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April 9 Famous Birthdays

April 9 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on APRIL 9 are Aries who are honest to a fault. While it’s true that they have a razor sharp tongue, they also have the ability to make Hell seem like a desirable vacation spot.

When it comes to making important decisions, they will not be hurried. The famous person born today on April 9th is probably well known. More likely than not, they get noticed because they are unpredictably unique. The way their home is decorated, the way they look and the way they talk shows that they were given some extra qualities. It is perhaps because of these qualities that they form partnerships that are exciting and lifelong.


Besides that, famous people born on April 9th keep their business to themselves. So you won’t find this Aries involved in “he say – she say” drama. With all of their positive traits, even money is attracted to them. They were likely voted Most Likely to be Rich and Successful.


Famous people born on April 9th have a practical approach to life. However they won’t compromise on certain things. They are an expressive Aries who can sometimes be hurtful. Some people take their kindness for weakness and this is a mistake. Otherwise, they are afraid of losing. Read on to get a list of April 9th famous birthdays.


April 9th Famous Birthday Personality Traits

9th April Good Traits:

  • Receptive
  • Patient
  • Levelheaded, Business-Minded, Achiever, Confident, Kind

9th April Bad Traits:

  • Uncompromising
  • Hurtful
  • Blunt
  • Vulnerable
  • Oversensitive

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April 9th Famous Birthday Personalities

Abraham A. Ribicoff, 1910, Politician
Aitor Iturrioz, 1970, Soap Opera Actor
AJ Ellis, 1981, Baseball Player
Alan Knott, 1946, Cricket Player
Alan Melville, 1910, Playwright
Alan Ormsby, 1944, Screenwriter
Albert Hammond Jr., 1980, Guitarist
Albert Stewart, 1900, Sculptor
Alexander Pichushkin, 1974, Criminal
Alexandra Larouche, 1992, YouTube Star
Alexandre Bisson, 1848, Playwright
Alvaro Torres, 1954, Pop Singer
Amanda Stanton, 1990, Reality Star
Amber Lee Connors, 1991, Voice Actor
Amplify Dot, 1987, Rapper
Andres Aldama, 1956, Boxer
Ann Morrison, 1956, Stage Actress
Antonio Nocerino, 1985, Soccer Player
Arlen Escarpeta, 1981, TV Actor
Art Chantry, 1954, Graphic Designer
Art Van Damme, 1920, Accordionist
Arunas Matelis, 1961, Director
Aubrey Woods, 1928, Movie Actor
Austin Peck, 1971, Soap Opera Actor
Avery Schreiber, 1935, Comedian
AWildWaterMelon, 1989, Twitch Star

Awonder Liang, 2003, Chess Player
Beth Stelling, 1986, Comedian
Big James Henderson, 1965, Bodybuilder
Bill Morrell, 1893, Baseball Player
Bladee, 1994, Rapper
Blaise Matuidi, 1987, Soccer Player
Blayne Weaver, 1976, Screenwriter
Blu Equis, 1994, Instagram Star
Brad Dexter, 1917, Movie Actor
Brandon Dewilde, 1942, Movie Actor
Brent Ashley, 1984, Bassist
Brent Patterson, 1961, BMX Rider
Brian Elliott, 1985, Hockey Player
Brian James, 1943, Rugby Player
Brian Larsen, 1986, Rock Singer
Brooke Raboutou, 2001, Rock Climber
Caleb Natale, 1996, Vine Star
Carl Perkins, 1932, Guitarist
Carlos Hernandez, 1982, Soccer Player
Carlos Santos, 1981, Comedian
Carmen Alcayde, 1973, TV Show Host
Caroline Margaret, 1999, YouTube Star
Chad Graham, 1989, Rock Singer
Charles Baudelaire, 1821, Poet
Charles E. Burchfield, 1893, Painter
Chloe Ting, 1986, Blogger
Chris Abrahams, 1961, Pianist
Chris Jauregui, 1999, Family Member
Chris Watson, 1867, Politician
Chrish Guerra, 1993, Vine Star
Chrispy, 1991, DJ
Christian Noboa, 1985, Soccer Player
Clara Henry, 1994, YouTube Star
Clive Lythgoe, 1927, Pianist
Clueso, 1980, Rapper
Craig Mabbitt, 1987, Metal Singer
Curly Lambeau, 1898, Football Coach
Cynthia Nixon, 1966, TV Actress
Daniel Escobar, 1964, TV Actor
David Gordon Green, 1975, Director
David Jones-Roberts, 1990, TV Actor
David Robertson, 1985, Baseball Player
David Webb, 1946, Soccer Player
Dennis Quaid, 1954, Movie Actor
Dieudonne Kayembe Mbandakulu, 1945, Politician
Dmitri Nossov, 1980, MMA Fighter
Doug Ducey, 1964, Politician
Drew Kenney, 1985, Reality Star
Eadweard Muybridge, 1830, Photographer
Earl Cole, 1971, Reality Star
Eddy Kenzo, 1989, World Music Singer
Eduardo Saccone-Joly, 2014, Family Member
Edward Bennett, 1979, Stage Actor
Ella Stiller, 2002, Family Member
Elle Fanning, 1998, Movie Actress
Elliott Handler, 1916, Entrepreneur
Emily Hobhouse, 1860, Civil Rights Leader
Eric Harris, 1981, Criminal
Eric Manes, 1954, Screenwriter

