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Dating A Judge: 10 Things You Should Know

Dating a Judge: Easy or Tough?

I feel a little bit intimidated when talking about judges. Not because I am scared, but I revere them a lot. Wait, there is one other thing, the fear of contempt. So, before I am cited for your hatred, let me go straight to my primary purpose, how to date a judge. Dating a judge can be a little different from any other relationship. You would have to make some adjustments and be open-minded to succeed. Now, here are ways for dating a judge.


Dating a Judge: What You Should Know

1. Be Flexible with Your Plans

Judges have busy schedules and may have little time to spend with you. So be flexible in your demands and plan dates with their consent. Planning surprised dates may not work when dating a judge. This is not because they don’t like surprises, but they are mostly tight. They may leave the court with unfinished business and want to continue home. Instead of going crazy when they cancel dates, understand them and empathize.


2. Don’t Meddle with their work

They practice for so long before they reach the status of a judge. Some judges worked as lawyers for about ten years before gaining an appointment to that high office. So, they know the law and work according to it. Don’t be asking questions as to why they gave a particular judgment to a case. You have not given them a job to do, so don’t expect them to answer you. Just as you cannot tell a doctor how to administer treatment, don’t question their judgment. Know how to draw a clear line between his job and matters open for discussion.


3. Be Independent if you are Dating a Judge

Have a life aside from dating the judge. If you revolve your entire life around your partner, you may live a miserable life. Have friends you can go out with if he doesn’t show up for a date. You can also be interested in learning a new sport or anything that can keep you busy when your partner is not around. This can prevent the feeling of loneliness.


4. You Would Have to Give Them Some Space

Judges learn a lot to work effectively. They need to know both their country’s old and new laws to prevent any mess up in judgment adjudication. So even after the day’s work, he would prefer to be alone in their library, preparing his judgment for the next day. Your partner would appreciate it if you allowed them space during such times. They wouldn’t entertain interruptions from you.

5. They are not the Outdoor Type

You will hardly find a judge in public space if not for official events. In some countries, judges are not allowed to partake in any social event. This is for their security and the sanctity of their judicial environment. Don’t expect your partner to take you to a concert by Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Aside from official gatherings or meetings among themselves, partners would hardly take you on a date. Your dates would mainly be with his colleagues or in quiet places out of public view.

6. Help Release their Stress

Their job is very stressful, and the cases they adjudicate can add up the stress. Imagine them sitting on the case of someone who raped his daughter of 5 years or a mass killer. Even though they are trained to be tough, let’s not forget they are human. They can give a judgment with pain and anger. When your partner returns home looking stressed, find the best way to ease the stress. It wouldn’t be an easy task, but your partner would much appreciate your efforts.

7. Join Them at Official Events

You wouldn’t have the chance to spend much time with your partner, so seize any opportunity. Join him at official events and have fun together. You can also use that opportunity to socialize with other judges and top officials. Don’t forget to dress formally for such occasions. You can make a statement for your partner with the way you would dress. You can score a high point with that.

8. Be there for them if you are dating a judge

I did mention that they would want to be alone on several occasions, but that doesn’t mean your partner wouldn’t need you. Try to be there for them when they need you. They are not avoiding you intentionally, so don’t try to have your revenge when the opposite happens. They need your support and comfort as much as their law books.

9. Don’t Expect Their Support When You are Wrong

They sit on cases to give fair judgment, so don’t expect anything different when you are involved. Your partner would tell you straight to your face when you do something wrong. Yes, he wouldn’t sit on your case in court, but the rules still apply at home. So when he comes in to resolve an issue involving you and a neighbor or friend, don’t expect him to be biased.

10. Don’t Date Them because of the Profession

The greatest mistake you can make in your dating life is to be with somebody because of their Profession. Undoubtedly, one’s Profession can increase or decrease the chances of having a partner. But, the job shouldn’t take even 30 percent of your decision to date, somebody.

Don’t date a judge because you think the job is prestigious and commands respect. That should only be a plus. Go who they are, how good they make you feel when around, and whether you want to have a future with them. Anything contrary would make the relationship a failure from the start.

The above points are just a few of how to date or discuss your relationship with a judge. Adding the points above can make the relationship lively and successful if you have the primary ingredient, love and affection. Good Luck!

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