Angel Number 148 Meaning

Significance & Meaning Of Angel Number 148

Since time immemorial people have used coded language to pass information. Especially if they don’t want other people to find out what message is being passed across. These messages were written in the form of numbers.

The person who it was intended for would always understand it once they received it. For you who have been coming across angel number 148 daily, that is a spiritual message being passed to you by your guardian spirits. This is the message being relayed to you by your angel.

angel number 148

Angel Number 148 Meaning

Is there something or someone that is a dead weight in your life? Angel number one is telling you that the time has come for you to let go of the old and start afresh. Let go of bad habits that are inhibiting your advancement in life. Create personal space in your life where there’s room for you to explore your abilities and strengths. Associate yourself more with progressive people who will be a pedestal for you to be able to advance. Don’t be an average person but set high standards for yourself, this will encourage you to work much harder.

We go to school for a reason, to acquire knowledge and sharpen skills and talents that we have. Angel number 4 symbolism is telling you to use what you have. Are you good in giving out ideas or getting ideas from others and expounding on them? Use the knowledge and skills that you have to progress yourself. Give credit to others if you made use of their ideas.

Are you a reliable person? That is what angelic number 8 is all about. Let other people come to you when they need something. Encourage them, give a helping hand. Your determination and self-confidence will also make you stand out from your peers. These attributes are what will make you be a leader in your own right.


What goes around comes around. That is the message from angel number 148 meaning. You do a good deed; in turn, you will receive in three folds. When your actions are the course of pain in another person’s life then the universe will do the same to you. Always strive to do good. You have all the guidance and support you need for your advancement in life from angel number 148.

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  1. I have seen the number 148 twice in two days.

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