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Are Pets Ruining Your Relationship?

Are Pets Ruining Your Relationship

It may sound silly but are pets coming between you and your partner? Does your significant other complain that you pay more attention to your dog or cat than to him or her?

Is your pet truly ruining your relationship or is something else going on? Is your partner using your animal as an excuse to argue or fight? Find out if he or she is upset about something else. If they keep insisting they are upset over your pet, really look at the relationship you have with your pet. Are you sacrificing time and effort you could be spending on your partner for your pet instead?


Do you let your pet sleep with you? Does your animal sit next to you on the couch? Do you bring them with you in the car? Do you ever cancel on your lover to spend time with your pet? If you answered yes to these questions, you may be spending too much time with your pet. If you spouse is complaining you need to address these issue before it ruins your relationship!


Another reason pets come between two people is the work to take care of them! Is some one slacking on their chores? Do you argue over who has to clean up after them or whose turns it is to play or walk with them? To stop the insanity, create a chore chart! Or tackle the chores together!


Walking the dog together or giving him a bath together could turn into a romantic encounter rather than a boring obligation. Make it fun! Play games or spray each other with bath water. Animals are like kids. They need and want attention but it is more fun when you want to give them that attention so figure out how to make it fun for you!


Also don’t be afraid to lay down the law with your pet. If your dog keeps barking while you are spending some quality time with your man than let your dog know this is not okay. Make sure he is fed and walked ahead of time and then tell him to stop! Make sure to spend quality time alone with your pet and alone with your partner. If you can, spend quality time with both your pet and your partner together as well. This way everyone can get along and enjoy each other’s company!


Pet Vs Lover?

If it is a matter of who is going to sleep in the bed with you – your animal or your lover – let your lover have the bed and kick your pet out! You can create a nice new bed for your cat or dog and maybe give them some of your old sheets or clothes so that your smell is still with them. You can even place them right next to the bed. Try this pet horoscope.

Just be careful it is not where they may get stepped on in the middle of the night because then their feelings will be hurt again! But not every one is understanding of pet drool or pet hair in bed with you. Also there is limited room in a bed, it takes a special person to share their bed with their partner and their partner’s pet.

If your significant other is allergic than you have a tough road ahead. Try to clean and vacuüm as much as possible! Also get your cat or dog groomed as often as you can. Ask your boyfriend or girlfriend if there is any allergy medication or any other form of relief for them.

Try to keep your pet away from your spouse but if none of this works, your pet could be a deal breaker! You may have to choose.


Also if you and your ex go in on a pet together and then you break up, have a plan on what will happen with your pet.

If you have to, ask friends or family if they can take the animal instead of dropping your pet off at a shelter. Take care to keep your pet’s best interests in mind as well as yours and your partner’s. It can be a tough decision but try to do what is best for everyone involved.

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