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Magistrate Dream Meaning

Dream Meaning of Magistrate – Interpretation and Symbolism

Seeing a Magistrate in Your Dream – Meaning and Interpretation

Seeing a magistrate in your dream is a sign that you should be ready for legal battles emanating from your business transactions. Avoid conflicts with people. Before heading to court for breach of contractual obligations, try to solve disputes using out-of-court settlements such as mediation, arbitration, and negotiation.

Dreaming of a magistrate means that you need spiritual guidance in your life. Let your divine guides in. They know what is good for you; therefore, listen to their guidance. Expand your spiritual knowledge and nourish your spirit vide meditation and prayers. Work on yourself every day, and all will be well.


The magistrate dream symbol signifies listening to authoritative figures in your life. Sometimes you are unsure which direction you want your life to take, listen to people more experienced than you, and they will guide you on the right path. Let your elders guide you toward acceptable behaviors.

A woman dreaming of being married to a magistrate signifies her judgment between two choices in partners.

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