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7 Feng Shui Tips To Protect Yourself

7 Feng Shui Tips to Protect Yourself

Feng Shui is all about balance and a healthy energy flow to keep you going when it is tough. You have to constantly protect yourself against negativity: backstabbers, thieves, and many incidents that serve to bring you down. You can guard against things that you do not see coming. Here are 7 Feng Shui tips to help protect yourself in two categories: wearables and movables.


Feng Shui Your Wearables

These days it is easy to find a Feng Shui wearable that looks good and can protect. They can be part of jewelry. Some are even carved onto watches or mobile phone straps. Having one on your side keeps you safe from specific harm.

Easy Feng Shui To Protect Yourself

#1. Dzi beads

Originates from Tibet, Dzi beads translate to shine or splendor. In Chinese, the dot is called heaven’s pearl. The most prized Dzi beads are found in nature, made from natural agate, and the ones excavated from old sites are more highly sought after due to their connection to their spiritual world and their protective powers.


You can easily buy a manufactured Dzi bead today. Just be wary of imitation. Dzi beads have circular designs or eyes on the stone, which is thought to ward against evil. You can wear Dzi beads as a necklace or a pendant to protect yourself from evil intentions.

#2. Mystic Knot

The most straightforward protection you can have is the mystic knot. It is six infinity symbols combined to form an endless knot, which seems like it has no start or end. In Feng Shui, it represents a harmonious and uninterrupted flow of auspicious energy. It is usually used for wealth, love, and hope for a good life. The mystic knot is also easily found in jewelry, watches, and clothing designs, popular in Feng Shui.


You do not have to show off your mystic knot; if you fear judgment or have a strict dress code, there is a good remedy. You do not have to tattoo it onto your skin, but find a sticker or print out a picture of a mystic knot. Keep that picture in your wallet or mobile phone, which will provide unseen protection.

#3. Chinese Coins

With Chinese Coins, this unique protection tip can be wearable or moveable, depending on your use. While it is best to use original antique Chinese coins with a hole in the middle, you can save money by purchasing imitations that cost a lot less. The amount you need depends on how you want to use it.


As personal protection against wealth loss, keep three coins tied together via a red string or ribbon in your wallet. If you have multiple wallets, you would need to fill all of them with coins.

The three coins in the red string that symbolize protection and prosperity will always follow you and protect you from wealth loss.

Feng Shui Tips to Protect Yourself: Movables

Chinese coins have many uses. The primary cure is finding a Chinese Coin sword and placing it in the family or living room, Slanting with a tip downwards towards a window or a door. Avoid hanging it directly in front of a person, as the sword would ‘slash’ the person’s luck.

A coin sword should be composed of 108 coins tied together with a red string or ribbon, preferably from Ching dynasty coins made from bronze or brass. You can find smaller sword versions, but they are nowhere near as powerful as a protection remedy.

In business, hang the sword behind your desk in the office, as it will protect bad employees or shifty clients if you are in retail and have three coins with red strings.

#1. Bottle Gourd/ Wu Lou

The symbol of health, the bottle gourd, is frequently used in Chinese myths and folklore to trap evil spirits that bring illness. If you feel ill vibes, use the wu you to trap it. This protection method works best to ward against evil spirits that make you ill. While nowadays, you can find tiny gourds made from metal as a bracelet. The original-sized bottle gourd works a lot better. You have to place it on both sides of the bed, as evil spirits tend to attack when you are asleep.

When buying your Wu Lou, make sure that the gourd is heavy and has a red backing underneath it. The red cloth serves to bind the evil spirits and not let them out. Once you feel that a Wu Lou has done its job, dispose of it by burning it (if you have the dried fruit variety) or placing it under sunlight to burn off the evil spirits stuck inside.

#2. Fu Dogs

The imperial lions are Feng Shui symbols from Traditional Chinese lore. They are not dogs but lions that guard important places like temples, palaces, and government offices from evil spirits. With wealth comes a wealthy family’s desire to place them outside their home.

Fu Dogs have to be placed in a pair, and the male dog holds a globe under his right paw, a symbol of domain and protection. The female holds a cub under her left paw, a sign of protective instincts. Lions are not indigenous Chinese animals, and legends have it that Buddhist Dharma was introduced during the Han dynasty.

While size does not matter, the placement of the Fu Dogs is more critical. If you have a small house, you can place smaller statutes to prevent sound energy from entering; so long as your Fu Dogs look fearsome and dedicated to guarding your home.

Stand facing your main door on the outside. The male dog with the globe should be on your right, and its partner on your left. Do not forget to cleanse protective objects by placing them under sunlight for three to four hours every few months to regenerate their protective properties.

#3. Feng Shui Tips to Protect Yourself: Chi Lin

The mythical creature with the head of a dragon, a horse’s body, and the carp fish’s scales. In some texts, it is also known as the Dragon Horse of the Chinese Unicorn.

The chi lin is a strong protection against evil spirits and brings prosperity only when placed correctly. In the home, Chi Lin reigns supreme as the house’s spiritual guardian. Hence, do not confine its powers to the rooms. Instead, it has to be placed near the main entrance or in the family room.

You can usually find Chi Lin with a pearl either under its claw or in its jaws, place them away from the front door, or face the house to signify bringing in wealth from the outside. The Dragon pearl symbolizes an abundance of opportunities and power.

It is wise not to place too many dragons at home, not social creatures. Five is probably the maximum amount without backlash. To protect your romance corner, you can place a pair of Chi Lins if you suspect your relationship is under attack. Avoid placing your dragon above your eye level, as it might miss the spirits beneath it.

#4. Element Pagoda

In Flying Star Feng Shui, a smaller teaching branch noted that an affliction star changes yearly. This  Annual Star 5 is the evilest star of Wu Wang in Chinese. It is an earth element affliction and can bring loss and obstacles.

The wisest course is to leave the area alone and place metal elements to reduce the earth’s influence on the star. To calculate the area afflicted, you can match the star to the birth date of the breadwinner. Do this annually after the Chinese New Year,  followed by the lunar calendar.

Wu Wang is the nastiest of all afflictions, and not all protection remedies are potent against it. If you feel you are the target, the best way is to pile metal items on the corner. A remedy that works well to protect you from the Annual Star 5 is placing the five metal element Pagoda in the corner of the affliction.

If you are unsure where it is, get a smaller version to wear on yourself at all times. Three horizontal lines symbolize heaven and metal if you can find a Trigram “Chien.” The trigram acts like a small protection symbol.

Feng Shui tips are easy to follow to protect yourself from evil spirits, poison arrows, and ill vibes. You can find these items easily online, and they have few consequences even if you use them wrong by mistake.

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