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How To Use Marbles As A Divination Tool?

How To Use Marbles As A Divination Tool?

Divination tools are as diverse and ranged as the people who use them. This method of divination uses common household objects like marbles as a divination tool to predict probable outcomes in multiple-outcome situations.


You’re faced with a situation that has several choices, each leading to a different outcome. You can’t decide which path you need to take. You want some help. Here’s what to do!

Things you need to prepare:


  • -A wide bowl or tray at least two inches deep
  • -Enough sand to fill the bowl or tray at least an inch deep
  • -Several glass marbles of differing colors and shapes
  • -A pad of paper

Step 1.
Fill the tray or bowl with sand deep enough to cover one of the marbles you will be using. Smooth the surface out with the edge of your notebook or with the palm of your hand, so that you have a flat, even surface.


Step 2.
Choose several marbles or stones and hold them in your hand above the pan, at a height of two feet or so. Clench them in your fist tightly, and think about the question you want answered.

marbles divination

Step 3.
Open your hands and let them fall into the sand below them. They will sink partially into the sand. Using your notebook, make a diagram of the position of the stones. Note their colors and shapes as well.

Step 4.

Repeat step 3 for as many choices as you can identify in the problem. Make each diagram as it comes up.


Connect the Stones

Step 5.
Now, take your diagrams. Begin connecting the stones with lines, first by color, then by shape, and finally by any other features you can distinguish. Each of these lines is a symbol in the reading, which you can interpret vis-a-vis the choice you were thinking about when you cast the stones.

Letters, numbers, or figures may be indicated by the connections. These are all going to be things related to your choice, and can be seen as connected to the likely outcome of that choice, should you take it.

This method of divination or fortune-telling is highly subjective, and generally only works for oneself. The stones and marbles are charged with the energy of the person holding them, so to try to read them for another person would result in mixed-up and unusable readings.

It’s best performed by candlelight at night, though out in nature is even better than indoors. The closer your bond with the Fae is, the more helpful your readings will be, as this method uses little baubles like the ones the Fae tend to enjoy.

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