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Jealousy: Is It A Sign Of Love?

Is It a Sign of Love?: Jealousy

Jealousy is digestible when taken in pieces but not as a whole. Yes, it is okay to feel jealous once in a while, but it can put an end to your relationship when overly taken. As a result, the couple will have repercussions as jealousy gets out of control. The question is, is it a sign of love or a relationship killer? Let’s find out.


What is Jealousy?

It is a widely base term that is shortly regarded as an insecure feeling or envy one feels for someone. It can either be your best friend or closest partner. Also, it often strikes when a person feels humiliated and threatened. But when a spouse becomes suspicious over something in an intense way, that is not love but jealousy.


Why People Get Jealous

People get jealous (me included) for various reasons, but it is very normal to feel this once in a while. It is now certain that jealousy will forever be part of our daily lives. Be it in our relationships or at work; it will forever live among us. People get suspicious when threatened by other people whom they cherish to the core. That is why they love out of fear of rejection of being replaced.

When a person is possessed with fear, envy, jealousy, and anger controls one’s thoughts and feelings. It can be a fear of rejection or losing the love of your life. Another thing that causes envy is being insecure.


Signs of Jealousy

When it comes to love, jealousy plays a major role. In fact, it is the main focal point that makes you weigh your partner’s actions. When two become one, insecurity starts to rule your world. You start to wonder whether they might be having an eye for someone else. Worry less because it happens, and it’s very normal.


Low Self-esteem

If you don’t have confidence and faith in yourself, don’t expect your partner to trust you 100%. Low self-esteem leads to insecurity in oneself as well as other people. To get better, you have to let go of the past and appreciate your partner as your own.

Blame Games

Okay, it’s now time to consider if you are suffering from envy or your partner. Your partner might have endless reasons to be jealous of your actions, but how about you? Meeting in the middle is the key. To let go of the blame games and heartaches, learn to cooperate and be kind, always.

Mood Swings

When things turn haywire and envy starts to rule, that’s a jealous partner. It is vital to approach certain ways with comfort. Also, note that your partner will once in a while find an admiring and charming person. So it’s up to you to either take everything lightly or learn to cope with the situation.

Healthy Versus Unhealthy Jealousy

Healthy jealousy is when a person keeps their envy under control. Close to 70% of relationships experience healthy jealousy, which is okay. Healthy jealousy encourages a person to improve their ways. If you envy your best friend’s car, you might want to work harder for a more advanced model in the future.

  • A person, who possesses healthy jealousy, carries with them the following traits:
  • Feeling it’s okay for your partner to talk with the opposite sex
  • Accepting that your SO can choose anyone they like as a friend
  • Focusing on your to-do lists but in moderation
  • Calls you when need be and not now and then or after a few minutes

Unhealthy Jealousy

When it comes to unhealthy jealousy, a person becomes over-possessive over mere issues such as a call or text. They can also “mute” you just because of intense jealousy. The person considers your work, and you can’t do anything without their approval. Other factors to consider include:

  • Wanting to spend loads of time together
  • Wanting to know about your whereabouts by calling and texting regularly
  • The said person wants to control your life, especially in the social forums
  • It accuses you of flirting even when not
  • It makes you let go of things that you like
  • Scrolling on your social media accounts to see any fishy details

End Point

Jealousy could indeed be a sign of love or not. It all depends on how you act when caught up with the emotion. You can’t escape both, so it’s either you are very cold or boiling. I mean that subtle or healthy jealousy is a sign of love but not unhealthy jealousy. On the contrary, it is close to impossible to avoid these feelings. But it is possible to control your own emotions and feelings. Instead of ignoring certain issues, maturely access your thoughts and act accordingly. Don’t let jealousy control your anger.

Dreaming of Jealousy

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