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The Pink Elephant In The Room

Saturn’s Energies

In my last article, I discussed the energetic feel of Saturn and how it has gotten an unfair bad rap. If you are currently going through one of your Saturn Returns or you would like to get ready for one that is coming up (you are around 27 or 55 or, possibly even, 82), you may be asking yourself how do you get control of these aspects of your life. As a witch, I highly recommend that you reach out to these energies before they come calling on you themselves.


Every week, we have an opportunity to connect with Saturn’s energies. Saturday is ruled by Saturn. If you want to connect with Saturnine energies, Saturday morning at sunrise is one of the best times to do it, but any time on Saturday will be potently connected.


Saturday – The Day of Saturn

It may sound odd to you that sunrise on Saturday is better suited for working on your sense of responsibility, discipline, or patience than sunrise on Sunday or sunset on Friday, but most of the time, it is. Magickal workers in the know have learned to feel the energies present in the moment, and not all moments are created equal for all tasks. To quote the Byrds quoting the Bible:


“To everything, turn, turn, turn.
There is a season, turn, turn, turn.
And a time to every purpose under heaven …”

If you doubt this, try an experiment. Wake up every morning at sunrise for one solid week. (Just for the sake of being scientific, if you decide to do this little experiment, also consider regulating your bedtime. Go to bed at least 8 hours before sunrise is scheduled to happen so that you are not sleep deprived when you wake up.)


Pay attention to how you feel when you wake up. Some days, you may feel lethargic. Others you may be full of energy. Perhaps you will be randy or angry on Tuesday morning, or lovey dovey on Friday morning. I can’t tell you exactly what you will feel, but I can guarantee that if you try this experiment, you will certainly see a difference in the days (all other factors in your life being equal).


When you wake up on Saturday morning (at sunrise), focus on just one aspect of Saturn. What have you been avoiding most in your life recently? For me, it’s usually cleaning. I hate cleaning. If I were doing this experiment, I might choose to wash the dishes, clean the floors, or dust. What do you avoid doing? Maybe it isn’t as arduous as my cleaning proposal. Maybe it’s as simple as you promised yourself you would start meditating, and you have just been putting it off.


How To Overcome Saturn Returns

Whatever aspect of Saturn’s energies you choose to work on (whether it be responsibility, discipline, patience, or something else), just jump right in and do it. Start your meditation. Clean your house. Make a list of the things you are responsible for and begin checking items off diligently one by one.

If you begin with these small steps, you will find your life drastically improved in a variety of ways that may have nothing to do with what you set out to do. For example, let’s say you make your list of responsibilities and you doggedly slog through them.

Your boss may recognize how productive you have become in your life and you may get that raise you’ve been angling for. (Notice the use of the word ‘may’ there! I’m not promising that will happen, but my point is valid: you never know what wonderful outcomes to expect once you begin working on yourself.)

You might even find that when your Saturn does return to its original place in your birth chart that you don’t even notice it, because you have rather unintentionally sent your pink elephants packing!

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