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Angel Number 157 Meaning: Great Adversity

Angel Number 157: Rekindle your Passion

Angel number 157 is a cue from the divine forces that you have to focus on your spiritual enlightenment because now is the right time. More so, you are worthy of your success because you are willing to work hard no matter what. Besides, you should always take advantage of the time you have now and direct yourself to a better future. Perhaps, you have to love what you do and have the ambition to do great.

Significance of Angel Number 157

Things you should know about 157 is that today is the right time to go after your dreams and to make positive changes. On the other hand, you need to realize that good times are ahead of you, and so you need to work hard as you forge forward.

Do you think there is a deep connection between you and the number 157? Because you can swear, you see it everywhere these days. It was the lucky number that slipped out of the cereal box you were pouring this morning. Your child’s school bus is number 157. Your child is learning to count big numbers and even wrote the number 157 on your humid bathroom mirror.

157 Numerology

Now you feel like the number is stalking you. Like it is obsessed with showing itself to you. Not to worry. These are your spirit angels trying to get to you. They have a message with angel number 157 they believe will assist you in conquering your journey and coming out victorious.

Angel Number 157 Meaning

Angel number 157 has number 1, 5, 7 in the series. Number 1 of 157 stands for victory and success. It represents accomplishment and achievements beyond one’s imagination. This number is all about you striving towards making it big and reaching for your goals. It is about vanquishing fear and anything else that keeps you from reaching your goal to realize your full potential.

Number 5 of 157 represents the charge and childlike energy in you. It shows your love for life and its adventures. It is the spirit that refuses to quit even in the face of great adversity. Number 5 stands for the opportunity for expansion that lies ahead of you and how your free spirit of adventure wishes to seize this opportunity.

What does 157 mean?

These angel numbers require you to adapt well to change, be versatile and flexible in the wake of transformation, and keep your hopes up. Always hope for the best. Hope clears your mind, and you are able to see clearly, while doubts create a mental haze.

Number 7 out of 157 represents the awakening taking place within you to realize the opportunities ahead of you and your readiness to make use of them. Your angels want you to grow in wisdom and rekindle your passion. They want you to take on each day with zeal and fire.

Angel number 157 symbolism asks you to face each day with the determination to conquer. They wish to remind you that each day presents an opportunity to be a winner and grow in the journey to your destiny.

angel number 157

Discover new ways to conquer. Discover new ways to be of service to your fellow human beings. Seek to grow daily, but most of all, seek to inspire growth in others.

Biblical Meaning of 157 Angel Number

157 spiritually means that it takes determination and perseverance to take a spiritual path. Basically, it is not easy to take that path, but your ambition will push you to. Notably, a spiritual path will give you better results within the right time.


Seeing 157 everywhere implies that life can be hard sometimes but how you handle it depends on your belief system. Therefore, you need to set your belief system in such a way that you can face every change with courage in any place. Equally, great things will start attracting you.

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