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Famous Events For April 9

Famous Events For April 9 – Today In History

April 9: Today in History – Historical Events

Early Centuries – April 9  Historic Events – Before the 1700s

1. 9th April 1413: Henry V was today crowned the King of England.
2. 9th April 1440: Christopher of Bavaria was appointed King of Denmark.
3. 9th April 1454: A peace agreement was signed today by the city-states of Venice, Milan, and Florence at Lodi
4. 9th April 1483: Edward V who was 12 years of age, succeeds his father Edward IV as king of England. He was never crowned. He disappeared, presumably murdered.
5. 9th April 1609: Spain and Netherlands signed a 12-year Restraint Pact.


6. 9th April 1621: The 12-year Restraint Pact between Spain and Netherlands ended today.
7. 9th April 1667: The first public art exhibition was held today in Paris at the Palais-Royale.
8. 9th April 1682: Robert La Salle today laid claim on the lower Mississippi River and all lands that touched it for France.

18th Century – What Happened on April 9 – The 1700s

9. 9th April 1713: British mariner Robert Jenkin’s ear was cut off by Spanish Guarde Cost in the Caribbean Island which later resulted in war between Britain and Spain.
10. 9th April 1768: John Hancock refuses to let two British customs agents go below the deck of his ship. This was considered by some as the first act of physical resistance to British authority in the colonies.
11. 9th April 1770: The Botan Bay on the Australian continent was today discovered by Captain James Cook.
12. 9th April 1783: In India, Tipu Sultan drove out the British from Bednore.


19th Century – April 9 This Day That Year – The 1800s

13. 9th April 1816: The African Methodist Episcopal Church was today organized in Philadelphia.
14. 9th April 1833: Peterborough opened the first municipally supported public library in the United States.
15. 9th April 1838: The National Gallery was opened in London today.
16. 9th April 1865: Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, today surrendered his Army to Union General Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House.
17. 9th April 1966: The Civil Rights Bill was today passed despite a veto by U.S. President Andrew Johnson.
18. 9th April 1867: The treaty with Russia that purchased the territory of Alaska was today ratified by the U.S. Congress by one vote.
19. 9th April 1869: The Hudson Bay Company today ceded its territory to Canada.
20. 9th April 1870: Today the American Anti-Slavery Society was dissolved.
21. 9th April 1872: Dried milk was patented by S.R. Percy today.


20th Century – Important Events On This Day April 9th – The 1900s

22. 9th April 1900: The Boers were today routed by the British forces in Kroonstad in South Africa.
23. 9th April 1905: The first aerial ferry bridge went into operation today in Duluth, MN.
24. 9th April 1909: The Payne-Aldrich bill, raising certain tariffs on goods entering the United States was today passed by the US Congress.
25. 9th April 1914: US President W. Wilson today refused to recognize Huerta as President of Mexico as he has not been elected by the people.
26. 9th April 1914: The first colour film “The World, The Flesh & the Devil” was shown in London today.
27. 9th April 1916: During the Battle of Verdun, the German Army launched its third offensive today.
28. 9th April 1916: The Libau sets sail from Germany with a cargo of 20,000 rifles to assist Irish republicans. To avoid detection by the British, Captain Karl Spindler changed the name of the vessel to Aud.
29. 9th April 1918: Latvia today proclaimed its independence.
30. 9th April 1921: The conflict between Poland and Russia today with the signing of the Riga Treaty.


31. 9th April 1924: An increase in the case of Hoof and Mouth cases in cattle was reported today. In the current epidemic, 200 cows are reported with the disease each day in California alone.
32. 9th April 1927: For her starring role in the play “Sex”, which she had written, produced, directed, and starred in, May West was arrested today and was prosecuted on morals charges. She was sentenced to 10 years in jail for obscenity.
33. 9th April 1940: Nazi Germany today invaded Norway which had remained neutral and Denmark captured several strategic points along the coast.
34. 9th April 1942: During World War II, American and Filipino defenders surrendered to Japanese forces in Bataan. The Japanese forced over 70,000 captured Filipino and American soldiers to march more than a hundred kilometers to Tarlac.
35. 9th April 1945: RAF bombing in Kiel sunk battleship Admiral Scheer today.
36. 9th April 1945: The “Liberty” exploded at Bari in Italy killing 360 people. The ship was carrying aerial bombs.
37. 9th April 1947: A severe Tornado struck Woodward in Oklahoma. About 200 residential blocks were completely leveled and over a thousand homes were razed. 107 people were killed and many wounded.

