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Placing A Christmas Tree: Feng Shui Advice

Where To Put A Christmas Tree: Free Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui is the ancient Japanese art of the placement of objects within our space to promote balance. The words Feng Shui in English mean “wind” and “water.” It is believed that the proper placement of our belongings can create a place of harmony. It’s an ancient practice that dates back thousands of years and is now used primarily in the home and work environments to create balance within the surroundings to reduce stress. Hence Feng Shui for placing the Christmas tree is based on the five elements: earth, wind, fire, water, wood, and metal, which interact with each other.

Christmas Tree Placement with the Feng Shui Bagua chart

#1. Bagua consists of eight areas

So love and marriage, money, fame, career, spiritual growth, and health help people in creativity. The Bagua map uses directions to determine where the areas are located.


#2. Furnishing

But One can use Feng Shui as more than just a method to furnish your home or office. One can also use it during times like Christmas when our stress levels are much higher.


#3. Decoration

In December, people worldwide put up various decorations to celebrate the holidays. Christmas tree candles and ornaments are just some of the festive additions. This clutter can quickly offset the balance in your home.


#4. Using Feng Shui principals

Using the Feng Shui principles to decorate your home, you can create a place of calm and tranquility. This can reduce the negative energy generally felt during this time of year.

December month is a time when our energy becomes entirely off balance. Colder temperatures, increased objects in our space, hectic schedules, and increased spending money that we often do not have can quickly add a lot of tension and negative energy into our lives. Feng Shui will help restore calm balance.

#5. Elements

Understanding the elements and space around you is key to creating a harmonious holiday area. For example, where you place the Christmas tree in your room or space is essential for creating a balanced environment.

Whether it’s an artificial tree or a real one, a tree is considered a vital wood element. The decorations and lights put on a tree create a crucial fire element. Therefore, your tree is deemed to be of both fire and wood elements.

Fire and wood together are considered to be a dangerous combination because fire burns wood. To offset this negative energy, the tree needs to be placed in an area that strongly supports either element.

The front left, center or right of your home are the best places for a Christmas tree because the elements at the front of your house – wealth, fame, and family – support fire and wood. This supportive position will offset the negative energy created by merging these two elements.

#6. Feng Shui Directions for the Christmas Tree

Use decorations to balance the negative energy if you cannot place your tree on the front or northern side of your home. So color and types of decorations add to your tree are just as important as the tree’s placement.

For example, if your tree is placed on your home’s south side, this is your water or career element. Because water extinguishes fire, this unbalance needs to be corrected using blue and black decorations such as icicles, blue lights, or a blue or black tree skirt to the water element with the fire element.

#7. Ornaments

The ornaments on your tree should be gold, silver, white, or gray, so tinsel, white lights, snowy tips, white or silver snowflakes, and garland will add balance to your elements. The earth element represents the love and knowledge areas of your home on the southwest or northeast side of your home.

chrstmas tree

This element is represented by neutral colors of ceramics, stones, crystals, and landscapes. Adding ceramic ornaments or crystals and stones that are pale yellow, light brown, sand, or beige will promote positive energy.

#8. Grounding area

In the middle of your room is the Grounding Area in Feng Shui. It is the area that represents the center of the earth. If your tree is in the middle of the room, decorate it with different colors.

When decorating your tree per the Feng Shui principles, it is also essential to not put too many ornaments on it because this can create clutter or negative energy. But there should be a continuous flow and balance of power.

Most people want to decorate their own, and their tree tries just adding the ornaments that you treasure and appreciate. This will create harmony in your space because these objects will have the most sentimental meaning for you.


So December is a cold month; choose not to put up a tree and balance the cold by creating a warm space with color. But Red, gold, purple, and magenta are intense colors representing the fire element or warmth. So placing Poinsettias, bows, and garland wreaths with these colors will give a room warmth.

Feng Shui Ideas for Christmas

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