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Virgo Woman Cancer Man – Balanced Harmonious Match

Love Compatibility Between Virgo Woman Cancer Man

How compatible is Virgo woman Cancer man mentally, emotionally, and sexually? With the combination of earth and water, you can either find an ocean or mud. Such is the case between them.  She is steady while he is more emotional, which can cause too many waves. But if they find a balance they can flourish. Who is the best zodiac match for the Virgo woman? Find out!


Virgo Woman And Cancer Man Relationship – Pros

Both the female virgin and the male crab are quieter in a crowded room, which is how they find each other. The Virgo woman and Cancer man are both very intuitive and will connect immediately on that level. He is a deep thinker who appreciates her analytical nature, and she welcomes his keen observations.

The conversation continues into the night as they find more things in common. He is dependable and a homemaker, which draws her in as she prefers to stay home. And he’s not loud or flamboyant, which she prefers as a more conservative person. Dating a Virgo woman or dating a Cancer man means they are sensitive and delicate.


The Cancer man is a traditionalist which appeals to her grounded sense of reality, which helps her to decide to take things to the next level. Both sun signs enjoy romantic gestures, and their mutual intuition means they know how to please their lover.

The Cancer male in love is gentle and sensitive which she appreciates, and she returns the favor with her sensual techniques. And being so perceptive, they both can satisfy their partner without having to ask what they want. This creates a mutually gratifying experience on that level with excellent love compatibility.


Since they both enjoy a slow, sensuous style, they should be able to come back together and find a complementary approach that works for each zodiac sign. And since she is a perfectionist and he is willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy his mate, the match will both work to improve their sex life. Read more about Cancer man sex traits and Virgo woman sex traits.

virgo woman cancer man

Virgo Woman Cancer Man Relationship – Cons

The only snag the couple comes across is his emotional state. His mood swings can drive her crazy as the Virgo female is much too cool to allow her feelings to get the better of her. Once they get further into the relationship, they will discover some differences in their approach to their sexual union. She enjoys a more physical experience while he is fairly sentimental.


So Virgo compatibility may find it difficult to maintain a satisfying relationship between the sheets. She will have to appeal to his sensitivity, and he will have to be steadier in his lovemaking. Outside of the bedroom, the pair will have to continue to work to maintain harmony between her cool attitude and his mood swings.

The couple share many personality traits regarding their career, finances, and social life, but differ in their approach to love and romance. Although they both take their time in deciding to commit, she thinks about it methodically while he relies on his feelings in this Cancer compatibility.

The Virgo woman in love will have to be careful not to criticize her Cancer partner, or else he will retreat into his shell. She takes her time thinking about the correct resolution, so their arguments may last for a long time. She will simply have to be patient with his changing moods, and the Cancer male will have to come to understand her sometimes detached manner.


Virgo is a mutable earth sign whereas Cancer is a cardinal water sign, the Virgo woman Cancer man compatibility gets a FOUR Hearts rating. But both of them are devoted signs and will put in the effort to make this pairing work. If they can adjust to some of their partner’s quirks and focus on their strengths, this couple will stay together for the long haul. The Virgo woman Cancer man love match is made for a lifetime.

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