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July 5 Famous Birthdays

July 5 Famous Birthdays

Famous people born on July 5, are considered to be a Cancer who is quite dreamy. They dream of wealth and living the good life. However they need to do more than dream. They’re resourceful and have many interests and hobbies that could turn out to be lucrative careers.

Additionally, they are like the group leader. In saying that it is meant that famous July 5 celebrities seem to take on the role of the caregiver or authority figure. They are a positive individual who dislikes scenes or fighting. As a part of being who they are, they find it offensive and won’t participate in any negative activity.


When it comes to their job, famous July 5 born take it seriously. They prefer to have some sort of fulfillment from the job they do as opposed to hating their work. They take pride in the things they do. Exercise is not one of their favorite hobbies but they seem to keep looking good but as they get older, they should reassess their diet to maintain what they have.


Famous people born on July 5th you are likely to be a role model that’s close to family and have a secure place within those ties. They are a genuine Crab who perhaps lacks the drive to go the distance although incredibly delightful.


July 5 Famous Birthday Personality Traits

5 July Good Traits:

  • Charismatic
  • Innovative
  • Lovable
  • Versatile
  • Confident
  • Aspiring
  • Nurturer
  • Mature
  • Disciplined

5 July Bad Traits:

  • Lazy
  • Lethargic
  • Apathetic
  • Withdrawn
  • Cranky
  • Insecure

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July 5 Famous Birthday Personalities

A E Douglass, 1867, Scientist
Aamir Liaquat Hussain, 1971, Politician
Aaron Brewer, 1990, Football Player
Adam Cole, 1989, Wrestler
Adam Young, 1986, Pop Singer
Alan Dawa Dolma, 1987, World Music Singer
Alan Ogg, 1967, Basketball Player
Alberto Gilardino, 1982, Soccer Player
Alberto Moreno, 1992, Soccer Player
Alex Meyer, 1988, Swimmer
Alison Henry, 1993, YouTube Star
Allison Pottinger, 1973, Curler
Amelie Mauresmo, 1979, Tennis Player
Ami Argand, 1750, Scientist
Amy Winfrey, 1974, Screenwriter
Ana Julaton, 1980, Boxer
Andrew Helm, 1969, Screenwriter

Anklespankin, 1995, YouTube Star
Anna Harrison, 1775, Political Wife
Annie Fischer, 1914, Pianist
Arron Villaflor, 1990, TV Actor
Ashkan Dejagah, 1986, Soccer Player
Ashley Cusato, 1974, Movie Actress
ATown, 1993, Instagram Star
Babe Paley, 1915, Model
Barry Hardy, 1962, Wrestler
Ben Hartsock, 1980, Football Player
Ben Powers, 1950, TV Actor
Beno Udrih, 1982, Basketball Player
Bill Watterson, 1958, Cartoonist
Billy Jenkins, 1956, Guitarist
Bizarre, 1976, Rapper
Bob Day, 1952, Politician

Bonnie Strange, 1986, Model
Brad Loree, 1960, Movie Actor
Brandon Lloyd, 1981, Football Player
Brittyy44, 1990, YouTube Star
Brooke Hayward, 1937, Movie Actress
Bruce Turner, 1922, Saxophonist
Bryony Gordon, 1980, Journalist
Bud Andrews, 1940, TV Show Host
Cam Talbot, 1987, Hockey Player
Carissa Capobianco, 1988, Movie Actress
Carlos Caszely, 1950, Soccer Player
Carlos Ferro, 1984, TV Actor
Casey Burke, 2000, TV Actress
Cassidy Wolf, 1994, Model
Cecil Rhodes, 1853, Politician
Charles Klapow, 1980, Dancer
Charlie Austin, 1989, Soccer Player
Chris Cline, 1958, Entrepreneur
Chuck Close, 1940, Photographer
Claudia Wells, 1966, TV Actress
Cody Klop, 1993, TV Actor
Cooper Vuna, 1987, Rugby Player
Courtney Robertson, 1983, Model

