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Valentine’s Day Disappointments: Do Not Mess Up Your Relationship

Valentine’s Day Disappointments: Avoid Them Right Away

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and relationship. So all relationships go through different phases of ups and downs. We celebrate Valentine’s Day with a lot of expectations. We want to get drenched in romance as if bathing under a waterfall on this very day. So our expectations involving the event of Valentine’s Day remain very high. So such high expectations come crashing down when, in reality, Valentine’s day comes and goes almost like all the other ordinary days of the year and fails to live up to our expectations. Valentine’s day disappointments can be many.


We wish to be blown away by a heavenly romance-filled day with our partner on this day. But in reality, it has often been seen that mediocrity reigns supreme on such occasions, and we are left with a heartbroken and resentful state of mind under the weight of our unfulfilled expectations.

The question is how to cope with such Valentine’s Day disappointments but without jeopardizing our relationship. Let us have a look at it:


Common Valentine’s Day Disappointments

1. Rethink your expectations with Reality

We expect a lot from our partners on Valentine’s Day, putting too much unnecessary pressure on them. It is often found that your partner never knew about your expectations and celebrated the day according to their plan. The burden of such unmet expectations is sure to wreak havoc in your relationship if not addressed properly.

Rethink your expectations. It is not fair on your part to expect a gala extravaganza from your partner each time you approach Valentine’s Day.


It is also impossible for your partner to guess and know the kind of celebrations and the kind of exquisite gift you expect from them, especially when you don’t even give them a subtle hint about it. Romance aside, it is in the partners’ best interest to share their expectations and make each other happy.

In a scenario where both partners love each other from the bottom of their hearts, each one will strive hard to satisfy their partner if only they are well informed about each other’s expectations in advance.


2. Avoid The Recurring StereoType Nature Of Celebration

As we all know, by Valentine’s Day, we mean exchanging cards, gifts, flowers, and of course, tiny heart-shaped candies. Valentine’s Day is the second most popular card-sending day after Christmas. If engagement rings also make their appearance on this very day, there is nothing like it.

However, you have to be cautious not to be too repetitive in the celebrations each time you celebrate your Valentine’s Day with your partner. If you happen to be the kind of person who rushes out after the day’s work on Valentine’s day, grabs your flowers and card in a hurry, and goes on to celebrate the day with the usual stereotype nature, you are in for big trouble.

One has to be proactive in bringing freshness and innovation to your style of celebration. To stave off boredom, you have to think about celebrating the day in a new light. One should find a fresh, innovative way of celebrating the day. Such innovation will help shade the accumulated mental fatigue from your relationship and give it a new, unwilted lease of life.

3. Containment Will Go A Long way In your Bid To Cope-Up With Valentine’s Day Disappointments

It is the thought process that is capable of doing wonders in your relationship. So let your partner have a free hand. But give your partner the freedom to celebrate Valentine’s Day as per their choice.

One might be surprised as well. Besides, giving your partner the freedom to choose the kind of celebration they would like to adopt, you agree to be contained with their style of celebration. But containment certainly brings a peaceful and calm state of mind, which helps cope with any disappointment, which may arise eventually.

4. Enjoy The Day Without Any Burden Of Expectations

What screws us up most in life is the picture in our heads of what you expect in life. So Free mind always finds happiness in every situation. If your mind is not prejudiced with any burden of expectations, so will be able to enjoy every moment of the occasion like never before.

It will be a real enchanting experience on your part. But It would be a sheer delight to know more about your partner on Valentine’s Day and, in the process, understand them better.

5. Make A List Of Your Grievances And Address It Suitably

You may have witnessed many Valentine’s days and might have participated in as many celebrations so far in your life. Are you satisfied with all those celebrations? In your mind, there might be a long list of grievances accumulated over the years all along from these celebrations.

Suppose you are urged to make a list of such grievances and enlighten your partner about these. So talk and discuss openly and extensively with your partner to weed out the cause of such grievances and take your relationship forward to newer heights.

Since Valentine’s Day will come and go with an annual occurrence, as usual, a relationship will also witness the usual ups and downs associated with it.

Honesty, truthfulness, and most importantly, faithfulness are the pillars on which a relationship blossoms and thrives. But a true romantic relationship will never be affected by the style of a particular day’s celebration. It will move forward strongly, leaving any disappointment caused in the course of such celebration behind.

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