38. 9th April 1947: Atomic Energy Commission confirmed.
39. 9th April 1949: The United Nations International Court of Justice held Albania responsible for incidents in the Corfu Channel and awarded damages to Britain.
40. 9th April 1952: Hug Ballivian’s government was today overthrown by the Bolivian National Revolution, starting a period of agrarian reform, universal suffrage, and the nationalization of tin mines.
41. 9th April 1953: The first issue of the TV guide was published today.
42. 9th April 1955: US performs nuclear test at its Nevada Test Site.
43. 9th April 1957: The Suez Canal was today cleared for all shipping.
44. 9th April 1959: NASA today introduced America’s first astronauts to the world, Scott Carpenter, L. Gordon Cooper Jr., John H. Glenn Jr., Vigil ”Gus” Grissom, Walter Schirra Jr., Alan Shepard Jr., and Donald Slayton to take part I Project Mercury, America’s first manned space program.
45. 9th April 1960: South African Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd survives an assassination attempt by David Pratt despite being shot twice in the face.

46. On 9th April 1963 Soldier Author and Statesman Winston Churchill today became the first honorary US citizen.
47. 9th April 1965: The entire “Peanuts” comic gang was featured on the cover of the “Time” magazine today.
48. 9th April 1967: The transmitter of Shortwave broadcaster Radio NY Worldwide, burns down.
49. 9th April 1967: The first Boeing 737 was rolled out for use today and makes its maiden flight.
50. 9th April 1968: Ralph Abernathy was elected to head the So Christian Leadership Conference.
51. 9th April 1968: Civil Rights Activist Martin Luther King Jr. was today buried in Atlanta.
52. 9th April 1968: German DR adopts its constitution today.
53. 9th April 1969: First flight of Concorde 002(Filton-Bristol).
54. 9th April 1969: As a group of conductors and drivers on the Wolverhampton buses, belonging to the Sikh faith won a right to wear turbans on duty after their leader Sohan Singh Jolly had threatened to burn himself in protest, the race relations continued to worsen in Britain.
55. 9th April 1972: The USSR and Iraq today signed a friendship treaty.
56. 9th April 1973: Netherlands today recognized North Vietnam.

57. 9th April 1973: Otto Kerner, former governor of Illinois was today convicted for his role in an illegal racetrack scheme.
58. 9th April 1975: An agreement to establish a $25 billion lending facility to provide assistance to industrial nations hurt by high oil prices was signed today by 24 OECD members.
59. 9th April 1976: Today the United States and Russia agreed on the size of the nuclear tests for peaceful use.
60. 9th April 1977: The Communist Party in Spain was legally allowed after 40 years.
61. 9th April 1980: In Belgium, Marten’s government resigned today.
62. 9th April 1980: Soyuz 35 carries 2 cosmonauts to Salyut 6.
63. 9th April 1981: Irish hunger striker Bobby Sands wins a by-election to get elected as a Member of Parliament at Westminster. The law was later amended to prevent prisoners from contesting elections.
64. 9th April 1981: A Japanese freighter in the East China Sea was struck and sunk by the U.S. Submarine George Washington. The captain of the freighter and his first mate died.
65. 9th April 1983: Space Shuttle Challenger today concluded its first flight.
66. 9th April 1984: Nicaragua today asked the World Court to declare U.S. support of guerilla raids illegal.
67. 9th April 1984: During the Miners Strikes in the coal industry in the UK, pickets outside the two working coal pits in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire turned violent and clashed with the police leading to the arrest of hundreds of picketers.
68. 9th April 1985: Japanese people were today urged to buy foreign products by Japanese Premier Nakasone.