Fern Michaels, 1933, Novelist
Fred Hollows, 1929, Doctor
Gabriel Day-Lewis, 1995, Family Member
Geena Duffy, 1998, Pop Singer
George Lowther, 1913, Screenwriter
Gerard Way, 1977, Rock Singer
Ghassan Kanafani, 1936, Politician
Giovanni Allevi, 1969, Composer
Graeme Lloyd, 1967, Baseball Player
Graham Gano, 1987, Football Player
Graham Reid, 1964, Field Hockey Player
Hal Ketchum, 1953, Country Singer
Hannah Gordon, 1941, TV Actress
Harry Dewindt, 1856, Explorer
Helen Alfredsson, 1965, Golfer
Howard A. Rusk, 1901, Scientist
Howard Edward Butt Sr., 1895, Entrepreneur
Hugh Gaitskell, 1906, Politician
Hugh Hefner, 1926, Entrepreneur
Iain Duncan Smith, 1954, Politician
Ihor Podolchak, 1962, Director
Isaac Boss, 1980, Rugby Player
Isaac Hempstead-Wright, 1999, TV Actor
Isabel Toledo, 1961, Fashion Designer
Isambard Kingdom Brunel, 1806, Engineer
J. Presper Eckert, 1919, Scientist
J.william Fulbright, 1905, Politician
Jack Depp, 2002, Family Member
Jackie Evancho, 2000, Pop Singer
Jacques Villeneuve, 1971, Race Car Driver
James Hayter, 1979, Soccer Player
James Smith McDonnell, 1899, Entrepreneur

