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Blue Star Wicca – Wiccan Traditions

Blue Star Wicca Tradition – Introduction

Blue Star Wicca was created in the mid-1970s, originally established as a single coven in Pennsylvania. It grew over the next couple of decades to become a network of well over a dozen covens all practicing a recognizable framework. The blue star portion of the name is representative of the blue heptagram that is the symbol of the tradition.


The founder of the Blue-Star Wiccan tradition was Frank Duffner, who along with Tzipora Katz and Kenny Klein, helped to establish the faith across the country in several different branches. They were traveling musicians, and as part of their travels would have small study groups across the US in brief visits, and later by cassette and phone call.


Blue Star Wiccan Practices

The group is primarily organized as a hierarchical, mystery-based Pagan tradition that was inspired by and has roots in the Alexandrian tradition. Most covens use the grove system established by the first Blue Star coven.


Blue Star Wiccan tradition comprised of uninitiated members and students who serve in an outer court, and initiated members making up an inner court. Both these courts are overseen by a Third Degree High Priest and High Priestesses.


There are two degrees available before initiation, dedication, and neophyte. There is no compulsion to advance beyond Dedicant. But neophytes are intended and expected to begin their teaching and move on past that point. This leads to a complete listing of all possible ranks including dedicant, neophyte, first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree members of the coven.

The founder of Blue-Star Wiccan tradition was Frank Duffner

Core Beliefs

There are 11 core beliefs of Blue-Star Wicca, being as follows:

    • A round altar will stand in the middle of the circle with Wicca tools placed appropriately.
    • There are liturgical songs that are important for many aspects of the ceremony.

    • Children are to be welcome at blue-star circles.
    • The 8 Wiccan Sabbats, and 26 Esbats (Three a month, including new and full moon esbats) are practiced.
    • There are 8 paths of power, relating to each of the Sabbats on the wheel of the year.
    • Worship of the Gods takes precedence over the working of magick.

  • The Wiccan Rede is recognized and respected.
  • The Tenets of Faith are the cornerstones of our living philosophy.
  • While we see neither men nor women as superior, some gender-specificity is observed.
  • Most groups operate in a hierarchical structure.
  • Each group is autonomous but seeks to maintain a connection with other groves.


Blue-Star Wicca often speaks of itself as a teaching religion, meaning that knowledge is passed down from teacher to student, rather than produced in any written format. Priests and Priestesses of the second degree are considered clergy and are responsible for ministering and teaching students of lesser degree. Third Degrees alone may perform initiations into the tradition.

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