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5 Reasons To Avoid Bread

Bread In Our Diet

Many of us have grown up having plenty of bread in our diet. Whether this is tradition or a choice of our own we have not questioned. However now scientists and food nutrition experts are saying we should keep bread to a minimum in our diets. This article explains exactly why.

Before discussing this it is of course worth mentioning that only wholemeal, multigrain, rye and other natural bread have any goodness. White bread is purely processed and actually contains sugar in it! It is no good whatsoever in your diet and may even cause you ill health! Avoid it from now on.


So what about bread itself, we all grew up having it. It is always a great staple food whether with soup, for sandwiches, toasted or on its own even. Why should we avoid this basic food or at least cut down on our consumption of it?

Well the following reasons indicate why:

#1. Contains Gluten

The broad consensus of modern day health experts is that we don’t need gluten which in bread nor do we need the grains. Their reasoning is due to how we make bread. They argue that even our wholemeal bread does not contain the grains we are told.

Further still, when the bread breaks down it goes to sugar which of course leads to higher blood sugar levels. In the case of even wholemeal bread we are getting a spike of sugar equivalent to sugar bars! When these blood sugars react with proteins in the body we get an accelerated ageing process.


#2. Zero Nutrient Value

Bread is low in nutrients and there is nothing unique that you cannot get elsewhere in your diet.

#3. Increases Cholesterol

Studies have shown that wholemeal increases cholesterol, especially the bad LDL cholesterol by up to 60%, putting people more at risk from heart disease!

#4. Bad For Diabetes 2

For diabetes type 2 people it is considered best to have a low carbohydrate diet and that includes bread. Of course any food that increases blood sugar levels is something to steer clear of automatically.

#5. Weight Gain

Having too much bread in your diet may actually be making you more hungry and be causing you to put on weight. The reason, a while after eating bread we get an energy drop and a sensation we are not full. This of course means we are more likely to snack or eat more.

Now having looked briefly at why we should cut down on bread in our diet, let’s look at what sort of bread you should eat when you eat bread:

rye bread

The bread should be either rye, contain a high level of grain, go for the special brands of bread not just those that say wholemeal, wholegrain. The higher the level of grain in it the better.

So sure bread being a carbohydrate is not a good staple after all. However we would all miss it if we could not have toast in the morning, eggs on toast, sandwiches at lunchtime or when we just want a snack or fresh bread rolls with hot soup in winter.

Once again it really is a case of moderation and when you do eat it, select the very good and healthy types of bread. Also keep it fresh by storing it ideally in the fridge. This is especially the case in hot countries where mould quickly appears after only a day or so.

So whilst too much bread is not good in terms of too many carbs and too high sugar levels, some bread in our diet is fine but has to be the pure or organic bread.

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