Dale Godboldo, 1975, Movie Actor
Danay Garcia, 1984, TV Actress
Dashawn Omarr, 1989, Rapper
Dave Eiland, 1966, Baseball Player
Dave Haywood, 1982, Country Singer
David Benyamine, 1972,
David Dreier, 1952, Politician
David Farragut, 1801, War Hero
David Sanger, 1960, Journalist
David Thomas, 1983, Football Player
Debra McGrath, 1954, Comedian
Dejan Lovren, 1989, Soccer Player
Derek McInnes, 1971, Soccer Player
Docm77, 1977, YouTube Star
Don Goddard, 1904, Radio Host
Donald Leroy Evans, 1957, Criminal
Donnie Jones, 1980, Football Player
Dorien Wilson, 1963, TV Actor
Doug Wilson, 1957, Hockey Player
Dwight King, 1989, Hockey Player

Edgar Kaiser Jr., 1942, Business Executive
Edie Falco, 1963, TV Actress
Edward Woods, 1903, Movie Actor
Eliot Feld, 1942, Dancer
Eliot Field, 1942, Dancer
Elise Andrew, 1989, Blogger
Elizabeth Carroll, 1956, Reality Star
Elizabeth Emanuel, 1953, Fashion Designer
Emily Scholz, 1993, YouTube Star
Eyran Katsenelenbogen, 1965, Pianist
F. Javier Gutiérrez, 1973, Director
Fabian Rios, 1980, Movie Actor
Felix Ryan, 1990, TV Actor
Fernando De Szyszlo, 1925, Sculptor
Francois Arnaud, 1985, TV Actor
Galinka Mirgaeva, 1987, Model
Gary Matthews, 1950, Baseball Player
Gary Shteyngart , 1972, Novelist
Geeta Kapoor, 1974, Dancer
Geetha Kumarasinghe, 1955, Movie Actress
George Rochberg, 1918, Composer
Georges Pompidou, 1911, World Leader
Georgie Aldous, 1998, YouTube Star
Gianfranco Zola, 1966, Soccer Player
Gilles Lellouche, 1972, Movie Actor
Glen Power, 1978, Drummer
Goose Gossage, 1951, Baseball Player
Gordon Jacob, 1895, Composer
Gus Bradley, 1966, Football Coach
Gus Kamp, 1998, TV Actor
Gwyneth Powell, 1946, TV Actress
Han Sang-hyuk, 1995, Pop Singer
Harold Acton, 1904, Poet
Harry Hess, 1968, Rock Singer
Hayden Hopkins, 1997, Dancer
Hedi Slimane, 1968, Fashion Designer
Henry Lee Summer, 1955, Rock Singer
Herbert Spencer Gasser, 1888, Scientist
Hernan Crespo, 1975, Soccer Player
Hillbilly Jim, 1952, Wrestler
Hollie Cavanagh, 1993, Pop Singer
Horacio Cartes, 1956, Politician
Huey Lewis, 1950, Rock Singer
Ian McCall, 1984, MMA Fighter
Isa Miranda, 1909, Movie Actress
Ish Smith, 1988, Basketball Player
Ismail YK, 1978, Pop Singer
Jack Dodge, 1997, YouTube Star
James Burke, 1931, Criminal
James Lofton, 1956, Football Player
James O’Connor, 1990, Rugby Player
James Steinberg, 1953, Politician
James Tillis, 1957, Boxer
Jamie Elman, 1976, TV Actor
Jamie Pine, 1995, YouTube Star
Jason Allen, 1983, Football Player
Jason Dolley, 1991, TV Actor
Jason Mesnick, 1976, Reality Star
Jason Wade, 1980, Rock Singer
Jay Alvarrez, 1995, Music Producer
Jean Cocteau, 1889, Novelist
Jeff Fassero, 1963, Baseball Player
Jenji Kohan, 1969, Screenwriter
Jennifer Fix, 1997, YouTube Star
