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Weeding Through Saturn

Saturn’s Magickal Plants

Finding a Saturnine plant that is both magickally and medicinally useful that also has a culinary component for the budding hedge witch is extremely difficult, because a great majority of the Saturnine plants are poisonous. Belladonna, most varieties of Nightshade, Yew – poison!


There are very few edible plants that fall under the influence of Saturn. The most commonly referenced edible plant were red beets, and their magickal uses were extremely limited. They could be used in love spells or as a symbolic substitute for blood. Neither of these purposes would be incredibly useful in a traditional Saturnine working in astrology, though!


While there were plenty of plants with magickal and medical uses, I struggled to find one that could also be used in food preparation. After an exhaustive amount of research, I came across hemp. Due to the fact that hemp cultivation and/or possession is illegal in many parts of the United States, I thought long and hard before including this information in this series of articles.


So, before I dive any deeper into this topic, let me provide the necessary legal disclaimers. Before you begin developing a relationship with this herb, make sure to check the laws of the land where you live.

Planet Saturn is known for helping us learn our lessons, restriction (read: possible “jail time” on this particular topic), and bringing the smack-down of authority upon our heads. You don’t want to experience that particular side of the Saturnine energies if you can avoid it.


That said, hemp and marijuana are different. I am not advocating for the legalization of marijuana in this article, but it is worth noting that they are actually different varieties of the same species of plant. To put that another way, we’re talking about the equivalent of the difference between your Yorkie puppy and a wild Timber Wolf. Unlike hemp, marijuana has high THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) levels, which produce the symptoms and feelings that we have all come to associate with marijuana use.


Saturnine Magickal Herb – Hemp

If you have checked out the laws where you live, and you determine that you are permitted to grow hemp, read on and feel free to implement this information into your personal practice as you see fit. If you found out that you are not permitted to grow hemp, find out whether you are allowed to own hemp products.

Many clothing companies are beginning to recognize the value of hemp as a fabric. If your government will allow you to own hemp-based products, you may have to settle for developing your relationship with this plant without growing it in your garden.

Magickally, hemp has been used in love spells, but it has also been used for developing psychic powers, like scrying. Scott Cunningham recommends creating a mixture of mugwort and hemp to use as an incense, which could be used to produce a trance state. Hemp may also be used to drive out illness. The juice from the plant may be used to anoint divination tools.

The modern medical community is beginning to discover many wonderful uses for this species of plant. It’s ability to alleviate pain seems like just the beginning. I won’t advocate for all its medical benefits here. Partly because I don’t know them well-enough to speak intelligently on them, but I will say that if this area of research is interesting to you, it is well-worth exploring. You may find a plethora of useful information.

As for the culinary components of hemp, they are even more bountiful than the possible medical advances that could be made by exploring the options associated with this plant. Ryan Zale, executive chef at Local Chop & Grill House, teaches classes on how to use in your kitchen.

Regardless of what your level of involvement with hemp is going to be, remember to do your research before you work with this plant on any level, or you may be reaping more than you sowed!

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