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What is Natural Magic?

Natural Magic

What is Natural Magic? It isn’t easy to set a date to determine when and at what time the magic we know today is a natural born. Indeed it is a kind of magic that grows in the shelter and human evolution. Maybe we should return to the control of Fire; this is the first bonfire.


Maybe we should look at natural phenomena such as eclipses, hurricanes, and torrential rains to understand the moment when the human being begins to give Fire magic power. The truth is that the first people, the first people who managed to “dominate” the Fire, i.e., unintentionally or maintain a bonfire, indeed were interpreted as “beings of power.”


After the observation, practice and dedication to the natural environment had to be vital weapons in that learning. From the earliest times, magicians, wizards, and witches lived closely connected with nature. But, in fact, within the type of organized society, men were responsible for hunting and defending the territory, traveling long distances to optimize both tasks.


Meanwhile, women remained in stable enclaves, constantly being responsible for the maintenance and general care of the tribe, in addition to ensuring compliance with the laws, elderly care, and parenting, one of the primary functions of the women involved in the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and tubers for food.


Women and Earth Mother

The result of the symbiosis between women and earth mother – do not forget that women’s cycles are essentially polka – was born a natural curiosity; looking compelled by necessity, I transform or add land side by a much more realistic, healing and magic. They are transforming each woman into a great connoisseur of plants and herbs usually collected in the wild.

General knowledge mentioned followed specialization, ie. “Women’s medicine” magic par excellence, who had this knowledge, had much power, which was relayed verbally from mother to daughter or, if no descendants, were the magic signs that indicated the successor.

Medicine and Magic

Medicine and magic have always been a close bond, so much so that the Greek word “Pharmakeia,” from which derives the current term <Farmacia>, embraced both the development of medicinal drugs like making potions, amulets, talismans, and magic potions. But we must broaden our horizons.

Women played a significant role. However, we must not forget that in many cultures has been a purely patriarchal tradition. Therefore, men have also been the considerable perpetrators of what initially discovered and initiated the women. In this sense, it is necessary to speak of the primitive observers of nature in their westward migration, who became Druids, and Shamans when they crossed the Bering Strait and settled in the Americas.

Druids and Shamans

Druids and Shamans form the cornerstone of authentic natural magic, but back again: What is natural magic? Certainly, charm is unique and endowed with different nuances, dominated by intentions configured as other variants. But aside from one mention of magic, it is necessary to point out that, depending on where it takes place and the rite employed, worship and practice acquire magical shapes, textures, and procedures that are later given names.

Natural Magic and the Environment

Natural magic, if it differs from others, uses the maximum because sometimes all that is natural is in the environment. Also, Natural charm avoids a large extent, artificial. Wizard will not produce natural elements of power from synthetic bases, and although you may need to use them, they will try all. They are never essential secondary ingredients.

Natural magic is much closer than we think. Almost everyone, at one time or another, has practiced natural magic. When we got up in the morning and watched the sun making a wish, we practiced a kind of natural magic; when the air around us intoxicated us and got carried away by her perfume, we were almost ritualized.

Of course, every time our gaze is lost in the crackle of flames and Fire makes a fascination with our eyes; we are participating in the magic—Pedro Palao Pons – The magic of the four elements.

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