How To Read Palms: The Head Line

How To Read Palms: The Head Line

Last article, we talked about the line that governs romance, this time, our palmistry discussion will tell you how to read the head line on your palm or someone else’s! Find out about someone’s intellectual potential with this information.

The head line is the line just below the heart line, generally starting high up toward the first knuckle of the index finger on the thumb side of the palm and running diagonally downward. It is the line that represents intellect, wisdom, intelligence, common sense, and all things related to the mind. Where the heart line deals with interactions with others, the head line deals mostly with a quality of the self.

head line
head line

If your head line is curved or has waves in it, it indicates that you tend to be a free spirit and are inclined to take action now and ask questions later.

It denotes that you live your life based on creativity and artistry. A straight line indicates that you prefer to be purely practical, live by establishing schedules and routines, and generally are a constant and level person. A line with a sharp angle in it means that you have periods of creativity followed by periods of stagnation or self-doubt.

If your line starts in the webbing between your thumb and forefinger, it generally denotes that you have great interest in intellectual pursuits, philosophy and the like. If it terminates on the little-finger side of your hand, it means that you would prefer to live in a time of revolution or constant change than a time of constant peace and quiet.

A long line denotes that you value pursuits of the mind more than you do pursuits of the body. You might go to attend a lecture over attending a dance class. A short line represents the opposite, that you value bettering your physical body before valuing your mind.

If your line is shallow or feathery, it may indicate that you tend to have several things going on at one time, where a deep and clear-cut line indicates focus and concentration. A line that starts strong but ends feathery can indicate that you like to start new projects but rarely finish them.

Cat’s-eye shapes in your line indicate an intellectual challenge, some sort of hardship that must be overcome. Several of these might indicate a very rough mental period of time through which one must progress. If your head line and your heart line meet, it means that you are extremely careful or picky in your partners.

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