Feng Shui Poison Arrows – Unwanted Sha Chi

Feng Shui Poison Arrows – Unwanted Sha Chi

Balancing negatives and positives energies of places and things are the correct answer to what is Feng Shui. There are almost countless components that we come across in the Feng Shui system. To live the ultimate healthy lifestyle, some choose to incorporate Feng Shui into their life.

It is undoubtedly critical to learn and use all the aspects that this system has established. Taking that into note, we come across the objective of identifying poison arrows. There are said to be any dangerous sharp objects pointing toward the home or outside the home. Let’s further discuss these strange arrows.

Types of Sha Chi

Naturally There Poison Arrows

Poison arrows or Sha Chi in Feng Shui are believed to bring very negative energy and outcomes to a person’s life. The natural poison arrows can be seen from a tree branch, a rock, or many other earthly elements shaped like an arrow. It is said in the world of Feng Shui never even to enter an area where these are objects are found.

Feng Shui is very much all about the atmosphere, and these are one of the worse things that can take place. Immediately, you should remove yourself so no harm may come in your direction whether physically or mentally in your life. You must always remain cautious of the naturally formed poison arrows for it plainly shows no good things in store for you.

Created Poison Arrows

I cannot stress how big these arrows issues are in the Feng Shui lifestyle. Taking another look into, there are only two types of poison arrows. One that comes from nature and others that are created physically. This list can include anything that forms into, again, that shape like the edges of a window frame, the corners of two streets connecting and more.

It is rather more complex than it looks. You have to be in tune with your inner and outer senses to see these type of arrows. It’s kind of like the game I spy, but it keeps repeating the same thing in different styles.

How To Get Rid Of Poison Arrows?

How do you get rid of poison arrows if you do find them. Surely these are some things that we have to pay special attention to. They can be avoided by selected an area that doesn’t have any of the harmful arrows. Check the environment surrounding the home and do a careful analysis.

Remember, the natural arrows are believed to be sha chi. In Chinese culture, it is evil energy that poses a threat to those around. If nature made, the best thing to do is get rid of it the moment you see. Altogether it can spread the sha chi by tampering with as well. It is something to stay away from.

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So you know now what is a poison arrow now, how they are created, formed, and the effects they cause or bring. In Feng Shui, it is a big stop sign and must be avoided at all times.

feng shui poison arrows

This sha chi has be dated years back and many strange, bizarre, and unusual acts of destruction around. Almost like a scary movie where you come face to face with death, it is again vital of an unwanted part of Feng Shui.

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