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angel number 1148

Angel Number 1148 Meaning: Qualities Of Self-Sufficiency

Angel Number 1148: Embrace Every Change

Angel number 1148 is a sign from the spiritual realm that you have to be willing to handle everything that you will face in your life. In other words, you should embrace every change without fear because you have the ability to overcome them.


Significance of Angel Number 1148

1148 angel number is made up of the number 1, which conveys the qualities of self-sufficiency. More so, taking the initiative and persistent motivation. The number 1 is an indication to us that our lives and our destinies are pre-determined only by ourselves. The 1 appears alongside another 1, making it an 11.


Number 11 relates to the concepts of newfound enlightenment and spiritual discoveries about one’s self. The number 11 tells us that it is crucial to get in touch with our inner selves. Probably, in order to fulfill the grander plan of our true purposes and spiritual missions on this Earth.


1148 Numerology

Number 4 shows the characteristics of hard work and determination. Moreover, it shows self-motivation that is necessary to fuel its attributes. 4 pertains to sound planning, moral values such as honesty and diligence, and the desire to make progress in one’s life goals. This angel number also relates to our overall enthusiasm. On the other hand, you should have a passion for achieving our higher purposes.


Number 8 emphasizes the power of self-governing and disciplining one’s self. This guardian angel also adds to the embracing of being free. Mostly focus on the materialistic elements of the world, as well as self-assurance and reliability. The number 8 is also related to the universal concept of actions and consequences.

Angel Number 1148 Meaning

14 number combines the vibrations of the numbers 1 and 4, which creates stability and balance in your life. This number is a sign conveying the accomplishments of your spiritual and personal objectives through your hard work and persistence. The message of this is to keep focusing on the more effective, positive energies that surround you. Perhaps, not to allow bad ones to interfere with your spiritual and personal development.

114 is a mix of the attributes of 1, 11, and 4. The significant message of this number is to keep pursuing your hopes and dream with a positive attitude. Basically, you should be embracing personal goals with caution. Hence it will bring achievement in your finances and career as well as with other life matters. 114 assures you that all of your deepest, most genuine aspirations are being taken care of.

What does 1148 mean?

148 angel number and number 48 resonate with the qualities of taking the initiative and self-governance. This number is a reassurance from the angels you are being taken care of in your career and monetary well-being. Besides, you should be considering a dramatic change in your career. Perhaps, 148 suggests that now may be the most opportune time to do so.

1148 angel number is a sign from above that your self-sufficiency needs are your responsibility to care of in your time of need. Important, potentially life-changing options that pertain to your employment and financial status are being taken care of. Because of this, you can rest assured that the angels are taking care of your financial well-being and overall stability.

angel number 1148

Biblical Meaning of 1148 Angel Number

Basically, you are feeling the need to chase a career based on spirituality. Besides, angel number 1148 suggests that now is the time to put this plan into action.

This number is a sign of encouragement and approval from the guardian angels. By pursuing a career pertaining to your spirituality, you are opening yourself up for success and the fulfillment of your true, greater purpose.

Facts About 1148

However, 1148 symbolism suggests that you are one of your own greatest assets. By actively seeking knowledge and maintaining a desire to grow, you will achieve success in finding your spiritual purpose.


Seeing 1148 everywhere implies that you should constantly go after your dreams because this is the right moment.

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