James W. Fulbright, 1905, Politician
Jan Letzel, 1880, Architect
Jay Baruchel, 1982, Movie Actor
Jay Chandrasekhar, 1968, Director
Jaya Bachchan, 1948, Movie Actress
Jazmine Sullivan, 1987, Pop Singer
Jean Paul Belmondo, 1933, Movie Actor
Jeff Turner, 1962, Basketball Player
Jeff Zucker, 1965, Entrepreneur
Jemma Middleton, 1992, Family Member
Jenna Jameson, 1974,
Jennifer Maguire, 1980, TV Show Host
Jeremiah Willis, 1993, Reality Star
Jess Lizama, 1983, YouTube Star
Jesse McCartney, 1987, Pop Singer
Jhane Barnes, 1954, Fashion Designer
Jim Fowler, 1932, TV Show Host
Joe Moss, 1930, Football Coach
Joe Scarborough, 1963, Radio Host
Joey Pollari, 1994, TV Actor
Jordan Masterson, 1986, TV Actor
Jorge Pacheco Areco, 1920, Politician
Jorn Utzon, 1918, Architect
Josef Fritzl, 1935, Criminal
Joseph Fritzl, 1935, Criminal
Joseph Krumgold, 1908, Novelist
Joshua Ledet, 1992, Pop Singer
Justin Sullivan, 1956, Rock Singer
Karlijn Verhagen, 1997, YouTube Star
Kathryn Hunter, 1957, Stage Actress
Kathryn Tappen, 1981, Sportscaster
Katie Crown, 1985, Voice Actor
Katsuni, 1979,
Kay Adams, 1941, Country Singer
Kenneth Cockrell, 1950, Astronaut
Keshia Knight Pulliam, 1979, TV Actress
Kim Yu-Jin, 1988, Pop Singer
Kris Radlinski, 1976, Rugby Player
Kristen Stewart, 1990, Movie Actress
Kristian Stanfill, 1983, Rock Singer
Kyle Macy, 1957, Sportscaster
Larry Hollenbeck, 1949, Race Car Driver
Lea Beaulieu, 1988, Reality Star
Lee Yo-won, 1980, TV Actress
Leighton Meester, 1986, TV Actress
Leila Khaled, 1944, Politician
Levi Rocha, 1999, YouTube Star
Liam Quinn, 2003, Family Member
Liam Williams, 1991, Rugby Player
Lilia Buckingham, 2003, Dancer
Linda Chung, 1984, TV Actress
Linda Goodman, 1925, Non-Fiction Author
Lisa Guerrero, 1964, Journalist
Lissy Peebee, 1983, YouTube Star
Logan Williams, 2003, TV Actor
Lori Black, 1954, Bassist
Luciano Galletti, 1980, Soccer Player
Luffy Wright, 1995, YouTube Star
Marc E. Bassy, 1987, Pop Singer
Marc Jacobs, 1963, Fashion Designer
Margaret Peterson Haddix, 1964, Children’s Author
Margo Smith, 1942, Country Singer
Maria Susanna Cummins, 1827, Novelist
Marie Miller, 1989, Rock Singer
Marina Zueva, 1956, Choreographer
Mario Guerra Obledo, 1932, Civil Rights Leader
Mario Matt, 1979, Skier
Mark Pellegrino, 1965, TV Actor
Martin Margiela, 1957, Fashion Designer
Marty Krofft, 1937, TV Producer
Matt Pyken, 1980, Screenwriter
Matthew Bennett, 1968, TV Actor
Max Jr., 1992, Vine Star
Meas Sophea, 1955, War Hero
Meredith Edwards, 1997, YouTube Star
Michael Learned, 1939, TV Actress
Michael Somare, 1936, World Leader
Mike Hart, 1986, Football Player
Mike Massey, 1947,
Milt Larsen, 1931, Magician
Misty Chronexia, 1988, YouTube Star
Moran Atias, 1981, TV Actress
Morgan Taylor Campbell, 1995, TV Actress
Neve McIntosh, 1972, TV Actress
Nick Garcia, 1979, Soccer Player
Nicola Hughes, 1990, Reality Star
Nigel Slater, 1958, Journalist
Noah Hamilton Rose, 1874, Photographer
O Red, 1972, Rapper
Olin Levi Warner, 1844, Sculptor
Oliver Lance Posadas, 1995, Instagram Star
Olivier Sorlin, 1979, Soccer Player
Oscar Zeta Acosta, 1935, Civil Rights Leader
Paddy Barnes, 1987, Boxer
Patricia Blagojevich, 1965, Political Wife
Paul Arizin, 1928, Basketball Player
Paul Robeson, 1898, Stage Actor
Paula Stewart, 1929, Stage Actress
Paule Marshall, 1929, Novelist
Paulina Porizkova, 1965, Model
Peter Canavan, 1971, Gaelic Football Player
Peter Luccin, 1979, Soccer Player
Pierre Gagnaire, 1950, Chef
PL Travers, 1899, Novelist
Prriya Raj, 1964, Cartoonist
Rachel Specter, 1980, TV Actress
Rachel Stevens, 1978, Pop Singer
Rafael Arnaiz Baron, 1911, Religious Leader
Ralph Helfer, 1931,
Rana Ranbir, 1970, Movie Actor
Rayane Bensetti, 1993, TV Actor
Redone, 1972, World Music Singer
Richard Alfieri, 1948, Screenwriter
Rick Tocchet, 1964, Hockey Player
Ridhwan Azman, 1993, YouTube Star
Rivergrl21, 1976, YouTube Star
Robbie Fowler, 1975, Soccer Player
Robert Helpmann, 1909, Dancer
Romeo Tan, 1985, TV Actor
Ronen Sen, 1944, Politician
Rosemary Brantley, 1979, Fashion Designer
Ruba Wilson, 1994, Journalist
Ryan Broyles, 1988, Football Player
Ryan James Clark, 1983, Soap Opera Actor
Ryan Kelly, 1991, Basketball Player
Ryan Williams, 1990, Football Player
Samina Peerzada, 1955, Movie Actress
Sarah Ayton, 1980, Sailor
Scott McGregor, 1981, Model
Sebastian Silva, 1979, Director
Seve Ballesteros, 1957, Golfer
Sorcha Cusack, 1949, TV Actress
Steve Gadd, 1945, Drummer
Steve Holt, 1954, Jazz Singer
Sunny Anderson, 1975, TV Show Host
Terry Brands, 1968, Wrestler
Thomas Doll, 1966, Soccer Player
Thomas Johann Seebeck, 1770, Scientist
Tim Bendzko, 1985, Pop Singer
Tim Kopra, 1963, Astronaut
Todd Sharpville, 1970, Guitarist
Tom Brands, 1968, Wrestler
Tom Lehrer, 1928, Songwriter
Tommy Medica, 1988, Baseball Player
Tomohisa Yamashita, 1985, TV Actor
Tony Cragg, 1949, Sculptor
Tricia Penrose, 1970, Pop Singer
Tristan Klier, 1997, Instagram Star
Unkle Adams, 1987, Rapper
Valerie Singleton, 1937, TV Show Host
Valerie Solanas, 1936, Novelist
Veronica Boquete, 1987, Soccer Player
Veronica Taylor, 1978, Voice Actor
Victor Vasarely, 1906, Painter
Vince Harder, 1982, Pop Singer
Vincent “Limitless” Valentine, 1987, YouTube Star
Ward Bond, 1903, TV Actor
Will Merrick, 1993, TV Actor
William Price Fox, 1926, Novelist
Xhensila Myrtezaj, 1993, Pop Singer
Yoanna House, 1980, Model
Yung Mil, 1993, Rapper
Zac Stacy, 1991, Football Player


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