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8 Ways To Become Your Own Symbologist

How To Become Your Symbologist?

Symbology is not only for the here and now but also for future and past occurrences. Thus giving a holistic awareness and understanding of personal identity, inner awareness, community, history, and philosophy. It helps us to reflect on our existence and develop our psyche, i.e., the innermost self, ego, or true self. Become your symbologist.


When driving down the highway, what are we surrounded by…. Signs! Ones that indicate which direction to take to get to your destination, whether to speed up or slow down. Signs and symbols provide a clear direction of what actions to take, we just have to take note of them. The mind tells us what to do to ensure our inner force is aligned, do we pay attention to these signs/symbols?

Signs And Symbols Influence on Our Lives

In every aspect of our lives, we come in contact with signs and symbols. We are surrounded by occurrences that we label as the sixth sense or intuition. Don’t we owe it to ourselves to understand the symbolism that the universe is giving us? Not only to understand their meanings but also to better equip us to learn more about ourselves and the path that we choose. This can lead to self-discovery and provide the ability to self-express the things we want and need.


Look up into the night sky, every evening at the same time and you would see very much the same picture. The universe is the same, everything flows in a circulation motion. Symbols follow the same path and are a vital part of the patterns and cycles of life. They help us to understand the patterns that are at work in our lives and where we are in our cycle of life.

You are not alone in your quest to interpret the signs and symbols that you are given daily. We could find ourselves asking questions like, “What is happening in my life right now, how does it relate to me and my life path?” “Has this happened in my past, and if so, when and where?” The most important question to always ask ourselves is “Why?”


There are several avenues that one can take advantage of to interpret symbols and become a symbologist.

Understand your Symbols by Being your Symbologist

Personal Emotional Association (PEA) is the only true interpretation. Your personal experience plays a big role in that it is the emotional attachment to something we have had interaction with. The mind uses pictures and emotions to store items that have had the greatest impression on one’s life. We remember these things because we are creatures of habit.


Ask someone to interpret them for you. Ensure that you are not asking someone else to interpret so that you have someone else to blame for the outcome. We need to bear the consequences of the interpretations and actions we decide to follow. Humans were given the right to choose, so you can choose to follow the path or not. You always have a choice!

Symbols and Symbology

Symbols are the language of the mind and are thus communicated with us and provide guidance for the paths we take. The challenge is to understand the guidance in the message. What is the universe telling us to ensure we stay on track with the path we were intended to follow?

Initially one might not understand the signs and symbols. Do you ever wake up and think what a strange dream that was, by the time we want to share it with our friends we cannot remember all of it. Keep a notebook and pen next to your bed. When you wake up, write down all that you can remember. Go over what you wrote down and highlight any obvious symbols. On a separate page write down these symbols and if you prefer to use PEA, start examining what you wrote. Otherwise, take it to your person of choice to help you understand the interpretations.

Psychologist Carl Jung felt that the unconscious was a warehouse of repressed memories specific to a person and their ancestral past. The cause of behavior was due to childhood experiences and impacted future ambitions. Even different aspects of our bodies have their symbolic significance attached to them. The body is the communication conduit between ourselves and GOD.

The Heart – The seat of Emotion

The heart is a vital organ that we cannot live without, the same as with love. The heart is the emotional center of the body. Emotions have a force that is so subtle that they are often overlooked as something that can damage the body. Different emotions bring stress and hurt the body, emotional stresses are attributed to one following manmade theories. As the heart is the emotional center, it is most affected by emotional stress. When you have a physical ailment, your body mirrors what is out of alignment.

Your Hair – Crown of Glory

Hair is a symbol of strength and is an integral part of, not only how we see ourselves, but in general how people perceive each other. The condition of one’s hair can say a lot of things about how we see ourselves. E.g. If one has dandruff, it could be that one is holding onto the past; If one has oily hair, it could be that one is overly concerned with the image of oneself, and If one’s hair is dry or lacks that shine it always had, it reflects on a weaker image of yourself, with no strength or energy to continue.

The Eyes – Windows to the Soul

Clear vision is a goal of true perception. Everything around us is seen through the eyes, even ourselves. Do we envision good things in our future? If the future we see is bleak, we can try and distinguish what is affecting our thinking and distorting our ability to see a clearer future for ourselves.

The Tongue – Mightier than the Sword

The tongue is part of the body’s communication system and is a key defense mechanism. It alerts one to what is harmful. People try to “sugarcoat” things and distort the truth. Like sugar or salt in food, it makes food taste delicious.

The Ears – In the One, Out the Other

The ears pick up sounds, thoughts, and even vibrations, which aid in fulfilling our expectations of ourselves. Sadly the ears also sometimes filter what we hear, to only hear what we want to hear. They serve as a guidance system to ensure that we hear the truth from within.

When we engage in conversation with others this allows us to filter and arrive at an alternate conclusion as to what has happened. There are no such things as accidents or fate. We draw people to us and what they say can fulfill certain expectations we have about ourselves.

You can attain true consciousness only through a process of realization. If one wanted to reach this true consciousness one would need to go beyond your ego, to become one with your true self. You are the only one who can search within yourself to find truth, knowledge, and guidance. There is a wealth of information that you can perceive once you understand how to have eyes that see and ears that hear.

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