Jackson, 1988, TV Actress
Sebastien Pocognoli, 1987, Soccer Player
Shane Raines, 1991, Reality Star
Sibel Can, 1970, Folk Singer
Simon Doonan, 1952, Fashion Designer
Stacey Augmon, 1968, Basketball Player
Stephan Braunfels, 1950, Architect
Stephen Hunt, 1981, Soccer Player
Steve Green, 1956, Rock Singer
Stuart Holden, 1985, Soccer Player
Stuart Merrill, 1863, Poet
Surveen Chawla, 1984, TV Show Host
Syahrini, 1982, World Music Singer
Taapsee Pannu, 1987, Movie Actress
Tamura Masakazu, 1943, TV Actor
Taylor Negron, 1957, Movie Actor
Tempestt Bledsoe, 1973, TV Actress
Tendai Mtawarira, 1985, Rugby Player
Terry Kiser, 1939, Movie Actor
Terry McDonell, 1944, Journalist
Thomas McGuire, 1920, War Hero
Thomas Woods, 1972, Religious Author
Tiffany, 1989, Pop Singer
Tom Leykis, 1956, TV Show Host
Tommy Bolin, 1951, Guitarist
Travis Boak, 1988, Australian Rules Footballer
Trevor Berbick, 1954, Boxer
Tyler Farr, 1984, Country Singer
Vadim Milov, 1972, Chess Player
Valery Ortiz, 1984, TV Actress
Van McCann, 1992, Rock Singer
Van Vicker, 1977, Movie Actor
Vanessa Deroide, 1987, Model
Veronica Rodriguez, 1991,
Victor Millan, 1920, Movie Actor
Vivien Greene, 1904, Novelist
Walter Scharf, 1910, Composer
William B. Travis, 1809, War Hero
William Clark, 1770, Explorer
Yoshi Tatsu, 1977, Wrestler
Yury Romanenko, 1944, Astronaut
Yves Saint Laurent, 1936, Fashion Designer


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