69. 9th April 1986: The French government today, while agreeing to shares in the car market to the public ruled against the privatization of leading French car maker Renault.
70. 9th April 1987: Dikye Baggett was the first person to undergo corrective surgery for Parkinson’s disease.
71. 9th April 1988: The U.S. today imposed economic sanctions on Panama.
72. 9th April 1989: During rioting in Soviet Georgia, 16 civilians were killed today.
73. 9th April 1989: In support of the right to abortion, hundreds of thousands of people marched past the White House today.
74. 9th April 1991: Georgia today voted to secede from the U.S.S.R.
75. 9th April 1992: The Conservative Party won the most votes in British electoral history and John Major was elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
76. 9th April 1992: William O Studeman today became deputy director of CIA.
77. 9th April 1992: Manuel Noriega, the former Panamanian ruler was today convicted in Miami of drug and racketeering charges.
78. 9th April 1994: STS-59, “Endeavour” was launched into the orbit today.
79. 9th April 1998: In a stampede in Mecca in Saudi Arabia more than 150 Muslims died on the last day of the Hajj pilgrimage.
80. 9th April 1999: In an apparent coup attempt, Ibrahim Bare Mainassara, the President of Niger was assassinated.
81. 9th April 1999: Ismail Omar Guelleh of the ruling Popular Rally for Progress and the Front for the Restoration of Unity and Democracy was today elected President in Djibouti.

21st Century – April 9 This Day In History – The 2000s

82. 9th April 2001: Trans World Airline (TWA) which was established in 1930, today filed for bankruptcy as part of the deal for American Airlines to acquire it and make American Airlines the #1 carrier in the US.
83. 9th April 2002: More than a million people line the streets for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother at Westminster Abbey in the UK.
84. 9th April 2003: As US tanks roll into the center of Baghdad, Iraqis turn on symbols of the former leader, pulling down a statue of Saddam Hussein and tearing it into pieces.
85. 9th April 2008: As the Olympic Torch Relay arrives in San Francisco, California, a large number of protestors disrupt the progress of the torch and force a change in its route.
86. 9th April 2009: The U.S. has stopped running its global network of secret prisons. The CIA Director declared that C.I.A. no longer operates detention facilities or black sites.
87. 9th April 2010: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran taunted the US for trying to halt Iran’s nuclear program. He showcased an improved centrifuge, which according to officials can enrich uranium six times faster than the existing models.
88. 9th April 2011: In a mall in the Netherlands a gunman killed five, and injured seven before committing suicide.
89. 9th April 2011: The United States Congress prevented a government shutdown when the Democrats and Republicans were able to reach a temporary deal on the budget. They agreed to a stop-gap budget which would allow them to work on the larger budget while the government could continue to run.
90. 9th April 2012: “The Lion King” today overtook “The Phantom of the Opera” to become the highest-grossing Broadway show.
91. 9th April 2012: A bomb exploded in a busy market in the town of Baidoa in Somalia killing twelve people and injuring thirty others. The Islamist group al-Shabab claimed responsibility.
92. 9th April 2013: The French Senate today approved a bill for same-sex marriage.
93. 9th April 2013: In a shooting spree in Velika Ivanca in Serbia at least 13 people were killed and three injured.
94. 9th April 2013: An earthquake of magnitude 6.1 strikes Iran killing 37 and injuring 850 people.
95. 9th April 2013: In an ambush in Jonglei in Sudan 12 civilians and UN peacekeepers were killed.
96. 9th April 2014: For his work on magnetic storage, Stuart Parking was awarded the Millennium Technology Prize.

97. 9th April 2014: A sixteen-year-old suspect went into a school near Pittsburg in Pennsylvania with two knives and got into a stabbing spree. 22 people were injured and there were no deaths reported.
98. 9th April 2017: A suicide car bombing in Mogadishu Somalia kills at least 17 people. Al-Shabaab group claimed responsibility.
99. 9th April 2017: Twitter footage of a passenger forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight in Chicago after the flight was overbooked causes outrage.
100. 9th April 2017: Suicide bombers attack two Egyptian Coptic churches in Tanta and in Alexandria killing at least 44 people.

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