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Kua Number

Kua number is one of the immensely popular methods of prophecy. Kua number is basically an adherent of the eight mansions of Feng Shui which over the years has gained immense popularity all over the world. It helps a person in the detailed analysis of that person’s destiny.

There are a number of things that the Kua Number tells a person like the auspicious and inauspicious colors, the lucky and the lucky numbers and the directions which must be avoided for safe keeping.

The analysis of direction has a special significance in Feng Shui Kua Number. This is because one needs to eat, sit, sleep and drink in accordance with the auspicious directions. The most important auspicious directions are Health direction, success direction, romance direction, relationship direction and last but by far not the least, Personal development direction. Each of these has special significance.

The relationship and romance direction helps in reducing the disputes with family members and loved ones and this in turn increases the love quotient. The health direction, otherwise known as Tien Yi, guarantees good health.

The success direction (Sheng Chi), as the name suggests is indicative of the direction that will help in amassing wealth and prosperity. Fu Wei or the Personality development direction is for stability by strengthening the thought process and increasing the humility of a person.

Total Loss (Chueh Ming) direction, Six Killing or Obstacle (Liu Sha) direction, Five Ghosts or Illness direction (Wu Kuei) and Mishaps (Hou Hai) direction are the major inauspicious directions. These ought to be avoided. The total loss direction is for misfortune.

Obstacle direction is for legal problems and persistent illness. Five ghosts or illness direction leads to illness in family and some scandalous event and the Mishap direction is about money loss.

Kua Number

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In addition to the directions, the five elements also affect a person’s destiny and persona in different ways. The five elements are water, earth, metal, wood and fire.

The element fire is reflective of the passion and enthusiasm in a person and suggests that the person is gregarious by nature. The person with fire element normally has a magnetic personality.

People with wood element are usually devoted to their work. These people are usually guided by their urge to reach the top and become famous.

The people with metal element are usually introverts and believe in introspection. These people are usually martinets and believe in quality rather than quantity.  The element makes people loyal and dependable. These people are humble by nature and have strong roots.

The people with element water are adaptable and flexible. Though these people appear to be nonchalant, they are quite restless.

According to the rules of Kua number or Gua number personal performances can be improved with colours. Different colors are auspicious in different ways for different people. Colors help in success, love, health and the overall personal growth of person. Some colours are negative because they drain people of their energy.

Thus the whole shebang included in Kua number guides a person on the path to a better future if the needful is done for 2014-2015.

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