Jeno Paulucci, 1918, Entrepreneur
Jerry Sags, 1964, Wrestler
Jesse Green, 1948, Drummer
Ji Chang-wook, 1987, TV Actor
Jill Murphy, 1949, Novelist
Jillian Armenante, 1968, TV Actress
Jim Himes, 1966, Politician
Jimmy Crespo, 1954, Guitarist
Joe, 1973, R&B Singer
Joe Barry, 1970, Football Coach
Joe Praino, 1979, Comedian
John Alessio, 1979, MMA Fighter
John Fleming, 1951, Politician
John Howard Northrop, 1891, Scientist
John LeClair, 1969, Hockey Player
John McKay, 1923, Football Coach
John Ruskin, 1968, YouTube Star
John Thomas Dunlop, 1914, Politician
John Wood, 1930, Movie Actor
John Wright, 1954, Cricket Player
Johnny Rodgers, 1951, Football Player
Jonas Gutierrez, 1983, Soccer Player
Jonathan Hutcherson, 1999, Pop Singer
Jonathan Manfre, 1979, Reality Star
Jory Boy, 1986, World Music Singer
Joseph Lewis Thomas, 1973, R&B Singer
Judge Joe Brown, 1947, TV Show Host
Judge Joe Brown, 1947, TV Show Host
Juliana Evans, 1989, TV Show Host
Julie Nixon Eisenhower, 1948, Family Member
Juris Hartmanis, 1928, Scientist
Kaj van der Voort, 1996, Pop Singer
Kandeh Yumkella, 1959, Politician
Karen Gucci, 1996, Instagram Star
Kate Corbett, 1986, TV Actress
Katherine Helmond, 1928, TV Actress
Katherine SSG, 1999, YouTube Star
Kathryn Erbe, 1965, TV Actress
Kayla Reid, 1991, Model
Kelsey Rule, 1995, Cheerleader
Kevin Boothe, 1983, Football Player
Kip Gamblin, 1975, Soap Opera Actor
Koda Corvette, 1999, Pop Singer
Laetitia Milot, 1980, TV Actress
Laura Defretin, 1994, Dancer
Laurence Ferrari, 1969, Journalist
Lawrence Marcus, 1917, Family Member
Leo Stronda, 1992, Rapper
Liam Riley, 1995, Model
Lothar Engelhardt, 1939, Scientist
Lou Tyson, 1991, Model
Louis Herthum, 1956, TV Actor
Louise Shaffer, 1942, Soap Opera Actress
Lucia Pérez, 1985, Pop Singer
Mac Dre, 1970, Rapper
Mack David, 1912, Composer
Malcolm Ray, 1990, Voice Actor
Malcolm Smith, 1989, Football Player
Marc Cohn, 1959, Folk Singer
Marcus Allback, 1973, Soccer Player
Mark Stockwell, 1963, Swimmer
Mary Maxwell Gates, 1929, Teacher
Matt Krath, 1992, Vine Star
Maurice Leitch, 1933, Novelist
Max Frost, 1992, Pop Singer
Megan Rapinoe, 1985, Soccer Player
Michael Blake, 1945, Screenwriter
Michael Monarch, 1950, Guitarist
Michael Stuhlbarg, 1968, Movie Actor
Mike Cahill, 1979, Screenwriter
Milburn Stone, 1904, Movie Actor
Mohammad Farhad, 1938, Politician
Mohd Safiq Rahim, 1987, Soccer Player
MxR, 1994, YouTube Star
Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, 1978, Movie Actor
Nia Roberts, 1972, Movie Actress
Nic Nac, 1989, Rapper
Nick O’Malley, 1985, Bassist
Nicola Stephenson, 1971, TV Actress
Nicolas Kiefer, 1977, Tennis Player
Nikki Patel, 1990, Soap Opera Actress
Nikolay Binev, 1934, Movie Actor
