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Sunny Leone’s Rise In Bollywood – The Numerology Aspect

Sunny Leone’s Rise in Bollywood – The Numerology Aspect

SUNNY LEONE = S + U + N + N + Y + L + E + O + N + E

= 3 + 6 + 5 + 5 + 1 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 5 + 5

= 9

3 = Jupiter

JUPITER stands for leadership. JUPITER helps the leader to have followers and helps a long way in increasing the capacity to lead a single handle without anybody’s support. JUPITER also stands for being shrewd and calculative. JUPITER also helps in making one a become teacher or idol in any chosen field. JUPITER is present twice in Sunny Leone’s name contributes to making the person an independent character. She doesn’t follow anybody being an independent character.


She got phenomenal success in her field in the film industry in Canada as well as Bollywood. She has a good fan following and admirers not only from the opposite sex but from the same sex as well too. JUPITER has a positive and negative aspect and it depends on the person and his/her situation to carry along with it. But Sunny Leone has successfully done the negative part. Despite being an actress and having people in India talk negatively about her, people from all age groups still love to discuss her regarding her many glamorous characteristics.


6 = Venus

VENUS star brings in luck, name, fame, money, and opposite-sex attraction. In Sunny Leone’s name, VENUS is present and she is enjoying all characteristics of Venus. luck that working in the film industry in Canada was responsible to a great extent to her being featured in the television reality show BIG BOSS. She became famous after her appearance in the reality show and during that time she was one of the most searched after name on the internet. Her working in the film industry which was considered a negative thing turned out to be the most positive thing for her.


Despite the star tag attached to her name, people were supporting her directly or indirectly and made her famous and popular among people of all age groups. In India, as mentioned earlier, she was one of the most discussed people such that people discussed her so interesting that she almost became a national sensation.

Many of the Bollywood actresses felt that despite their hard work and acting they never got the type of popularity that Sunny Leone got in India in a short period. Her commercial success and her popularity are amazing and make many people envious of her. And her luck was so powerful that when she was in the BIG BOSS show, she got a break in a Bollywood movie – JISM 2. The Bhatt brothers used Sunny Leone ’s popularity and the craze about her to make the movie more successful. People’s expectations were raised and they went to see Sunny Leone in that movie surely not for her acting skills.


5 = Mercury

Mercury is present 4 times in her name and this represents the highly intelligent. It’s her intelligence that has helped Sunny Leone to make a successful transition from a star to a Bollywood star and ensure commercial success.

Mercury also helps in making the clear and proper decisions in her career despite having opposition from society and she changing her character from Hollywood actress to a Bollywood actress. There was a lot of opposition from women’s organizations and these organizations were creating problems for her in the beginning. But after a couple of hot movies, all this has changed. Sunny Leone visited SHRI SIDDHI VINAYAK TEMPLE and the media was covering the event as if some national hero has visited the temple.

7 =Neptune

The presence of Neptune in her name makes her an independent character and she has time and again proved this by not being bothered about what people have to say reading her profession as a star. The presence of Neptune also indicates an unstable life with success not being there permanently.

1 = Sun

Sun in the name helps increase the popularity in the respective field that is chosen. Having Sun also ensures being the center of attraction or becoming a public figure. Sunny Leone has this characteristic of sun and has always remained the center of attraction.

9 = Mars

The overall calculation of Sunny Leone’s name comes to 9 or MARS. MARS indicates fearlessness and people with Mars in their name have a trait of jumping into action before thinking. They are very brave in character and have a lot of pride. Sunny, has traveled to many parts of the world fearlessly and has done what she wanted to do.

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