Angel Number 848 Meaning

Significance & Meaning Of Angel Number 848

848 has been stalking you. It seems to show up everywhere you go. It is funny how you are the only one who seems to see it. The angels want you to know something.

Spiritual tug of war is the meaning of the repetition number 848. This is the battle between you and your faith. You are in a new place of work. The promotion was a blessing and you appreciate it. This new place has an issue with your religion. People tend to isolate you because of your faith. You feel as though you want to hide you faith from people. You just want to have friends. You miss your old job.

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The angels for number 848 want you to keep your faith strong. Do not let your personal agenda affect your faith. Be strong and the angels will help you with all your problems.

angel number 848

Angel Number 848 Meaning

Angel number 848 could mean a lot of things to the custodian. Number 8 is a symbol of evolution. It is mentioned twice in this angel number as 88. Number 4 is a number of protection. This is immunity from all evil. 48 is a number of sequence. It is a progression number. 84 and 48 have a lot in common from the digits 4 and 8.

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Rebirth is mentioned by angel number 848. This is the birth of something or someone similar to a person who is no longer in existence. You have a newborn in the family. You are very happy for this baby. You feel very blessed. This occasion has been awaited for too long.

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The angels want you to know that someone has returned to you. Their character will be evident in this child. You will see a familiar personality as the child grows into an adult. This occurrence is a gift and should not be taken for granted.

A breakthrough is coming to the custodian of number meaning 848. You are going to find a way to succeed. You have been working very hard. The things you have accomplished are miracles considering your work environment. The guardian angels have seen your hard work. Your sacrifice will not go unrewarded. Everything you have done will be compensated. It is your time to shine. A breakthrough is right around the corner.

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