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Valentine’s Day Ideas: Fabulously Unconventional

Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas

All may have spent many Valentine’s days with the customary heart-shaped chocolate boxes, roses, greeting cards, wilted flower bouquets, and captivating fancy dinners as a medium of celebrating the day in a romantic mood. Doing the same things repetitively year after year the inherent charms associated with such celebration of love. Here are some quirky Valentine’s Day ideas.


Slowly, monotony creeps in, and disenchantment takes the better of you. After a while, you become disillusioned about the whole thing.

Fresh new fancy ideas of celebration with a mixture of an enigma, surprise, and adventure can save you and your partner from such disenchantment.

The basic idea is to rekindle the spark in your relationship. There are many innovative Valentine’s Day ideas by which you can stop yourself from being too predictable and can infuse fresh impetus to your beloved Valentine’s Day celebrations.


#1. Be A Little Mysterious

You have so far spent many memorable Valentine’s days with your Valentine. Remembering them nostalgically can be a real pleasure.

Run your imagination wild this Valentine’s Day and send texts to your sweetheart containing clues regarding the different places you have visited together on previous occasions and shared good memories of your togetherness. The last clue will lead your partner to an exotic place where you can share your dinner. You will be waiting there eagerly, all ready to celebrate to your heart’s content.


#2. Indulge In Some Extremely Adventurous Activities

Shed the monotony of customary ways of celebration. Visit a skydiving center together. Soak yourself in the extreme experience and excitement of jumping out of a plane in synchronization with your partner.

Alternatively, hang-gliding or paragliding may also be a good option. These days there are so many forms of adventure sports available, even in a high-end amusement park. You can choose one among those to have a real thrilling experience duly shared with your partner.


#3. Prepare A DIY Gift – Excellent Valentine’s Day Ideas

You have so far spent a lot of money on expensive gifts. It will not be a bad idea if you try to be a bit different this year. You can prepare a gift at your home all by yourself.

If you have a little expertise in craft, you can prepare fabulous homemade gifts for your loved one. The personalized touch will make it more interesting, and the gifts thus prepared and presented will have a different dimensional attraction.

The joy and happiness derived from such exercise will be unparalleled. To make the matter more enjoyable, you can also engage your partner in making such gifts together.

The same logic applies in the case of dinner. Instead of a lavish dinner in an opulent restaurant, opt for a simple homemade dinner, where both of you can have their fair share of work in preparing the food. The unbridled ebullience such exercise brings to you is worth the effort you put in for such occasions.

#4. Dedicate The Day For those Who Are In Real Need Of Love

Valentine’s Day signifies love. Associate yourself with a charitable institution and your significant other, spend the day together helping those in dire need of love and affection and enjoy the experience.

There are many charities these days hosting special events and arranging fundraising activities on this special day. Together, both of you can be a part of such humanitarian activities and derive the pleasure of being a part of them.

#5. Build An Imaginary Castle Around You And Spend The  Day Together

Imagine yourself inside a blanket fort. Both of you are to spend the day inside your imaginary fort escaping from the realities of the outside world.

Prepare well for such a sojourn complete with foods, computers, TV, books, magazines, and movie materials. Drown yourself in the atmosphere. The experience is sure to have a pleasing impact.

#6. Choose A Different Date For Celebration

The places you want to visit to celebrate Valentine’s Day are usually very crowded on that particular day. You can spend the day together at the comfort of your home doing nothing special and celebrate the event on an alternate day with a sumptuous dinner in a classy restaurant; you always wanted to visit.

The crowd will be within tolerable limits, and thus chances of you getting an easy reservation and proper attention of the waiters will be much brighter. You may even be able to avail the benefits of some discounts offered by the restaurant management on less crowded days.

#7. Do Nothing

The hype created around the Valentine’s Day celebration failed to live up to the high expectations gathered around the day. Treating the day as just another ordinary day is a good option.

Valentine's Day Ideas


You perhaps cannot ignore spending the day in a cool, calm, and relaxing way. There will not be any burden of expectations, and you can spend the day in your unique way of breaking the monotony of the stereotypical celebrations you have been making for the past few years.

Valentine’s Day is special, especially for the youths. To make it count, you need to spice things up a little. People expect a lot from these days.

Many such expectations are met with inevitable disappointments. To avoid such a disheartening scenario, plan and do the right things in the right places. You or your partner won’t be disappointed anymore.

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