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Tips To Knowing Your Animal Totem

How To Choose Your Animal Totem?

Whether you are new or are a veteran in the realm of understanding natural energy through a spiritual lens, knowing your animal totem and making a connection can be challenging.


In your exploration, you will undoubtedly be flooded with various information and potential interpretations that might seem a bit overwhelming or inapplicable to your current set of circumstances.


However, do not let this deter you from continuing on your spiritual quest. Like any relationship, finding your animal totem requires effort, give-and-take, honesty, and time.


Exploring animal meanings, identifying your totem, and understanding its spiritual messages and teachings is a journey filled with exploration. For this journey to be successful, you must be willing to follow a few crucial steps.


Knowing your animal totem

Steps In Finding Your Animal Guide

First, it is necessary to take time for silent meditation daily. If you are serious about finding and building a relationship with nature, a dedicated routine must be employed.

During this time, your goal should be to connect with your totem on the same energetic level. As energy, especially that of animals, is expansive, we must make space for it in our hearts and minds.


Empty these spaces, ridding yourself of the judgments, stresses, limitations, emotional clutter, and other negativity that characterize your daily mentality. Allow your mind to relax and focus on the present (as in every passing second), and the stillness that ensues will bring your mind to a place where it can connect with your totem.

Concentrate on being open and receptive to communication from your spiritual guide, no matter how subtle it may be. When you do this, you are permitting the negative and oppressive notions to be replaced by the virtues, wisdom, and teachings of your totem.

Sometimes, even the best meditation will produce results that you may not immediately comprehend. This is where research becomes a critical part of spiritually engaging with your animal totem.

Living in this style requires a significant commitment of energy. You must understand the attributes of your animal totem if you wish to accurately perceive its guidance.

Read about the animal, watch videos, and/or observe them in nature, if possible. It is essential to do this because, in doing so, you are demonstrating your earnest and sincere commitment to the totem, which will enhance both the connection and your awareness.

You cannot expect the animal to simply present itself to you, flaunting its characteristics and hand-delivering its wisdom to you. Observation is critical to success in this spiritual realm. The more you practice it, the clearer the energy and messages are to interpret.


How To Tell If This Is Your Animal Totem?

Knowing your totem involves much more than merely asking yes or no questions and expecting simple, immediate answers. The relationship that you develop with the natural world is not about getting what you want, nor is it about forcing something that is not there.

You should seek out your spirit animal only when you are ready to be open to a deeper kind of wisdom. Remember, this is a mutual connection and you cannot simply call upon your animal at will.

Respect and care must be given to be received. Your animal totem will give more (thus allowing you to gain more) when you are open to all possibilities and paths.

The most useful thing to remember throughout any spiritual venture is that your insights, impulses, and “gut feelings” are the best impressions that are available to you. Only you can truly know yourself and the deepest desires and feelings in your heart.

Viewing other people’s perspectives may be useful as well, but when it comes down to it, your own opinion and interpretation will always be the best for you. Do not be afraid of your readings and inclinations.

A healthy and positive relationship with nature, specifically your animal totem, encourages you to figure out aspects of your personality and life yourself. It is an empowering relationship – trust it. After all, it is not you that chooses the animal totem: it chooses you.

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