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Celtic Cross Meaning: Ancient Strategy

Celtic Cross Meaning: A Great Foundation

Celtic Cross meaning signifies that you will feel a little better if you work by faith constantly and avoid working by sight in whichever way. Besides, you need to realize that your victory is coming. So, you have to be wise enough to make great decisions that will make your life great. You will overcome any obstacle that you will face in your life. There will come a time when you will be rejoining for the great things you are earning in your life. Notably, it is not a coincidence that you are facing some changes now. Equally, you need to see an opportunity inside a change.


On the other hand, Celtic cross symbolism implies that you should continue doing the right thing, and your future will have endless blessings. Besides, do not let the changes you are facing now discourage you from living the life you want. Remember that you were born to become a great person. So, you need to become your director and take yourself to the position that you want. You need to have better qualities and ask everything in faith, and you will become great. Equally, keep working hard try to transform your ways, and stick to a spiritual path.


What Does A Celtic Cross Mean?

Celtic cross symbolic meaning shows the signs of improvements. It is just a matter of time before you see great changes happening in your life. Besides, do not allow someone to fool you that you are not in the right direction. Precisely if you are taking a spiritual path, then no one should question your ways because you are in the right direction. Equally, something amazing will happen in your future. Therefore, you should be happy about the pain that you are going through because you know that someday it will be over.


According to Celtic Cross symbolism, it is encouraging to earn your wealth through good ways. In other words, you never used any shortcuts, and you did not become greedy for money. Specifically, this season you are going to receive endless blessings because of the good work you are doing. Sometimes meeting changes will make you become a better person. More so, you should know the people to hang around in life. Equally, you are going to be happy because you have been patient all your entire life for this moment.

Origin of the Celtic Cross

The Celtic cross is sometimes called the Celtic sun cross. The basic form of a Celtic cross is a simple cross with a circle around the intersection of the stem and arms. Celtic crosses are connected to all those of the Celtic background. However, they likely began in Gaelic Ireland. It is thought that Irish missionaries brought the Christian religion and the Celtic cross to Scotland, Wales, and parts of England. However, it is not well documented.


There is a variation of the Celtic cross called the Celtic or Irish High Cross. They have a longer stem than the regular Celtic crosses. Besides, they are usually connected to Christian Ireland. They likely began around the 8th century. Irish High Crosses were used to mark religious locations.

However, they were used to mark places where a lot of people came together. They were used as a marker for a person who was famous or important.

Different Meanings of the Celtic Cross

There are a few different things that the circle of the Celtic cross could mean. It could symbolize the Roman god of the sun, Invictus. Those who believe that call the cross the Celtic sun cross. There is the light that is coming your way. That light will direct you to the destination you want. In other words, you need to know the role of visions in your life. Visions can show you what you are aiming for amid darkness. Equally, you need to train yourself to do the things that you have been taught. Construct your life now by building a great foundation.

Circle as a Halo

Christians tend to believe the circle is a halo. The halo symbolizes Jesus Christ. Monks that were Christian might have put together the two ideas to make the idea more appealing to Irish pagans. However, there was a practical use for the circle. The crosses that were built and sculpted tended to break at the intersection. The circle would have reinforced the structure. The whole cross would have been stronger. It would have been able to stand up to any weather.

The basic form of a Celtic cross is a simple cross with a circle around the intersection of the stem and arms

The Celtic Cross combined Catholicism from medieval times and ancient Celtic beliefs. Each arm of the cross will represent one of four pearls of wisdom. Remember that the wisdom you have will help you create the life that you want to exist in. Besides, when you stick to a spiritual path, then you will be blessed by the gift of wisdom. Notably, wisdom will get you whatever you want in life.

The circle of the cross will represent the unity of wisdom. The center of the cross is the focus. The Celtic cross can symbolize navigation. The cross can act as a compass to guide people through their spiritual beliefs.

Celtic Cross Symbol Meaning

As a navigation symbol, the Celtic cross can be spiritual, temporal, or cyclical. The cross will help people focus when they feel overwhelmed. It can help move people in the correct direction. It can help people keep their spirits grounded. The cross will represent self, nature, divine, and wisdom with its four arms. The four arms can help to get people to correct their course in life and stay on the right path.

The Celtic cross will represent the change of the four seasons. It will symbolize the four fire festivals the Celts celebrated. Fire festivals were very important to the Celts. They symbolized a change for them. They were stable in a world that was not. More so, they used the cross as a cyclical navigation tool. They used them to navigate time. The cross was used to show the difference between night and day. The short, horizontal arm would be a horizon. The top half would be when the sun rises, and the bottom half would be when the sunset. The circle of the cross would represent the earth.

Generally, Celtic Cross signs show that you are going to win your race because you are making great moves. In other words, you should train yourself how to finish harder and try to make things happen. Whatever you will become in the future is determined by the things you are doing today. Perhaps, you need to take yourself outside from the darkness of the world. Equally, you will become a better person if you can believe in yourself and be courageous enough to face any obstacle.


Celtic Cross symbolism signifies that giving up is one of the great mistakes that people make in life. In other words, you should be strong enough to keep yourself on track until you achieve your dream. Perhaps, you need to master your world to understand how to become in charge. Probably, you have the power to manage the things you do as you find your area of gift. Equally, when you find your gift, then you will change to be a person of purpose.

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