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Virgo Woman Sagittarius Man – A Difficult And Odd Pair

Love Compatibility Between Virgo Woman Sagittarius Man

How compatible are Virgo women and Sagittarius men mentally, emotionally and sexually? This can be an odd pairing, for the Virgo woman is steadfast and practical, while the Sagittarius man is brash and unpredictable. The female virgin takes her time making decisions and the male archer leaps forward without considering the consequences. If the Virgo woman Sagittarius man pair are to stay together in a relationship, compromise is key. This love match can only work if both are willing to make the first move.


Pros Of Virgo Woman And Sagittarius Man Relationship

The earthy Virgo woman in love is reasonable and grounded, which makes a pairing with the fiery Sagittarius man in love a little difficult. He is fun and carefree, making an appearance here and there while searching for the ultimate life experience. These two zodiac signs will barely have met before he’s looking for a more adventurous encounter.

But if the Virgo woman can dazzle him with her beauty and grace, he will stay long enough for a conversation. And that’s when she gets him hooked, for the Sagittarius man loves a good debate. Even if they are arguing, he loves the way her mind works. Dating a Sagittarius man means


And this may be enough to keep the Virgo woman and Sagittarius man coming back to get to know each other. But the relationship will not progress quickly, for she will take a long time to decide whether this flighty fellow is worthy of her affection.

But if there is an attraction, she will decide to bring the relationship into the bedroom. Now when it comes to their lovemaking, the Sagittarius male sexually will keep his Virgo lover on her toes for he is as whimsical between the sheets as he is in the real world. It will be a challenge for her intuitive powers to figure out what he wants or what he’s going to do next.


He often takes the reins automatically because of this, and the Virgo female sexually has no problem allowing him the more dominant position. But she may get tired of guessing after a while and will want to slow things down to a more sensual pace. Luckily, he is up for anything and will gladly try a more romantic approach.

virgo woman sagittarius man

Cons Of Virgo Woman Sagittarius Man Relationship

But Sagittarius men need passion and excitement to keep things going strong, and Virgo women are softer and more sensual. Again, he may grow bored with the same routine if they don’t spice things up once in a while. But if they can meet in the middle, where he becomes more comfortable with her style and she changes it up sometimes, they can create a magical sexual union in this Virgo compatibility.

But alas, the relationship is more than that, and back in the real world they have to focus on maintaining balance between the Virgo woman and Sagittarius man couple.


The Virgo woman has to allow him the freedom to pursue other interests, for his goals rarely match her own. She is more secure and stable in her ambitions, so she is the rock to which he will come back to at the end of the day. Read more about dating a Virgo woman.

But his careless attitude toward making major decisions will eventually drive her crazy, and she will criticize him for being irresponsible. This may cause him to look elsewhere for an answer, or not even respond to the issue in this Sagittarius compatibility.

Communication will be very important for this Virgo woman Sagittarius man couple and he will have to settle down for her to remain faithful to him. She, in turn, will have to learn to fly with him on his next whim since their love compatibility is not too great if you are dating a Virgo woman.


Virgo is a mutable earth sign whereas Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, the Virgo woman Sagittarius man compatibility gets a TWO Hearts rating. But if he’s in love he will want to take her on all of his adventures, and she will plan the very best for the rest of their lives. Both of them are very different from each other.

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