Nita Lowey, 1937, Politician
Oceane Marie, 1998, YouTube Star
Omar Dean, 1993, Pop Singer
Park Ji-min, 1997, Pop Singer
Park Kyung-Ri, 1990, Pop Singer
Parris Mosteller, 2001, Movie Actor
Patsy Pease, 1956, Soap Opera Actress
Paul Buza, 1958, Scientist
Paul DelVecchio, 1980, DJ
Paul Smith, 1946, Fashion Designer
Peter Tolan, 1958, Screenwriter
Petronio Gontijo, 1968, TV Actor
Philippe Vandel, 1962, Journalist
Pier Giorgio di Cicco, 1949, Poet
Pierre Mauroy, 1928, World Leader
Piotr Nowak, 1964, Soccer Coach
Pruitt Taylor Vince, 1960, Movie Actor
PT Barnum, 1810, Entrepreneur
PV Sindhu, 1995, Badminton Player
Quentin Groves, 1984, Football Player
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, 1960, Business Executive
Raymond Gruender, 1963, Lawyer
Reed Howes, 1900, Movie Actor
Rekha Thapa, 1975, Movie Actress
Ria Vandervis, 1984, TV Actress
Richie Incognito, 1983, Football Player
Robbie Robertson, 1943, Rock Singer
Robert Bacon, 1860, Politician
Roger Wicker, 1951, Politician
Roisin Murphy, 1973, Pop Singer
Ronald D. Moore, 1964, Screenwriter
Ruby Sayed, 1992, Instagram Star
Rutilio Grande, 1928, Religious Leader
Ryan Hansen, 1981, TV Actor
Ryan Montgomery, 1977, Rapper
RZA, 1969, Rapper
Sal Iacono, 1971, Comedian
Salvador Jorge Blanco, 1926, Politician
Sammy Robinson, 1996, YouTube Star
Sarah Siddons, 1755, Movie Actress
Sean O’Pry, 1989, Model
Shane Filan, 1979, Pop Singer
Shirley Knight, 1936, Movie Actress
Sidney Sloane, 1967, TV Show Host
Sooraj Pancholi, 1990, Movie Actor
Stacey Hash, 1988, Instagram Star
Steven Sharp Nelson, 1977, YouTube Star
Stiliyan Petrov, 1979, Soccer Player
Susan Wojcicki, 1968, Entrepreneur
Sylvester Graham, 1794, Entrepreneur
Tavior Mowry, 1993, Family Member
Terence Cooper, 1933, Movie Actor
Terence Henricks, 1952, Astronaut
Terrell Ransom Jr., 2003, TV Actor
Terry Chimes, 1956, Drummer
Tess Munster, 1985, Instagram Star
Tez Mengestu, 1997, Instagram Star
Thomas Abercrombie, 1987, Basketball Player
Thomas Hooker, 1586, Religious Leader
Todd Akin, 1947, Politician
Tom Guest, 1984, Rugby Player
Tommy Lipuma, 1936, Music Producer
Tony Lock, 1929, Cricket Player
Travis Payne, 1971, Dancer
Trent Hunter, 1980, Hockey Player
Tuba Buyukustun, 1982, TV Actress
Valery Medvedtsev, 1964, Biathlete
Vixella, 1994, YouTube Star
Vlaho Bukovac, 1855, Painter
Warren Oates, 1928, Movie Actor
William Collins Whitney, 1841, Business Executive
William Thomas Stead, 1849, Journalist
Willow Palin, 1994, Family Member
Yang Shangkun, 1907, World Leader
Yeon Woo-Jin, 1984, TV Actor
Yu Yamada, 1984, Model
Zayed Khan, 1980, Movie Actor
Zheng Jie, 1983, Tennis Player
İlkin Tüfekçi, 1987, Model


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